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Richard JOHNS
Elizabeth KINSEY
Husband:  Richard JOHNS
Birth:  29 Mar 1649, Bristol, GLS
Death:  16 Dec 1717, Calvert Co., MD
Occupation:  said to be a preacher
Religion:  Quaker
Father:  Thomas JOHNS
Mother:  Jane PILSTON
Marriage:  7 Jul 1676
Wife:  Elizabeth KINSEY
Birth:  ca. 1651
Death:  1 Feb 1715/6, Calvert Co., MD
Other spouse:  m1. Thomas SPARROW
Father:  Hugh KINSEY
Mother:  Margaret COULTON
Children born in Calvert Co., MD:
1.  Abraham JOHNS, b. 24 Jul 1677; d. 9 Oct 1707; m. Margaret HUTCHINS (1676- )
2.  Aquilla JOHNS, b. 30 Sep 1679; d. 16 Nov 1709; m(2?). Margaret HOPKINS
3.  Priscilla JOHNS, b. 21 Jan 1681; d. 1 Feb 1725; m. Robert ROBERTS
4.  Margaret JOHNS, b. 11 Aug 1683, Calvert Co., MD 
5.  Richard JOHNS, b. 4 Apr 1687; d. 16 Jun 1719; m. Rebecca HUTCHINS / HITCHENS
6.  Kinsey/Kensey JOHNS, b. 12 May 1689; d 2 Feb 1729; m. Elizabeth CHEW (1695-1727)
7.  Isaac JOHNS, b. 10 Mar 1692; d. 17 Dec 1733; m. Ann / Anna GALLOWAY (1691- )
8.  Elizabeth JOHNS, b. 26 May 1694; d. 20 Feb 1772; m. Henry TROTH, some say FRAUGHT
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Year Location Event
1649 GLS: Bristol birth of Richard JOHNS
c1651   birth of Elizabeth KINSEY
1676   marriage of Richard JOHNS & Elizabeth KINSEY
1685 MD: Calvert Co. Richard & Elizabeth JOHNS of Calvert Co. sell 300 a. in Baltimore Co.
1687 MD: Calvert Co. Richard & Elizabeth JOHNS of Calvert Co. sell 250 a. in Baltimore Co. called "Deep Creek"
1697 MD: Calvert Co. Richard & Elizabeth JOHNS of Calvert Co. sell 350 a. in Baltimore Co. called "Duck Cove"


1.  G. Rodney Crowther.  1963.  "Answers to Queries:  JOHNS-GALLOWAY."  Maryland Genealogical Society Bulletin 2(4): 14-15 (Broderbund CD-208).  Cites a pedigree chart, "The Johns Tree," on file with the Maryland Historical Society. 

2.  Eleanor (Hough) Buckler.  1988.  "Ancestor Table, Hough Family."  Maryland Genealogical Society Bulletin 29(4): 384-394.
p. 386  68. Gerrard Hopkins, Jr. b. 1683; m. 1700/01
 69. Margaret Johns, b. August 11, 1683; d. 1749/50.
p. 387 138. Richard Johns, 1649 - 1717; m. in 1676
139. Elizabeth Kinsey (Kensey), widow Sparrow, who d. 1715/16.
p. 389 278. Hugh Kinsey to Maryland from Virginia 1659; d. 1667.
279. Margaret _____.

3.  John W. Jordan, ed.  1911.  Colonial Families of Philadelphia.  Lewis Publ. Co., New York (online at GenealogyLibrary.com).  In a section entitled, "The Troth Family," on p. 761:
Henry Troth married, August 14, 1711, Elizabeth, born May 26, 1694, died February 10, 1772, daughter of Richard Johns, of Talbot county, Maryland, by his wife, Elizabeth (Kinsey) Sparrow, widow of Thomas Sparrow, and daughter of Hugh and Margaret Kinsey.

Richard Johns was born in Bristol, England, in 1649, and came to Maryland in his young manhood, the first patent to him for land there, "Rattlesnake Hill," being issued in 1674.  He resided on first coming to Maryland with Friends and became convinced in their faity and principles, and later became an eminent minister of the Society.  A Monthly Meeting was held at his house near the Cliffs in Calvert county, upwards of thirty years.  Like many of the sect he shunned public office; declining to serve in the Colonial Legislature after having been elected to that body.  He died December 16, 1717.  He married, in 1676, Elizabeth, widow of Thomas Sparrow, and daughter of Hugh Kinsey, who with his brother, Robert Kinsey, came to Virginia and in 1655, when 100 acres of land was surveyed to him in the county of Lancaster, north side of the Rappahannock, was living on an adjoining tract of 400 acres.  He died in 1667, in Anne Arundel county, Maryland, his wife Margaret surviving him.  Elizabeth, wife of Richard Johns, was his youngest daughter.  She died February 1, 1715-16.  Richard and Elizabeth (Kinsey) Johns had nine children, among whom were Kinsey Johns, who married Elizabeth Chew and was the father and grandfather of two Chief Justices of Delaware bearing the same name; and Captain Isaac Johns, who married Ann Galloway.  Elizabeth, wife of Henry Troth, was the youngest of the nine children.

4.  John Davis.  1996.  Baltimore County, Maryland, Deed Records, Volume One: 1659-1737.  Heritage Books, Bowie, MD.
p. 16 3 Feb 1685, Richard & Elizabeth Johns of Calvert Co., Maryland, to Thomas Lightfoot, gentleman, of Baltimore Co., Maryland, 300 acres... south side of Patuxent River.
p. 22 1 Mar 1687, Richard & Elizabeth Johns (said Elizabeth is sister and heir of Paul Kinsley) of Calvert Co., Maryland, to Richard Gusyor, planter, 4000 pounds of tobacco, 250 acres... Deep creek... patented by Paul Kinsley 16 Aug 1663. Signed Richard Johns and Elizabeth (x) Johns. Wit: John (x) Oadsby and William (x) Timis.
p. 103 20 Oct 1697, Richard & Elizabeth Johns of Calvert Co., Maryland, to William Cole Jr., planter, of Anne Arundel Co., Maryland, 350 acres... Duck Cove... patented by Paul Kensey. Signed Richard Johns and Elizabeth (x) Johns. Wit: William Johnson, John Scott and William Edmondson. Wit: Chr. Vernon, Clerk of Ann Arundel Co., Marylnad, Nicholas Greenbury and Thomas Finch.
p. 191 14 Jan 1701, James Greenist (one of the sons of James Greenist of Anne Arundel Co., Maryland), planter, of Anne Arundel Co., Maryland, to John Howard, gentleman, of same, 150 acres... Richard & Elizabeth Johns of Calvert Co., Maryland, sold 23 Jan 1685 [to] Thomas Lightfoot who sold 25 Apr 1687 to James Greenist Sr., who devised one half to said James Greenist. Signed James Greenist. Wit: R. Lewetting, W. Saylard, and Thomas Bordley.

5.  Anon.  1993.  Anne Arundel County, Maryland, Land Records, 1700-1702.  T.L.C. Genealogy, Miami Beach, FL.  Abstracts from Anne Arundel County Circuit Court Land Record Book WT #1.  "AA" = Anne Arundel Co.
p. 29 Page 195.  I, Richard Thornberry of AA, give bond to Robert Gover of AA, bricklayer, in the sum of 100 £ sterling, this May 18, 1694, to warrant that said Thornberry abides by the award and judgment of Mr. John Sollars, Mr Rich'd Johns, Mr. Richard Harrison, and Mr. Wm Turner, arbitrators chosen on behalf of said Thornberry and said Gover, to arbitrate the ownership of a parcel of land of about 40 acres lying in Herring Cr in AA. If the arbitrators do not make a determination by next Jul 15, new arbitrators will be chosen. Wit - Wm Holland Jr., Jos.a Wilson, Rich'd (R his mark) Rakes.
Page 196.  Writing of Award. Jno Sollars, Richard Johns, Rich'd Harrison, and W Turner send greeting.
   Divers controversies have occurred between Robt Gover Sr of AA, bricklayer, and Richard Thornebury of AA, planter, concerning a parcel of land containing about 40 acres in AA at Herring Cr in AA, [being] part of a tract of land called Broughton Ashley, and also other actions, and the parties have chosen said Sollars, Johns, Harrison, and Turner, to arbitrate between them.  Towards that end, we give 100 £ sterling bond to perform the arbitration.  Now know that we,
p. 30 said Sollars, Johns, Harrison, and Turner, do declare our award as follows: first we award that at the westernmost side of cleared and tended ground of Richard Thornberry, where Wm Lowe does now dwell, a north-south line shall be run until it intersects the SE tree of Broughton Ashley, and on the north until it intersects the west line that was run, per James Thompson, surveyor, for said Thornberry, and that said north and south line so run shall be taken to be the west bounds of said Thornberry's land, and the land to the west of the north and south line to be taken to be the land of Robert Gover. Secondly, Thornberry is to pay, upon demand, to Gover 400 pounds tobacco in cask upon his now dwelling plantation, in part of the charges of the lawsuit that has been depending. Lastly, Gover and Thornberry are to deliver to each other, upon demand, acquittances from all manner of lawsuits. Signed Jul 10, 1694 - Jno Sollars, Rich'd Johns, Rich'd Harrison, Wm Turner. Recorded Aug 27, 1701.

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