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Barzillai HOLT, Sr.
Elizabeth GOSS
Husband:  Barzillai HOLT, Sr.
Birth:  25 Oct 1715, Andover, Essex Co., MA
Death:  1774, Boylston, Worcester Co., MA
Father:  James HOLT, Sr.
Mother:  Susannah PRESTON
Barzillai is a scriptural name; other variations are misspellings.
Marriage-1:  27 Aug 1738, Lancaster, Worcester Co., MA
Wife-1:  Elizabeth GOSS
Birth:  10 Apr 1716, Lancaster, Middlesex [now Worcester] Co., MA
Baptism:  13 May 1716, Lancaster, Middlesex [now Worcester] Co., MA
Death:  1753-58
Father:  John GOSS
Mother:  Mary WOODS
Marriage-2:  22 Feb 1759, Lancaster, Worcester Co., MA
Wife-2:  Lois ALLERD / ALLERA
Children with Elizabeth GOSS said to be born in Marlborough, Middlesex Co., MA; were baptized in Shrewsbury, Worcester Co., MA:
1.  Abel HOLT, b. 14 Jun 1740; bap. 8 Apr 1750
2.  Barzillai HOLT, Jr., b. 12 May 1745; bap. 8 Apr 1750
3.  James HOLT, b. 6 Jun 1746; bap. 8 Apr 1750
4.  Silas HOLT, b. 25 Apr 1752; bap. 26 Aug 1750
5.  Elizabeth HOLT, 29 Aug 1753; bap. 23 Sep 1753

Which is wrong, Silas's birth year or baptism year?

Children with Lois ALLERD said to be born in Marlborough, Middlesex Co., MA; were baptized in Shrewsbury, Worcester Co., MA:
6.  Levi HOLT, b. 6 May 1760
7.  Abiel HOLT, b. 11 May 1763; bap. 15 May 1763
8.  Jotham HOLT, b. 10 Jan 1765; bap. 24 Feb 1765
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Year Location Event
1715 MA: Essex Co.: Andover birth of Barzillai HOLT
1716 MA: Middlesex [now Worcester] Co.: Lancaster birth of Elizabeth GOSS
1731 MA: Worcester Co. formed from Hampshire, Middlesex, and Suffolk Cos.
1738 MA: Worcester Co.: Lancaster marriage of Barzillai HOLT & Elizabeth GOSS
1740 MA birth of son, Abel
1745 MA birth of son, Barzillai, Jr.
1746 MA birth of son, James
1750 MA: Worcester Co.: Shrewsbury baptisms of sons Abel, Barzillai Jr., James, and Silas
1752 MA birth of son, Silas
1753 MA  birth of daughter, Elizabeth
1753 MA: Worcester Co.: Shrewsbury baptism of daughter, Elizabeth
1756-60 MA death of Elizabeth GOSS
1759 MA: Worcester Co.: Lancaster marriage of Barzillai HOLT & Lois ALLERA
1760 MA birth of son, Levi
1763 MA birth of son, Abiel
1763 MA: Worcester Co.: Shrewsbury baptism of son, Abial
1765 MA birth of son, Jotham
1765 MA: Worcester Co.: Shrewsbury baptism of son, Jotham
1774 MA: Worcester Co.: Boylston death of Barzillai HOLT
The towns of Lancaster, Boylston, and Marlborough are very close to each other, even though Marlborough is over the county line in Middlesex Co.


1.  Index to Massachusetts Town Birth Records: Worcester County: Lancaster compiled by the New England Historic Genealogical Society (online at Ancestry.com).  Dates are not given in this index, so the original work must be sought.
Name Sex Birth Place Father Mother
Barzillai Holt M Andover James Susannah

2.  Frederic W. Bailey. 1897-1914.  Early Massachusetts Marriages Prior to 1800.  3 vols.  Bureau of American Ancestry, New Haven, CT (online at Ancestry.com):
p. 107 Barzillai Holt & Lois Allerd, Feb. 22, 1759

3.  Anon.  1923.  "Records of the Church in the North Parish of Shrewsbury, [Worcester Co.,] Mass.: from a Manuscript in the Possession of the New England Historic Genealogical Society."  New England Historical and Genealogical Register 77(January): 17-33.
p. 22 1750...
Apr. 8 Berzillai Holt & his wife owned y Covenant & obtained baptism for yr. 3 childn, viz., Abel, Berzillia, & James...
Aug. 26 Silas Son of Berzillai Holt baptized.  Item Br. Joshua Houghton recommended to the first Chh in Lancaster.
p. 23 1753...
Sept. 23 Ezra son of Jonn. Ball, Elizabeth daughter of Barz. Holt, & Sarah daught of Daniel Bixbey baptized.
p. 27 1763...
May 15  Abial Son of Bazillai Holt baptized.
p. 28 1765
Feb. 24 Jotham Son of Berzillai Holt & Lydia daughter of Micah Hathern Baptized.

4.  Daniel S. Durrie.  1864.  A Genealogical History of the Holt Family in the United States: more particularly, Descendants of Nicholas Holt of Newbury and Andover, Mass., 1634-1644... Munsell, Albany, NY:
p. 19 Children of JAMES3 (34) and Susannah (Preston) Holt.
103.   4.   BARZILLAI4 (351) b. Andover Oct. 25, 1715; m. 1st Aug. 27, 1738, Elizabeth Goss; m. 2d Feb. 22, 1759, Lois Allera.  He lived in Marlborough, then a part of Shrewsbury.  The town of West Boylston was settled in 1720, and he was one of the first settlers.  He d. at Boylston 1774, aged 58.  8 ch.
p. 35 Children of BARZILLAI4 (103) and Elizabeth (Goss) Holt, 1st wife.
351.   1.   ABEL5 (910) b. Marlborough, June 14, 1740; m. Oct. 21 1765 (another authority says Feb. 27, 1766), Eunice, dau. of Henry Keyes of Shrewsbury.  she was b. Apr. 19, 1745, and d. Oct. 21, 1840, aged 95½. 8 ch.
He d. at W. Boylston Feb. 1815, aged 75; was a soldier in Rev. war.
352.   2.   BARZILLAI5 (918) b. Marlborough May 12, 1745. He was published Nov. 1770, to Lucy Williams.  Removed to Winchendon, Mass., thence to Troy, N.Y., to Glenmary, Canada, and d. at Plattsburg, N.Y. 1819, aged 74.  She d. same place, 1823. 8 ch.
353.   3.   JAMES5 b. Marlborough June 6, 1746; prob. d. young.
354.   4.   ELIZABETH5 b. Marlborough Aug. 29, 1753; m. ___ Boynton, and 2d, Josiah Beman.  She d. Feb. 28, 1842.
355.   5.   SILAS5 (926) b. Marlborough; m. Jan. 25, 1772, Sarah, daughter of J.H. Herrington; removed to Westminster, Mass., and was a fifer in Capt. Noah Miles's Co., which marched for Cambridge in 1775.  In 1777 he was in the service at Bennington, Vt., and in 1780, he enlisted for three years.  He d. at Sempronius, Vt., 1815.  She d. at Brandon, Vt.  3 ch.
        Errata: Sarah's father was Seth, not J.H.  Sempronius is in NY, not VT.
Transcriber's Note:  Here the author/publisher erred in not inserting this line:
Children of BARZILLAI4 (103) and Lois (Allerd) Holt, 2nd wife.
356.   6.   LEVI5 b. Marlborough May 6, 1760.  He was drafted in the U.S. Service and was taken sick while in camp.  His mother went on horseback to visit him, and was thrown from the horse and received a severe wound on the head, which she carried through life.  Her son Levi died in camp, aged about 15.
357.   7.   ABIEL5 (929) b. Marlborough May 11, 1763, and resided in the town of Lancaster and West Boylston.  He m. Nov. 16, 1786, Dolly Fairbanks.  10 ch.
358.   8.   JOTHAM5 b. Marlborough Jan. 10, 1765; m. Jan. 3,
p. 36
358.   8.   1788, Lydia Fairbanks of Sterling, Mass.; had a large family and removed to Marathon, Courtland county, N.Y.

5.  Holt Association of America.  1930.  The First Three Generations of Holts in America. Moore Printing Co., Newburgh, NY.
Barzillai is fourth generation, so he is not featured in the book, but there is this mention of him establishing that he is brother of James4 and son of James3.
p. 136 James3 probably died a little before November, 1732.  On November 1, 1732, the inventory of his estate is ap-
p. 137 proved and a quitclaim dated November 25, 1738, signed by Barzillai Holt of Lancester, in the county of Essex, states, "have recevied of my brother James of Andover the sum of seventy pounds in bills of credit which is my full content out of the whole estate of my honored father, Mr. James Holt, deceased."

6.  LDS.  Family Search: Internet Genealogy Service: Ancestral File (AF) and International Genealogical Index (IGI).  Various IGI records have them married in Lancaster, Marlborough, or Andover.  The AF has them married in Lancaster.

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