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Husband:  John GOSS
Birth:  20 Jun 1693, Lancaster, Worcester Co., MA
Death:  ca. 1745/6, Lancaster, Worcester Co., MA
Father:  Phillip GOSS
Mother:  Mary7 PRESCOTT John6, John5, Ralph4, Roger3, James2, William1
Marriage:  20 Nov 1711, Groton, Middlesex Co., MA
Wife:  Mary WOODS
Birth:  ca. 1687 or 1693-5, Groton, Middlesex Co., MA
Death:  14 Dec 1765, Stow, Middlesex Co., MA 
Father:  Samuel WOODS
Mother:  Hannah FARWELL
Children born in Lancaster, Worcester Co., MA:
1.  Elizabeth GOSS [twin], b. 10 Apr 1716 
2.  William GOSS [twin], b. 10 Apr 1716; m1. 16 Jun 1736, Lancaster, Worcester Co., MA, Lucy HALL/HEAD/HEALD; m2. 8 Nov 1759, Bolton, Worcester Co., MA, Elizabeth PIKE
3.  Mary GOSS, b. 17 Jan 1717; m. 30 May 1737, Brookfield, Worcester Co., MA, Josiah GILBERT
4.  John GOSS, b. 7 Sep 1718; m. 5 May 1747, Abigail BALL 
5.  Sarah GOSS, b. 13 Apr 1719; d. 26 Oct 1802, Stow, Middlesex Co., MA; m. 1744, Stephen GIBSON
6.  Philip GOSS, b. 1720/1
7.  Jonathan GOSS, b. 18 May 1725; m. Mary __?__
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1.  Henry Ernest Woods.  1910.  "The Woods Family of Groton, Mass."  New England Historical and Genealogical Register 64(Jan): 34-43.

2.  Andrew E. Ford.  1896.  History of the Origin of the Town of Clinton, Massachusetts, 1653-1865.  Press of W.J. Coulter, Clinton (Broderbund CD-207).
p. 65 ...October 16, 1719, he [John Keyes] sold to John Goss two large lots of land, within present Clinton limits, one of them "west of the highway over Rigby Brook to the mills," evidently reaching to a point near the mills, and another covering Currier's Flats...
p. 66 ...The northern portion of the Prescott estate seems to have been divided between Ebenezer Prescott and John Keyes, and all of it, as we shall see, soon passed into the hand of John Goss...
p. 68 ...During the life of John Prescott, 3d, we find these further entries in the Lancaster records in regard to the Scar Bridge Road:  "April ye 8, 1717, on ajornment from ye 5 of March the Town Meet at ye Meeting House and first John Goss Proposed to have ye Hiway moved that Goeth to ye Mill the Town made Choyce of John Wilder Sr & Robard Houghton to be a Commity to view ye same & make Report to ye Town."

"April ye 22d 1717  The Town Meet on Ajornment from ye 8 of sd Month  Upon ye Report of a Committy sent to View ye Way to Prescott's Mill towit upon ye proposition of John Goss & ye Town Voted that said Hiway be moved & lie by ye River Provided said way be kept four Rods Wide from ye Scar bridge till it com to ye Hill from ye top of ye River bank: and after it amount said Hill to Lye where it shall be most Convenient to ye Town till it Com to sd Mill sd Goss to Clear said Rode when that Committy shall stake it out."

p. 69 ...John Goss, who made the proposition about the bridge, was born in 1693.  He was the son of Philip Goss, a Boston merchant, who bought the Rowlandson place, in Lancaster, in 1687, and who married Mary Prescott in 1690.  This Philp Goss bought the "Washacomb Farm" of John Prescott, 2d, June 18, 1701.  In 1717-18, John Goss received from John prescott, 3d, "eighty acres of land, with the buildings thereon," between "Mill Brook" and the river, including some ofthe lower part of the Plain.  In 1717, John Goss bought land now withing Clinton limits, both of John Keyes and by way of exchange for the "Washacomb Farm" of Ebenezer Prescott.  The deed of the former purchase, we have already noticed.  The deed of the latter, specifies land laid out in part ot Ralph Houghton, and in part to George Adams, and since purchased by John Prescott, Sr. (2d).  In one lot, there were about one hundred acres; in the ohter, land valued at fifty-two pounds ten shillings.  Thus, John Goss must have owned several hundred acres in what is not the north-easterly portion of Clinton, lying for the most part between the present location of the Boston & Maine Railroad and the Nashua, and between Goodridge Brook and the center of the Plain.

John Goss built the first dam and mill where Rodger's privilege, south of Allen Street, now is.  His dwelling-house, perhaps among the "buildings" specified in the deed of John Prescott, 3d, to him, was upon the bluff to the east, just above the mill.  In 1733, John Goss sold to John Prescott, by way of exchange, twenty-three and one-half acres west of Prescott's Mill Pond, receiving several small pieces adjoining his own land.  Records show that John Goss had at least six children, William, Elizabeth, Mary, John, Philip

p. 70 and JonathanElizabeth married Barzillai Holt.  In the early forties, John, William and Philip received estates at Prescott's Meadows in Sterling, averaging over one hundred acres apiece.  Elizabeth Holt had fifty-eight acres there, and Jonathan received land in 1748-9, because he had not received a full share of his father's estate.  The date of the death of John Goss in unknown, but it probably occurred not far from the time of the sale of his farm in 1745-6...
p. 71 ...John Prescott, 3d, had only the southern portion of his father's estate, while John Goss, his nephew, had the northern portion, largely by purchase from the other heirs...
p. 73

In February, 1745-6, "Thomas Goss of Bolton, Clerk, Joseph Wilder Junr of Lancaster, Gent, who had received power of attorney from John Goss, and Mary Goss of Lancaster," deeded to John Allen of Weston, "in consideration of eleven hundred pounds in bills of the old tenor," * * * * "land in Lancaster, containing by estimation one hundred and eighty acres, together with the Buildings, Mill, orchard and Improvements thereon."  This land was bounded as follows: "South on the Land of John Prescott Junr; East, it is bounded by ye River; North, it is bounded partly, by Land of Doct John Dunsmoor, partly, by Land of Elias Sawyer; West, it is bounded partly, by a private way that Leads to John Prescott's Mill &, partly, on the Land of said Dunsmoor, and it is the whole of the Land on which John Goss of said Town formerly lived," * * * * "Saveing that there is Two private ways Laid through & allowed in said Land, one from Prescott's Mills to Rigbee Brook and the other from said Prescotts to the fordway by where there was a bridge Called the Scar bridge."

3.  LDS.  Family Search: Internet Genealogy Service: Ancestral File.

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