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Samuel McDowell HEDGPETH
Julia Anna GIBSON
Husband:  Samuel McDowell / McDaniel HEDGPETH
Birth:  22 Jul 1817, Lincoln Co., TN
Death:  31 Oct 1876, Madison Co., AR
Disposition:  buried Upper Camp Ground Cemetery, near Kingston, Madison Co., AR
Occupation:  farmer, physician
Fraternal:  Mason 
Father:  Jeremiah HEDGPETH
Mother:  Charlotta BROADWAY
Marriage-1:  16 Dec 1841, Lincoln Co., TN
Wife-1:  Sarah C. WILSON
Birth:  9 Mar 1825, Lincoln Co., TN
Death:  16 Apr 1856, Lincoln Co., TN
Father:  William WILSON
Mother:  Susan CLARK
Marriage-2:  1860/61, Madison Co., AR
Wife-2:  Julia Anna GIBSON
Birth:  2 Jun 1836, TN (AR?)
Death:  17 Mar 1930, Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz Co., CA
Address in 1928:  350 Broadway, Santa Cruz, CA 
Father:  Joseph GIBSON
Mother:  Mary Elizabeth MASHBURN
Children with Sarah C. WILSON born in Fayetteville, Lincoln Co., TN:
  1.  Lucinda Josephine HEDGPETH, b. 8 Dec 1846; d.s.p. 20 Mar 1856, Fayetteville, Lincoln Co., TN
  2.  Mary Elizabeth HEDGPETH, b. 18 or 19 Jan 1844; d. 5 Aug 1926, Lacross, Whitman Co., WA; m1. Robert M. ROGERS; m2. Jess REEVES
  3.  Margaret M. HEDGPETH, b. 13 Nov 1845; d.s.p. 24 May 1856, Lincoln Co., TN
  4.  Susannah M. HEDGPETH, b. 5 Aug 1847; d. 4 Jan 1928, Kingston, Madison Co., AR; m. James Mitchell WRIGHT
  5.  Charlotte Zantippe/Xantippe HEDGPETH, b. 9 or 13 Oct 1849 or 1850; d. 27 Nov 1923, Hill Co., TX; m. Robert T. FRAZIER
  6.  Sarah Olive HEDGPETH, b. 17 Jan 1852 or 1853; d. 10 Sep 1918, Lindsey, Garvin Co., OK; m. 4 Sep 1870, Kingston, Madison Co., AR, William Hiram CECIL
  7.  John Seamon HEDGPETH, b. 9 Feb 1854; d. 7 Sep 1929, Wichita Falls, Wichita Co., TX; m1. 4 Jul 1875, Kingston, Madison Co., AR, Martha J. HOWELL, m2. 9 Sep 1883, Madison Co., AR, Sinah Elizabeth LOVING
  8.  America O. HEDGPETH, b. 5 Dec 1855; d.s.p. 11 Nov 1856, Kingston, Madison Co., AR
Children with Julia Anna GIBSON born in Kingston, Madison Co., AR: 
  9.  Laura Ida or Ida B. HEDGPETH, b. 10 Nov or Dec 1861 
10.  Albert Newton "Nute" HEDGPETH, b. 6 Apr 1864; d. 14 Jul 1929, Phoenix, Maricopa Co., AZ; m. Prudence T. Texiana RANIER
11.  Sea Pearl or Seapearl Lulu HEDGPETH, b. 23 Dec 1869; d. Santa Cruz, Santa Clara Co., CA; m. Paul Brosilus LORENTZEN
12.  Matthew M. "Matt" HEDGPETH, b. 14 Jun 1873; d. 13 Apr 1940, Los Angeles, Los Angeles Co., CA


1.  Jordan R. Dodd, ed.  1993.  Tennessee Marriages: Early to 1850.  Liahona Research, Orem, UT (Broderbund CD-229):
Hedgpeth, Samuel M. Wilson, Sarah 16 Dec 1841 Lincoln Co.

2.  The Madison Co., AR, Court House was burned during the Civil War, so the marriage record of Samuel and Julia was lost.

3.  Census Index:  U.S.  Selected Counties, 1850 (Broderbund CD-317):
Hedspeth, Samuel M. TN Lincoln Co. 1st Sub Division p. 62

4.  U.S. Census, 1850:  Julia GIBSON (female, age 14, b. TN), living with Joseph GIBSON (her father), Kings River Twp., Madison Co., AR, 377/377 (online at the Madison County ARGenWeb site).

5.  Census Index:  U.S. Selected States/Counties, 1860 (Broderbund CD-318):
Hudspeth, S.M. AR Madison Co. Kingston p. 476

6.  1860 Census:  Julia Gibson (female, age 23, b. TN), living with Joseph Gibson (her father), Kings River Twp., Madison Co., AR, Family #800 (extracted by Larry Kuttner and by Joe Mashburn).

7.  1870 CensusIda (HEDGPETH) HEDGPETH is enumerated with her father born in Tennessee and her mother born in Arkansas.

8.  Broderbund.  World Family Trees.  Vol. 19, Pedigree No. 818, Notes:
Some records have Samuel McDaniel Hedgpeth instead of McDowell.  Some records also state he was a doctor.  The 1850 census of Lincoln Co. Tenn. he is listed as a farmer at age 32.  Buried in Upper Camp Ground Cem. near Kingston, Ar.  In 1860 Samuel moved to Madison Co. Ark.  His first wife Sarah Wilson and two of his children all died within a few months of each other in 1856.  Samuel then married Julia Gibson in late 1860 or early 1961.  Samuel practiced medicine in Madison Co for many  years.  Samuels grave has a Masonic inscription , the inscription is "Dr. S. M. Hedgpeth."

9.  LDS.  Family Search: Internet Genealogy Service:  IGI - International Genealogical Index (online at FamilySearch.org).

10.  Archives of the HEDGEPETH-L mailing list (online at RootsWeb.com).

11.   When she was a child, my grandmother, Anna California (ROSE) MATTHIESE, used to visit her "Aunt Julia" (actually, her grand-aunt) in Santa Cruz, CA.   Ann was born in 1899, so the time frame would have been ca. 1904-1915.  Years later, Ann passed on these recollections to her daughter, Betty Ann (MATTHIESE) COGLIATI, who made notes of them. 

12.  The California Death Index has Julia d. 17 Mar 1930 in Santa Cruz Co., Certificate #30-17725 (courtesy of Larry Kuttner).

13.  Emails from David Hedgpeth, Larry Kuttner, Joe Mashburn.

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