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WARNING:  the genealogy of our subject, that is, the identities of his wife (or wives) and his children, is a mess (see Notes in Source 2, below).  Given our subject's illustrious ancestry, it is no surprise that claims have long been made to connect to him.  I show him here with wife, Anne CLINTON, because that is the line being claimed by a descendant of his alleged son, Benjamin HARRINGTON, who was tested for the HARRINGTON Y-DNA Surname Project (see first pedigree, for test subject H-53).  However, along with Scherzinger (1996) see below I agree that this connection has not been documented.  For some relevant results from Y-DNA testing, please see this page.
Husband:  James HARINGTON
Birth:  1592, Bath, SOM
Death:  25 Dec 1630/1, Watertown, Middlesex Co., MA
Father:  John HARINGTON
Mother:  Mary ROGERS
Wife possibly:  Anne / Ann CLINTON or CLINTON-FIENNES
Birth:  1595, New Castle, LIN
Death:  25 Dec 1632, Charlestown, Suffolk Co., MA
Alleged Children:
I have, so far found nothing to support that the following are their children.  In fact, what evidence I have found argues against at least some of these allegations.  To begin with, Y-DNA testing has proven that Robert and Benjamin are not only not brothers, but that they cannot have shared a common ancestor in genealogy time.  So, at most, only one or the other of them could be James's son.  Furthermore, Robert is a DNA match with a HARRINGTON who descends from William HARRINGTON of Essex.  Lastly, Abraham ERRINGTON is an ERRINGTON, descended from Edward ERRINGTON of Denton, Northumberland.  See their individual pages for further information.

1.  Robert HARRINGTON, b. 1615/6, England to Watertown, MA
2.  Benjamin HARRINGTON, b. 1618, England to Providence, RI
3.  Abraham ERRINGTON, bap. 19 Jun 1622, England 
4.  Rebecca HARRINGTON, b. ca. 1625; d. 4 Dec 1713; m. John WATSON

I have not worked on Rebecca's genealogy.  In any case, it won't be possible to confirm her connection with Y-DNA testing.

Keywords for search engines:  genealogy; GBR, UK, United Kingdom, ENG, Somerset, Lincs, Lincolnshire; USA, US, United States, Massachusetts


1.  Patricia Ann Scherzinger.  1996. Colonial Americans of Royal and Noble Descent:  Alleged, Proven, and Disproven.  Heritage Books, Bowie, MD.
  Benjamin (Harrington or Hearnden) - b abt 1624, m Elizabeth White - the immigrant LDS18,71; sufficient proof of alleged royal ancestry is lacking
  Daniel - b abt 1748, m Sarah Carpenter - desc/o Benjamin Harrington LDS18
  Elizabeth - b abt 1650, m Stephen Northrop - desc/o Benjamin Harrington LDS71
  John - b 1651, m Hannah Winter - desc/o Robert Harrington LDS82
  John - b 1662, m Lydia Cranston - desc/o Benjamin Harrington LDS18
  Jonathan - b 1704, m Sarah Foster - desc/o Benjamin Harrington LDS18
p. 249 HARRINGTON (cont.)
  Patience - chr 1697, m David Stowell - desc/o Robert Harrington LDS82
  Robert - b 1616, m Susannah George - the immigrant LDS17; royalty not proven
  Sarah - b 1671, m Joseph Winship - desc/o Robert Harrington LDS17
  Susanna - b 1688, m Joshua Kendall - desc/o Robert Harrington LDS85
  Thomas - b. 1665, m Rebecca Bemis - desc/o Robert Harrington LDS85
p. 562 LDS = Michel L. Call, Royal Ancestors of Some LDS Families, 1972
There's no way to tell, from this source, where the unproven links lie, but the shakiest links are undoubtedly between the immigrants and their alleged parents in England.

2.  Jorge H. Castelli.  "HARRINGTON FamilyJames HARRINGTON" (online at Tudor Place):

Born: 1592, Bath, Somerset, England

Died: 25 Dec 1630/1, Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts

Buried: 1630, Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts

Notes: Was John or James who went to America in "Prosperous"?  Was his wife Joan Jentilman or Anne Clinton?  There is supporting evidence for both suppositions.  Is possible that Joan Jentilman married both Robert and John Harrington, creating a confusion.  American Genealogist V.20, 1944 p.46-47: "Family of Earl of Lincoln, the alledged Connection" states that "Ann Clinton died Young and is incorrectly stated to have married John Harrington".  It also states that the family of the Earl of Lincoln left no known descendants here.  "Robert Harrington of Watertown, MA." by Frederick Lewis Weis states that "There was a Robert Harrington Bap 1 Oct 1616, son of Robert who had married on 7 Mar 1613, Joan Jentilman (bap. 5 Jul 1603), daughter of William and Agnes Jentilman.  Joan (Jentilman) Harrington m.2nd, 25 Jul 1622 to Rev. John Younges"  This last marriages is also referred to in Torrey (p.846).  Other says that John Harington, son of Sir John Harington and Mary Rogers, was born about 1584.  He married Anne Clinton, daughter of the Earl of Lincoln, an influential Puritan who was very active in aiding that Sect in settling Boston after 1628.  Anne was born in Newcastle, England, in 1596, one of a family of seventeen children.  John and Anne came to Boston in 1630.  He was drowned in the harbor soon after their arrival, leaving Anne a widow with four children, all of whom were born in England.

Father: John HARRINGTON (Sir Knight)

Mother: Mary ROGERS

Married: Anne CLINTON FIENNES 1615, England


1. Robert HARRINGTON (b. ABT 1616 - d. 17 May 1707) (m. Sussanah George)

2. Benjamin HARRINGTON (b. ABT 1618 - d. 18 Apr 1694) (m. Elizabeth White)

3. Abraham HARRINGTON (b. ABT 1622 - d. 9 May 1677) (m. Rebecca Cutler)

4. Rebecca HARRINGTON (b. ABT 1625 - d. 4 Dec 1713) (m. John Watson) 

I would not say there was, "supporting evidence for both suppositions," I would say there was conflicting evidence for either position and "suppositions" is the key word here.  It is premature to connect these individuals, especially as we have sound evidence refuting several of these claims.

3.  LDS.  Family Search: Internet Genealogy Service:  AF - Ancestral File (online at FamilySearch.org).

4.  WorldConnect / Ancestry World Trees (online at RootsWeb.com/Ancestry.com).

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