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John Peter FAIDLEY
Abigail Rhoda HOLT
Husband:  John Peter FAIDLEY
Birth:  22 Oct 1831, Somerset Co., PA
Death:  15 Jan 1910, Maxwell, Story Co., IA
Disposition:  buried Maxwell, Story Co., IA
Occupation:  restaurateur
Father:  Peter FAIDLEY
Mother:  Elizabeth MEYERS
Marriage:  22 Oct 1854 or 23 Oct 1856, Morrison, Whiteside Co., IL
Wife:  Abigail Rhoda HOLT
Birth:  24 Sep 1838, Munson Twp., Geauga Co., OH
Death:  1 Feb 1930, Kansas City, Jackson Co., MO
Disposition:  buried Mt. Washington Cemetery, Kansas City, Jackson Co., MO
Father:  Elijah Hale HOLT
Mother:  Jane HERRINGTON
Children (data in braces are {age, birthplace} from the 1900 Census):
born in Fairhaven, Carroll Co., IL:
  1.  William Henry FAIDLEY, b. 6 May 1856; d.s.p. 31 May 1856
  2.  Katherine Ann FAIDLEY, b. 7 Apr 1857; d. 10 Mar 1944, Rossville, Shawnee Co., KS; m. James Edward WHITE
  3.  Thomas Douglas FAIDLEY, b. 17 Jun 1860; d.s.p. 23 Dec 1953, Topeka, Shawnee Co., KS; m. Mrs. Fanny Baxter (__?__) LEWIS
  4.  George McClelland FAIDLEY, b. 16 Oct 1862; d. 27 Aug 1918, Topeka, Shawnee Co., KS; m1. Mary Elizabeth RUDY; m2. Alice DELLINGER

born in Keokuk, Lee Co., IA:
  5.  Charles Putnam FAIDLEY, b. 26 Dec 1866; d.s.p. 21 Oct 1951, Nevada, Story Co., IA; never married

born in Soldier, Jackson Co., KS:
  6.  John Peter FAIDLEY, Jr., b. Jan 1869 {31, KS}
  7.  Anna Inez/Innis FAIDLEY, b. 12 Dec 1870; d. 24 Aug 1950, Nevada, Story Co., IA; m. Asa McCONNELL
  8.  Franklin Francis "Frank" FAIDLEY, b. 20 Feb 1872; d. Feb 1942, Holton, Jackson Co., KS; m1. Nancy Caroline STINGLEY; m2. Martha E. BOITNOTT
  9.  Mollie/Effie FAIDLEY, b. 2 Jan 1875; d. 5 Sep 1977, Nevada, Story Co., IA; m. Elbe/Elba H. ALVERSON
10.  Lizzie FAIDLEY, b. 6 Sep 1878; d.s.p. 1883/4
11.  Nellie/Nelle FAIDLEY, b. 24 Jul 1880 {19, KS}; d.s.p. 15 Apr 1976, Kansas City, Jackson Co., MO; m. Jesse Arthur WHITE


1.  Illinois Statewide Marriage Index, 17631900:
Compare date with that from obituary.  Given the birthdate of their first child, I suspect this record may have been misread.

2a.  Census Index:  U.S. Selected Counties, 1860 (Broderbund CD-318):
1860 Faidly, J.P. IL Carroll Co. Fairhaven p. 998

2b.  Family Quest Archives:  Illinois 1860 Census: Calhoun and Carroll Counties.  Heritage Quest CD M653-159:  Fairhaven P.O., Fairhaven Twp., Carroll Co., IL, p. 998, 1262/1168, enumerated 10 Jul 1860 (extracted by Diana Gale Matthiesen):
J.P. Faidly 25 M Carpenter   250 Pa
Abagail   " 21 F       Ohio
Catharine "  3 "       Ill
Living next door to Abigail's parents.

3.  Census Index:  U.S. Selected Counties, 1870 (Broderbund CD-319):
1870 Faighny, John KS Jackson Co. Douglass Twp. p. 282
1870 Faidley, George KS Jackson Co. Jefferson Twp. p. 340
Might this be a misreading of our subject?  He should be there in Jackson Co.  Who is George?  John's son, George, is too young to be head-of-household.

4.  Census Index:  U.S. Selected Counties, 1880 (Broderbund CD-320):  Jackson Co., KS, records not on CD.

5.  1900 Census Index/Microfilm (online at Genealogy.com):  Maxwell, Indian Creek Twp., Story Co., IA, p. 58A, SD 7, ED 118, Sh 2, Ln 22, enumerated 2 Jun 1900 (extracted by Diana Gale Matthiesen).  For an explanation of the column headings, please see What the Numbers in the Federal Census Mean (missing columns contained no data). 
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 19 20 22 23 24 25 26 27
27 27 Faidly John P Head W M Oct 1831 69 M 40     PA PA PA Resturant Keeper 0 Y Y Y O F H
    ______ Abigal Wife W F Sept 1838 61 M 40 1 1 OH OH OH     Y Y Y      
    ______ Nellie Dau. W F July 1880 19 S       KS PA OH     Y Y Y      
The number of children born/surviving mistakenly refers only to Nellie.  Abigail's father was born in NY, not OH.

6.  1910 Census.

7.  1920 Census.

8.  WorldConnect / Ancestry World Trees (online at RootsWeb.com/Ancestry.com):  including a well-documented file which gives the following census records and obituary:
1860 Federal Census, IL, Carroll County, Fairhaven, Page 172, Dwelling# 1261 
1880 Federal Census, KS, Jackson County, Grant Twp., ED 104, Sh 17, Ln 17 
1895 State Census, IA, Story Co. Maxwell town, 203-13-13 
1900 Federal Census, IA, Story, Maxwell, Indian Creek Twp, ED 118, SH 2, LN 22
1920 Federal Census, KS, Shawnee County, Vol 58, ED 146, Sh 16, Line 63
Abigail Rhoda Holt was born 24 September 1838 in Munson, Geauga county, OH.  She married John Peter Faidley 22 Oct 1854 at Morrison, Whiteside County, IL.  He preceded her in death 15 January 1910 at Maxwell, Story county, IA.  The Faidley's were among the pioneers of Kansas journeying by covered wagon from Fairhaven, Carroll county, IL.  They arrived first in Brown county in July 1867 and later settled in Soldier, Jackson county, KS.  They apparently left Illinois in 1866, for they spent about a year on a farm near Keokuk, IA, where a son was born in December of 1866.  Mrs. Faidley died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Jesse A. White, 6016 East 12th Street, Kansas City, Jackson County, MO.  Of eleven children, seven survive: Mrs. James (Katherine) White, Rossville, KS; Thomas Douglas Faidley, Circleville, KS; Charles Putnam Faidley, Maxwell, IA; Mrs. Asa (Anna Innis) McConnell, Nevada, IA; Frank F. Faidley, Circleville, KS; Mrs. Elbe (Mollie Effie) Alverson, Maxwell, IA; Mrs. Jesse A. (Nellie) White, Kansas City, MO.  As descendents she leaves seven of her eleven children, thirty-seven grandchildren, forty-eight great grandchildren, and one great, great grand-child.

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