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Husband:  John ELY / EALY
Birth:  4 Oct 1803, Finley [now East Finley] Twp., Washington Co., PA
Death:  7 Nov 1857, Finley [now East Finley] Twp., Washington Co., PA
Disposition:  buried Fairmount Cemetery, East Finley Twp., Washington Co., PA
Father:  George ELY/EALY
Mother:  Christine EARNEST
Wife:  Eleanor SPROWLS
Birth:  1802/5/6, Washington Co., PA
Death:  10 Sep 1886
Disposition:  Fairmount Cemetery, East Finley Twp., Washington Co., PA
Children born in Washington Co., PA (the children are said to have been born in Cross Creek Twp., but without knowing exactly when the family moved to and then from the township, I'm not confident which township each child was born in):
1.  Nancy EALY, b. 1835 or 1837/8; d. 3 Jun 1860
2.  Catharine Jane EALY, b. 1839/40; m. John B. PLANTS
3.  John Nelson EALY, b. 27 Apr 1841; d. 29 Nov 1929
4.  William Lewis EALY, b. 31 Dec 1842; d. 8 Feb 1886
5.  David EALY, b. 29 Sep 1844; d. 22 Sep 1883; m. Mary PLANTS
6.  George W. EALY, b. 8 Jul 1847; d. 5 Sep 1899; m. 17 Dec 1872, Lydia CARROLL
7.  Silas EALY, b. 19 Dec 1849; d.s.p. 30 Nov 1866


1.  Census Index:  U.S. Selected Counties, 1840 (Broderbund CD-316):
1840 Ealy, John PA Washington Co. Creek p. 18
There is a Cross Creek Twp. in Washington Co.  He is the only John ELY/EALY in Washington Co.

2.  1850 Census Index/Microfilm (online at GenealogyLibrary.com):  East Finley Twp., Washington Co., PA, p. 541, 68/68, enumerated 24 Oct 1850 (extracted by Diana Gale Matthiesen):
John Ely 47 M Farmer 1300 Pa
Eleanor " 44 F     "
Nancy     " 12 F     "
Catharine J. " 10 F     "
John N.    "  9 M     "
Lewis     "  8 M     "
David    "  6 M     "
George  "  3 M     "
Silas  " 6/12 M     "
Either Eleanor is lying about her age (a definite possibility) or her age in the LDS Ancestral File is wrong.  Living next door to William SPROWLS, who is living next door to Widow Nancy SPROWLS, who is two doors down from Christian PLANTS, in one direction; and living next door to John ROCKEYFELLER in the other direction.

3.  Anon.  1893.  Commemorative Biographical Record of Washington County, Pennsylvania.  J.H. Beers & Co., Chicago.  On p. 746:
JOHN NELSON EALY, one of the well-to-do and substantial citizens of East Finley township, was born in Cross Creek township, April 27,1841, a son of John and Eleanor (Sprowls) Ealy, both natives of the same township.  John Ealy, his paternal grandfather, was a native of Schuylkill county, Penn., where he married and reared a family of children, some of whom and his wife he brought with him when he moved to Washington county.  He settled here, near where is now East Finley postoffice, not far from the headwaters of Wheeling creek, in East Finley township, and here died, as did also his wife. Their eldest son, George, was born in 1773, in Schuylkill county, Penn., and came to Washington county with his parents, as above related.  His boyhood days were passed upon his father's farm and in attending, during a few months in winter time, the subscription schools of his district; but perhaps the most lasting of his lessons were those of practical experience in industry, economy and perseverance, which have all along been marked traits in the character of the Ealy family in Washington county.  George Ealy was a farmer all his days.  He was married to Christina Ealy, who was born in 1786, and to this union were born the following named children:  John, Polly, Henry, George, Michael, Martin, Mary and Christina, of whom but two survive, viz.:  Michael, living in Highland county, Ohio, and Christina (widow of Silas Sprowls), in East Finley township, this county.  The father of these children died June 19,1869, the mother having passed away in 1849.

John Ealy, father of subject, was born in East Finley township, in 1803, and at the schools of the neighborhood secured a somewhat limited education, the better part of his time being occupied in work on his father's farm.  In 1834 he was married to Eleanor, daughter of John Sprowls, of East Finley township, and she bore him children as follows: Nancy, Jane, John N., Lewis, David, George W. and Silas, all of whom attained adult age, but there are only two now living:  John N. and George W.  The father was taken from earth November 4,1857, the mother, September 9, 1886.

John N. Ealy received a substantial common-school education, learned agriculture of his father, at whose death he came into possession of the home place, and has since resided there, engaged in general agriculture, including the breeding of blooded stock.  The farm is situated about half a mile south of East Finley postoffice and is highly improved.  Mr. Ealy is a member of the United Brethren Church, of which he has served as trustee; in politics, he is a lifelong Republican and one of the advisers and counselors of his party.  He has never married.

George W. Ealy, the other surviving son of John Ealy, was born July 8, 1847, in Cross Creek township, this county, and received a good common-school education.  He came to East Finley township when young, learned farming under his father's preceptorship, and his entire life has been devoted to agricultural pursuits.  On December 17, 1872, he was married to L.V. Carroll, daughter of William and Elizabeth (Seeman) Carroll, of Irish ancestry, and the children of this union are:  Mary E., born October 26, 1873; William Hazlett, born August 3, 1876, and John Hamilton, born August 14, 1880, all living at home with their parents.  Mr. and Mrs. George W. Ealy are members of the United Brethren Church at Fairmount, and in politics he is a stanch Republican.

4.  LDS.  Family Search: Internet Genealogy Service: Ancestral File.  Says Eleanor was born in 1802.

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