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Husband:  Rawley CORBIN II
Birth:  1749/50, VA
Death:  1817-19, Clark Co., KY
Father:  Thomas CORBIN
Mother:  Elizabeth SCOTT
Marriage:  ca. 1770
Wife:  Sarah CROSS / KRAUS
Children born in Pittsylvania Co., VA:
1.  Sarah CORBIN, b. 17 May 1771
2.  Thomas CORBIN, b. ca. 1776; m. 17 Nov 1795, Pittsylvania Co., VA, Susanna A. CLAIBORNE, d/o Barber CLAIBORNE
3.  Elizabeth CORBIN, b. ca. 1778; m. 2 Nov 1798, Clark Co., KY, John HATFIELD
4.  Lucy CORBIN, b. ca. 1779; m. 16 Oct 1799, Clark Co., KY, Elijah ELLIOTT, s/o William ELLIOTT & Elizabeth __?__
5.  James CORBIN, b. 28 Aug 1781
6.  Nathan CORBIN, b. bef. 1791
Adopted Child born in VA:
James FONES, a.k.a., James Fones CORBIN, b. 13 Nov 1793

Some secondary sources show James as son of Rawley's son, Thomas, and his wife Susanna CLAIBORNE, but James was born in 1793, and Thomas & Susanna weren't married until 1795.  Also, and more importantly, a patrilineal descendant of James has been Y-DNA tested, and he is a decided non-match with these CORBINs, making it impossible for him to be a biological descendant of Rawley. 

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1.  Marriage Record:

2.  Kenneth Corbin.  2009.  The Leaves of the Corbin Tree.  2 vols.  Self-published, Louisville, KY:
The author did not routinely put surnames in all-caps, so I have converted them to make for easier scanning for names.
p. 17 69.  Rawley7 CORBIN (Thomas6, Rawley5, Elizabeth4 SMITH, Grace3 BALLARD, Anne2 THOMAS, William1)25 was born in 1749/50 at VA.  He married Sarah KRAUS circa 1770.25  He died between 1817 and 1819 at Clark Co., KY...
What follows is a long itemization of tax and land records.  From these we glean that he has a wife, Sarah, daughters Lucy and Sarah, and a son, Thomas.  He states that Rawley was in the 1790 VA census, which we know was destroyed, so he must mean the "Heads of Families..." reconstruction of it.  Rawley is listed as father on the marriage bond of Sarah CORBIN & Spencer ADAMS.  He is the adoptive father of James FONES, a.k.a., James Fones CORBIN.
Sarah KRAUS was also known as Sarah CROSS.

The seven known children of Rawley7 CORBIN and Sarah KRAUS were as follows:
 + 195.   i.   Thomas8 CORBIN was born circa 1776 at Pittsylvania Co., VA.  He married Susanna A. CLAIBORNE, daughter of Barber CLAIBORNE, on 17 Nov 1795 at Pittsylvania Co., VA.
  196.   ii.   James CORBIN was born on 28 Aug 1781 at Pittsylvania Co., VA...

p. 18
197.   iii.   Sarah CORBIN was born on 17 May 1771 at VA.  She married Spencer ADAMS, son of John ADAMS & Sarah PIGG, on 10 Feb 1796 at Pittsylvania Co., VA.
  198.   iv.   Nathan CORBIN was born before 1791.
+ 199.   v.   James FONES Sr. was born on 13 Nov 1793 at VA.  He married Sarah Hannah BIVENS, daughter of Randal BIVENS and Margaret ROUTT, on 2 Dec 1814 at Clark Co., KY.
+ 200.   vi.   Lucy CORBIN was born at VA.  She married Elijah ELLIOTT, son of William ELLIOTT and Elizabeth, on 16 Oct 1799 at Clark Co., KY.
  201.   vii.   Elizabeth CORBIN was born at VA.  She married John HATFIELD on 2 Nov 1798 at Clark Co., KY Bond: Dory BUTLER, Teste: D. BULLOCK.66
She may be the Mother of Rawley CORBIN and the widow of Thomas CORBIN his Father.41
p. 762

25.  Martin Johnson Scott, Some Descendants of Anthony Scott (Atlanta, GA: Landmark Press, 1999)...

41.  Clark Co., KY Adoption.

p. 763 66.  Clark Co., KY Marriages.

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