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Elizabeth SMITH
The CORBIN Y-DNA Surname Project is genetically connecting the descendants of our subject into a group I've dubbed the "Northern Neck" CORBINs, for the location of Richmond County on Virginia's Northern Neck (the most northerly of Virginia's three peninsulae projecting into Chesapeake Bay). 
Husband:  John CORBIN II or Jr.
Birth:  ca. 25 Sep 1671, of St. Mary's Parish, Richmond Co., VA
Death:  25 Apr 1738

WARNING:  Secondary sources disagree as to the parents of our subject.  It doesn't appear to me that either case has been substantiated.
Father:  John CORBIN I
Mother:  Elizabeth [ELLIOTT?]
Father:  John CORBIN
Mother:  Chesten CONNER

Marriage:  bef. 10 Aug 1696, Essex Co., VA
Wife:  Elizabeth SMITH
Birth:  ca. 1675
Father:  William SMITH
Mother:  Grace BUTLER not BALLARD

The average woman is four years younger than her husband and marries first at the age of 19, which places Elizabeth's birthyear at around 1675.

Children born in VA:
1.  Rawley CORBIN I, b. 1692-97 
2.  John CORBIN III, b. ca. 1696/7
3.  Charles CORBIN, b. bef. 1702; 18 Jun 1724, living in Westmoreland Co., VA; d. Stafford Co., VA; m. Phoebe __?__ (1765- )
4.  Elizabeth CORBIN, b. ca. 1705
5.  Mary CORBIN, b. ca. 1707; m. 1739, Pleasant JORDAN
6.  Andrew CORBIN, b. 1709-15
7.  Frances CORBIN, b. ca. 1714; m. 1732, Henry BUFORD, Jr. (1710->1791), s/o Henry BUFORD, Sr. & Mary OSBORNE
8.  David CORBIN, b. bef. 1717; d. aft. 8 Apr 1738
9.  Rosamond "Rosa" CORBIN, b. ca. 1721
Keywords for search engines:  genealogy; USA, US, United States, Virginia

Year Location Event
c1671 VA: Richmond Co.: St. Mary's Parish  birth of John CORBIN
    birth of Elizabeth SMITH
1692 VA: Richmond Co.: St. Mary's Parish John CORBIN purchases 160 acres
by 1696 VA: Essex Co. marriage of John CORBIN & Elizabeth SMITH
1696 VA: Essex Co. John CORBIN purchases 100 acres
1737 VA: King George Co.: Brunswick Parish John CORBIN in residence


1.  Essex County, Virginia, Marriages, 1655-1900 (online at Ancestry.com):
: 1696,
: Richmond Co. married Elizabeth daughter of Wm. Smith
Book: D 9, Page: 55

2.  Kenneth Corbin.  2009.  The Leaves of the Corbin Tree.  Vol. 1 of 2.  Self-published, Louisville, KY:
The author did not routinely put surnames in all-caps, so I have converted them to make for easier scanning for names.
p. 3 4.  Grace3 BALLARD (Anne2, William1 [THOMAS]))... married William SMITH circa 1669...
She left a Deed-Will recorded in Deed Book Page# 130-133 which names all daughters and husband as deceased on 28 Apr 1684 at Old Rappahannock Co., VA.1,2

William SMITH was born before 1643...

The three known children of Grace3 BALLARD and William SMITH are as follows:
+ 6.   i.   Elizabeth4 SMITH was born before 1670.  She married John CORBIN Jr., son of John CORBIN Sr, before 10 Aug 1696 at Richmond Co., VA.

6.  Elizabeth4 SMITH (Grace3 BALLARD, Anne2, William1 [THOMAS])) was born before 1670.  She married John CORBIN Jr., son of John CORBIN Sr, before 10 Aug 1696 at Richmond Co., VA; as proved by a Deed in Book# 9 Page# 55.4

John CORBIN Jr5 was born circa 25 Sep 1671 at Richmond Co., VA...

p. 4 The nine known children of Elizbeth4 SMITH and John CORBIN Jr. were as follows:
+ 10.   i.   Rawley5 CORBIN was born between 1692 and 1697 at Stafford Co., VA.
+ 11.   ii.   John CORBIN III was born in 1696/97 at VA.
  12.   iii.   Charles CORBIN was born before 1702 at VA.  He married Phoeby?.  He died after 18 Jun 1724 at Stafford Co., VA.
He lived on 18 Jul 1724 at Westmoreland Co., VA.13
Phoeby? was born between 1765 and 1765 (sic).
+ 13.   iv.   Elizabeth CORBIN was born circa 1705 at VA.
  14.   v.   Mary CORBIN was born circa 1707 at VA.  She married Pleasant JORDAN in 1739.
She filed a petition against Richard TUTT for unknown reason which was dismissed by the Court on 8 May 1725 at King George Co., VA.11
Pleasant JORDAN was a Quaker with the Pagan Creek Meeting House.  He lived at Nansemond Co., VA
+ 15.   vi.   Andrew CORBIN was born between 1709 and 1715 at VA.
  16.   vii.   David CORBIN was born before 1717 at VA.  He died after 8 Apr 1738.
  17.   viii.   Frances CORBIN was born at VA.  She married Henry BUFORD Jr., son of Henry BUFORD Sr. and Mary OSBORNE, in 1732.
Henry BUFORD Jr was born in 1710 at Lancaster Co., VA.  He died before 1791 at Amelia Co., VA... He was a member of Nottaway Parish.  He lived 1787 Amelia Co., VA. He left a will in 1791.
+ 18.   ix.   Rosamond CORBIN was born at VA.  She married John SPINKS, son of Enoch SPINKS and Grace, on 6 Nov 1741 at Stafford Co., VA.
p. 761

1.  Thomas Hoskins Warner, History of Old Rappahannock Co., VA (Tappahannock, Virginia: Pauline Pearce Warner, 1965).

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11.  County Clerk, compiler, King George Co., Order Book 1721-1734. (Virgina: King George Co., 1734).

13.  George Harrison Sanford King, The Register of Overwharton Parish, Stafford Co., VA 1723-1758 (Easley, SC 29641-0738: Southern Historical Press, Inc., 1961).

p. 769 Known children of John1 CORBIN Sr. include these three:
  4   i.   John2 CORBIN Jr4 was born circa 25 Sep 1671 at Richmond Co., VA...
William SMITH's wife was Grace BUTLER, not Grace BALLARD.  Please see message threads in the Archive of the CORBIN Mailing List and at GenForum (scroll down to see replies).

3.  A.M. Prichard.  1930.  Allied Families of Read, Corbin, Luttrell, Bywaters: Starting from Culpeper County, Virginia, Their Descendants Are Now Planted in Every State Westward to the Pacific.  McClure Co., Inc., Printers, Staunton, Virginia (online at Ancestry.com):
p. 102 [blank]

The first record of John Corbin appears in Richmond County, Virginia, in 1692, the year the county was formed.  The most interesting record, however, is the following deed of record in Essex County, Virginia, which identifies the wife of John Corbin as Elizabeth, the daughter of William Smith:
"Know all men by these presents that I Robert Waight do for me my heirs Exes. and Admes: for a valuable consideration: in hand already Received give grant bargaine and sell unto John Corbin and Elizabeth Corbin his wife, of Richmond County their heirs Exes: Admes: & Assignes for Ever a parcell of Land lyeing and being in the above sd. County Containing, one hundred Acres bounded as followeth... wch. sd. Land was given by my deced father John Waight to my Sister Elizabeth Vickers, and by her Sold to William Smith father of the above sd. Elizabeth Corbin... In witness whereof I have hereunto Set my hand & Seale this tenth day of August Ano. Dom. 1696.

The land above described may have been, likely was, the portion given by William Smith upon the marriage of his daughter Elizabeth, to John Corbin.  This would seem to be a reasonable conjecture from the language of the deed.

By deed of 21 Feb. 1692, Richard Shippie of St. Mary's Parish, Richmond County, and Eleanor, his wife, conveyed unto "John Corbin of the aforesaid parish and county, a certain tract of land containing 160 acres, part of 640 acres formerly belonging to John and George Motts." The

Transcriber's Note:  I see nothing to suggest that William SMITH gave the land to John CORBIN as a wedding gift or for any other reason.  John clearly paid for the land.  What is not clear is how land sold to William SMITH by Elizabeth (WAIGHT) VICKERS is being sold again by Robert WAIGHT.
p. 104 certificate of Eleanor Shippie's acknowledgment to the foregoing deed was not in confomity with law; and, to cure the defect, she executed another deed for the same property on the 28 Feb. 1737, referring to the deed above mentioned, describing John Corbin as then of Brunswick Parish, King George County, and the land as that "whereon the said Corbin now lives."

On the 2 Mr. 1737, John Corbin conveyed the foregoing land to John Grant, excepting some fifty acres thereof which he conveyed unto his son, John Corbin Jr., by the following deed, viz:


extract unfinished

4.  Return Jonathan Meigs.  1940.  The Corbins of Virginia:  a Genealogical Record of the Descendants of Henry Corbin who settled in Virginia in 1864.  Typescript, self-published; printed to order by The Apple Manor Press, Markham, VA.
p. 3 Comments by DGM:  Meigs here speculates that John CORBIN of Richmond Co., VA, might be a son of Henry CORBIN by a previous wife (prior to his marriage to Alice ELTONHEAD in 1656/7).  Given that our subject was born after Henry died, the connection is obviously impossible.  Even if we go back a generation and assume Meigs was referring to our subject's alleged father, the obstacle then becomes that the elder John was born when Henry was a mere toddler.  One wishes the speculation had never been entertained because it may have contributed to the bogus connection being accepted.

5.  Pedigree provided by a participant in the CORBIN Y-DNA Surname Project.

6.  WorldConnect / Ancestry World Trees (online at RootsWeb.com/Ancestry.com).

7.  Archives of the CORBIN-L and CORBIN-DNA Mailing Lists (online at RootsWeb.com).

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