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Elizabeth [ELLIOTT?]
Husband:  John CORBIN I
Birth must be:  by 1631, of the Parish of St. Mary Mattfelon, Whitechapel, Middlesex [now London]
Death said to be:  ca. 1696
Migration:  arrived Northumberland [now King George] Co., VA, on the ship, Peter, on or before 21 Sep 1652

It is unclear to me whether John arrived at a port in Northumberland County or whether that is merely where he settled after his arrival.  I have not seen the original of this record.  If anyone has it, please share.

If John was an adult married man in 1652, he cannot have been born later than 1631.

A secondary source indicates this date of 21 Sep 1652 was when one John PEADE was granted land for transporting five persons to Virginia a practice known as "headrights," instituted to encourage colonization of the New World by rewarding those who subsidized the transport of colonists one of which five was "John CORBYN."  Whether these headrights were granted the day the ship arrived or some time later, I don't know.  I'll try and dig up the original records to put in the Sources below.  That someone was paid a headright for bringing our subject to Virginia I believe tells us John did not pay for his passage, a possible indication of his lack of means.

Marriage:  bef. 1652
Wife:  Elizabeth ELLIOTT?
Birth:  by 1635, of the Parish of St. Mary Mattfelon, Whitechapel, Middlesex [now London]
Immigration:  arrived in King George Co., VA, on the ship, Peter, on or before 21 Sep 1652

In 1664, a George ELLIOTT of St. Mary's Parish, Whitechapel, wrote a will leaving a bequest to Elizabeth CORBIN, wife of John CORBIN, and making her the executrix.  The will was written in advance of a planned voyage to Virginia on the Accomacke Merchant (Capt. Thomas SMYTH of St. Mary's Co., MD, master).  George died, either on the crossing or soon after his arrival, because the will was probated in 1665.  This record appears to be the source of John's wife having maiden name, ELLIOTT, though it's unclear whether Elizabeth was George's sister or his daughter, if either. 

These are the alleged children of our subject.  It is unclear to me whether a good connection has been made to any of them, so caveat emptor.

1.  John CORBIN, b. 25 Sep 1671, St. Mary's Parish, Richmond Co., VA
2.  William CORBIN, b. bef. 1675; d. bef. 1 Jun 1733, King George Co., VA
3.  Peter CORBIN, b. ca. 1687

Elizabeth was a married adult in 1652, so she was born no later than 1635 and probably earlier.  She could been having children as late as the 1670s, but she was too old to be having any in the 1680s.
Note that colonists tend to name their settlements in the New World from their origin in the Old one.

Keywords for search engines:  genealogy; GBR, ENG, UK, United Kingdom; USA, US, United States, Virginia


1.  Kenneth Corbin.  2009.  The Leaves of the Corbin Tree.  Vol. 1 of 2.  Self-published, Louisville, KY
The author did not routinely put surnames in all-caps, so I have converted them to make for easier scanning for names.
Our subject is the John CORBIN, Sr., of this author.  The author does not identify our subject's wife, but he supports the 1652 immigration date and gives the three children below.  In case you are considering purchasing this book, you may want to read my review of it, please see Message #3536 at GenForum.com.
p. 769
Descendants of John Corbin Sr.

John CORBIN Sr. is included in Chapter 1 in Individual 6.

Generation One

3.  John1 CORBIN Sr was born circa 1630 at England ? He died before 8 Oct 1696 at Richmond Co., VA; Order Book# 1697-1699 Page# 242.  Attachment is granted to Captain George BRENT against John CORBIN's estate.1

He immigrated on 21 Sep 1652 to VA; He was transported into VA by John PEAD who was given land for transporting 5 persons.2  He had a warrant issued for him as he was about to leave this jurisdiction, Maryland, as he, a Taylor, was indebted to John FFOXHALL on 23 Aug 1665 at St. Mary's Co., MD.3  He in Stafford County Records dated 1664-1668 Page# 81 which states:  "Wheras John CORBIN did arrest Robert BUTTERFIELD to this Court and had no cause of action, the Court doth order the sd. John CORBIN be non-suited and pay to sd. BUTTERFIELD as his assigns 50 pounds of Tob. as a charge of Court, the 10th 8ber next execution of OS" in Aug 1671 at Stafford Co., VA.

Known children of John1 CORBIN Sr. include these three:
  4.   i.   John2 CORBIN Jr4 was born circa 25 Sep 1671 at Richmond Co., VA...

Transcriber's Note:  The John CORBIN included in Chapter 1 in Individual 6 is John CORBIN Jr., not Sr.
p. 770
  5.   ii.   William CORBIN was born before 1675.  He died before 1 Jun 1733 at King George Co., VA...
  6.   iii.   Peter CORBIN was born in 1687/88.  He stated in his deposition that he was 36 years of age on 1 Sep 1724 at Orange Co., VA.17
He appeared on the census 1715 at Parish of St. John, Island of Barbados.
Transcriber's Note:  We have two problems with Peter, one is his age because Elizabeth was too old to be having children in 1687/8, though it is possible that John remarried and we are unaware of his second, younger wife.  The other potential problem is Peter's presence in the Barbados in 1715.  Peter may have been a sailor or sea captain, which is the reason we find him back in the Barbados after having been born in Virgina, but it does raise a question as to how the author managed to connect Peter to our subject.
p. 761

1.  Thomas Hoskins Warner, History of Old Rappahannock Co., VA (Tappahannock, Virginia: Pauline Pearce Warner, 1965).

2.  Old Rappahannock Co., Virginia, County Clerk, Tappahannock Co., Virginia.

3.  Essex Co., VA Deeds, Wills & Inventories, 3 Volumes, John Frederick Dorman, Washington, DC.

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17.  George Harrison Sanford King, compiler. The Register of Saint Paul's Parish 1715-1798. (Easley, South Carolina 29641-0738: Southern Historical Press, Inc., 1960).

2.  Corbin Corner
The owner of the web site is not named, but the Coat of Arms on the home page is the exact same one as issued with Kenneth Corbin's book, Leaves of the Corbin Tree, and the description of it on the web site is by Ken Corbin.  Also, the text on the "Family Origins" page was written by Ken Corbin.  (I haven't checked the rest of the site.) The site is set up in a way that you cannot link to a page deep in the site with  a URL.  In other words, I cannot give you a link to the "Family Origins" page, you have to access it and other pages from buttons on the home page. 

3.  Delores Sue Willey.  Genealogy Report: Ancestors of George William Paul Green.  FamilyTreeMaker User Pages (online at familytreemaker.genealogy.com/users/...).

4.  Denise Michelle Oberlies.  Ancestors of Dorothy Marie White.  FamilyTreeMaker User Pages (online at familytreemaker.genealogy.com/users/...):
This researcher supplies many valuable sources and notes, so it's worth a trip to her web site.  Unfortunately, despite the documentation, she makes the error of connecting our subject to Henry CORBIN of Hall End, Warwickshire.

She shows our subject born ca. 1640, but we know he was an adult by 1652, so he was born no later than 1631.  She shows Henry CORBIN of Hall End as born in 1629, as I do, yet she still connects John to Henry as his son!  Henry is simply too young to be John's father.

The Peter CORBIN mentioned as the, "Culpeper son of William," appears to be Peter CORBIN, husband of Esther HOLDWAY, who was son of William CORBIN, a great-grandson of our subject.

This text below must have been software generated because some sentences are incomplete, such as, "died in _____."  Color and boldface added by me for emphasis.  Note that John & Elizabeth came to Virginia as adults in 1652, so they cannot have been born as late as the dates given.

576. John Corbin1078,1079,1080,1081,1082,1082, born Abt. 1640; died Abt. 1696. He was the son of 582. Henry Corbin and 583. Alice Eltonhead. He married 577. Elizabeth Elliott.

      577. Elizabeth Elliott1083,1084, born Abt. 16501085,1086; died in . She was the daughter of 1154. Unknown Elliott.

Notes for John Corbin:

Is anyone researching John Corbin as the original ancestor in America?  If Peter is indeed the Culpepper son of Willam Corbin, this seems to be the case.  John Corbin came to King Georges County in 1652 on the ship "Peter" with four other passengers in his party.  Records state that his wife is unknown but I came across a will made for George Elliot who was on the ship, he leaves various property - some token, some quite valuable to various family members.  He leaves significant property to Elizabeth Corbin, wife of
John.  The record says "died abroad".  I'm not sure if this means died aboard the ship or in America.  The will was probated in 1665 in London as most of the property was in St. Mary, White Chapel.  He initially leaves a token amount for a ring for each of his siblings (mourning ring?) and one for Elizabeth Corbin.  I assume that Elizabeth is his married sister.  I have read that John Corbin had deed to land given him by his father in law when he arrived.  The land in King George falls legally to him in 1692 - perhaps
when his father in law died in England.  I found this information on the Virginia Colonial Records Project (UVA)...

More About John Corbin:
Alt. Birth: Abt. 16451087,1088
Alt. Death: 08 Oct 16961089,1090

Notes for Elizabeth Elliott:
Dates 1665
References Index of Wills P.C.C. 1661 - 1670.5688
Examined 30 March 1960
This entry is on the first folio, both sides, and second folio, rect o, of 72 HYDE
Will of George Elliott of the Hermitage Dockhead, Parish of St. Mary Mattfellon, alias Whitechapel, Co. Middlesex, mariner, bound on a voyage to Virginia in the Acamacke merchant, Capt. Smith, commander.
To his brother William Elliott 20s. to buy a ring
To his sister Katherine Butler 20s. to buy a ring
To Elisabeth Corbin, wife of John Corbin, of the parish of St. Mary Whitechapel, 10 (pounds).
Names his sister Rebecca Wiggett, wife of Thomas Wiggett of Portland, Co, Dorset, yeoman to make those payments, and leaves her his house and land in Portland.
To Susanna Wiggett, his sister Rebecca's daughter, the house and land in Portand after her mother; but neither she nor her mother to benefit if the mother fails to pay the stated legacies, and in this case Elisabeth Corbin is to have the house and land in Portland.  The rest of his estate to Elisabeth Corbin, whom he names as sole executrix. Signed 27 Oct 1664 (his mark) Witness John Browne, Elisabeth Bagby (her mark) Anthony Errington scr.
Probate London, 19 July 1665, to Elizabeth Corbin. Index notes "died abroad"

Children of John Corbin and Elizabeth Elliott are:
   288  i.     John Corbin, born 25 Sep 1671 in Richmond, Virginia; died Abt. 1748 in Faquire, Virginia; married Elizabeth Smith 10 Aug 1696 in Essex, Virgina.
       ii.     William Corbin, born Abt. 1675...

There is more of value on the next page, but she repeats the error of making John, b. 1640, son of Henry, b. 1629, complete with these birthdates.  Alas, such is the desire to connect to the Hall End CORBINs.

5.  Henry C. Peden, Jr.  2008.  Colonial Maryland Soldiers and Sailors, 1634-1734.  Heritage Books, Westminster, MD (excerpts online at GoogleBooks):
p. 326 SMYTH, THOMAS (St. Mary's County), captain and master of the ship Accomacke Merchant riding in St. George's River on Apr 25, 1665. (Ref: ARMD 49:434, 49:439)

6.  Beverly Fleet.  1988.  Virginia Colonial Abstracts: The Original 34 Volumes Reprinted in 3.  Vol. 1.  Genealogical Publ. Co., Baltimore, MD (republished 1997 as Family History: Virgjinia Genealogies #3, 1600s-1800s. Broderbund CD #187):
Richmond County Records, 1704-1724 (Originally published as Volume 17 of Virginia Colonial Abstracts)
p. 240 p. 13.  Deed.  27 Feb 1691 [1691/2].  "John Waugh in the Colony of Virginia Clerk" to Wm Fitzhugh, for 9000 lb tobo in cask, 2 parcels of land in Rappahannock County in the Freshes thereof, being part of a patent of 2000 acres granted to Col. John Catlett the 2nd of Jun 1666 "and by severall means purchased now in my possession being the lowermost part thereof being designed for Dan'll Meriott Contayning Three hundred acres and the lowermost thereof".  "The other hundred acres designed for John Corbin", along the Rappa River, adj the said Dan'll Meriotts 300 acres.  Signed Jo: Waugh.  Wit: Charles Calvert, Richd x Henward.  Rec. 8 Jun 1692.  Power of Atty.  27 Feb 1961/2.  John Waugh to Mr Wm Colston Clerk of Rappahannock Court to ack above.
p. 275 p. 13-A.  Richmond Ss  The 30th of March Last past att the plantation of Mr James Keys then by the river side a man being found dead named John Newdell after notice given a Jury of Inquest and the Jur'ys oppinion was by severall Cutts in his head came by his death by whome could not tell  It seems this man which is now dead went on board a shipe and his wife with him and a man which Lives in the house with them which by all reports keeps company with the said mans wife and the seamen gave them Lyckrs but not out of Reason the seamen put them a shore all together well att this same place where this man is found dead noe other person with them and not a Gunne shott from the house where she live this being Saturday and Sunday notys to me that a man was there dead which do really believe that these two persons his wife and Abraham Harrison [or
p. 276 Hannison] her mate is guilty of the above said mans death... Given under my hand this 15th of Aprill an'o Dom 1702 Alex'r Doniphan..."

[Depositions and testimony continue.]

p.14-A.  "Richmond Ss  John Corbin aged thirty years or thereabouts being duly sworne and Examined saith that sometime in Feb'ry Last past John Newdall being att the house of Thomas Philpin where your depo't then was the said Newdall tooke this depon't by the hand and told your depo't that he had a heartbreaking in his breast and said that Abraham (meaning as this depo't believes) Abrahm Hannison and his the said Newdals wife were so Impudent together that he the said Newdall was In danger of his life in so much that as soone as Syder came he the said Newsdall and this depo't should be merry together if they did not End his dayes before to the best of your depo'ts knowledge and further saith not". John x Corbin his mark.

[Depositions and testimony continue through to p. 278.]

p. 304 p. 77. 1707. The Estate of Mr Sem Cox...
p. 305 By tobaco Rec'ed of John Corbin 500 [lbs]...

7.  Messages posted to the Corbin Family Genealogy Forum (online at GenForum.com).

8.  Archives of the CORBIN-L and CORBIN-DNA Mailing Lists (online at RootsWeb.com).

9.  WorldConnect / Ancestry World Trees (online at RootsWeb.com/Ancestry.com).

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