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Col. Gawin CORBIN of Peckatone and Lanesville
Catherine WORMELEY
Husband:  Gawin / Gavin CORBIN
Birth:  1669, VA of Westmoreland Co., VA, and King & Queen Co., VA
Death:  1 Jan 1744/5, Westmoreland Co., VA
Father:  Henry CORBIN
Mother:  Alice ELTONHEAD
Wife-1:  Catherine WORMELEY
Birth:  4 Mar 1679, Rosegill, Middlesex Co., VA
Father:  Hon. Ralph WORMELEY (1650-1703)
Mother:  Catherine LUMSFORD
Wife-2:  Jane LANE
Birth:   of Lanesville, King & Queen Co., VA
Other Spouse:  m1. Hon. Willis WILSON
Father:  Capt. John LANE
Wife-3:  Martha BASSETT
Birth:  28 Dec 1694, Eltham, New Kent Co., VA
Death:  12 Jun 1738, King & Queen Co., VA
Father:  Hon. William BASSETT
Mother:  Joanna BURWELL
Children with Catherine WORMELEY:
Children with Jane LANE born in VA:
1.  (Col.) Richard CORBIN, b. 1714 
2.  John CORBIN, b. 8 Jul 1715
3.  Jane Lane CORBIN, b. 1717
Children with Martha BASSETT born in VA:
4.  Joanna CORBIN, b. 1720
5.  Alice CORBIN, b. 1722; m. Hon. Benjamin NEEDLES
6.  Ann CORBIN, b. 1724; m1. Isaac ALLERTON; m2. Rev. David CURRIE ( -1791/2)
7.  Gawin CORBIN , b. 1725
8.  Felicia CORBIN, b. 1728
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Sources (n.b., Middlesex Co. was formed in 1669 from Lancaster Co.):

1.  Marriage Record:

2.  Return Jonathan Meigs.  1940.  The Corbins of Virginia:  a Genealogical Record of the Descendants of Henry Corbin who settled in Virginia in 1864.  Typescript, self-published; printed to order by The Apple Manor Press, Markham, VA.

3.  Stella Pickett Hardy.  1911.  Colonial Families of the Southern States of America.  T.A. Wright, New York, NY (republished 1958, Southern Book Co., Baltimore, MD; republished 1965, Genealogical Publ. Co., Baltimore, MD; online at books.google.com). 
Please note that someone has made handwritten corrections and annotations to this copy of Hardy's book.  I've included these annotations highlighting them in red.  Be dubious of such annotations as they may be an attempt to manufacture a connection to this family.  These notations should not be attributed to Hardy; just consider them to be from an unknown, unpublished secondary source.
p. 173 COL. GAWIN CORBIN, (193), of "Peckaton," Westmoreland Co., and "Lanesville," King and Queen Co., Va., b. 1669; d. 1744; he was educated in England, was a firm and liberal supporter of the Established Church; Naval Officer of the Rappahannock; a Burgess; and an influential member of the King's Council, and its President; he made will Nov. 1, 1739, which was probated Feb. 12, 1744; he left large estates in Virginia, "Peckatone," in Westmoreland, "Buckingham House," in Middlesex, "Lanesville," in King and Queen, and many acres in other counties; he m. (first) Catherine Wormley, dau. of Hon. Ralph and Catherine (Lunsford-Jennings) Wormley, of "Rosegill," Middlesex Co, Va; (second) Jane (Lane) Wilson, wid of Hon. Willis Wilson, and dau. and heiress of Hon. John Lane, of "Lanesville," King and Queen Co, Va.; (third) Martha Bassett, dau of Hon. William and Joanna (Burwell) Bassett, of "Eltham," New Kent Co., Va. (See Bassett and Burwell lineage.)

Issue by second marriage:

201. RICHARD, b. 170814; of whom later.
202. JOHN, b. 171515; of whom later.

x dau. Jane Wilson

p. 174
203.  Jane Lane, b. 171017; m. Col. John Bushrod, of "Bushfield," Westmoreland Co., Va., who served as a Burgess, 1748-55; son of Hon. John and Anne (Bushrod) Bushrod, gr.-dau. of Hon. John and Hannah (Keene) Bushrod, of Gloucester Co., Va., and of Hon. Thomas Bushrod.  Issue:
211.  Hannah, m. John Augustine Washington, of Westmoreland Co., Va., son of Augustine and Mary (Ball) Washington, of "Bridges Creek," and had issue.  (See Washington and Ball lineage.)

212.  Elizabeth; untraced.

Issue by third marriage: 
204. Joanna, b. 1720; d. after 1779; m. 5-171739, Col. Robert Tucker, of Norfolk Co., Va.b. 1710; his wi11 was probated in 1780; he was the son of Hon. Robert and Frances (CourtneyHouston) Tucker, of Norfolk Co.,Va.; this Robert Tucker's will was probated in 1722, and he was theson of John Tucker, of Barbadoes. Issue:
211. Robert,b. 9-24-1741of Norfolk Co., Va., will dated July 9, 1779, to which he added a codicil Sept. 19, 1779; he names his mother Joanna (Corbin) Tucker, and his brother and sisters, etc.; d. unm.

212. Gawin Corbin; untraced.b 1-31-1765

213. Ann, unm., in 1779.b 8-27-1757

214.Joanna,b. 4-12-1794 m. Nov. 17, 1762, her cousin Hon. Gawin Corbin, of "Buckingham House," Middlesex Co., Va., son of Col. Richard and Elizabeth (Tayloe) Corbin, of "Lanesville," King and Queen Co., Va., and had issue. (See issue of Hon. Gawin Corbin.)

215. Sarah,b 10-17-1747 m. James Taylor, and had among other issue:  1. James; 2. Sarah. 1771-1811 m. 9-11-1790 James Hexon. 1751-1801)

216. Martha,b. 2-9-1743 m. Thomas Newton, and had issue: 1. Thomas; 2. Sarah; 3. Amy; and perhaps others.

217. Courtney,b. 4-30-1756 m. Joseph Hutchins, and had issue: 1. Elizabeth; and perhaps others.

218. Caroline Henrietta,3-16-1765unm. 1779. Danie Norton

219. Frances,b.3-21-1732 m. Mr. Harvey; untraced. m(1)David Kerr

205.  Alice, b. 1722; m. Hon. Benjamin Needles, and had issue.

206.  Ann, b. 1724; m. (first) Isaac Allerton, of "The Narrows," Westmoreland Co., Va., son of Willoughby Allerton, and gt.-gt. gr.-son of Isaac Allerton, the "Mayflower Immigrant," and his wife Fear Brewster, dau. of Elder William Brewster, of Massachusetts;

x   1. Wm Douglas 1791
2. James Taylor 1792
3. Sarah Ann Eyre 1794 m. John Geddes Blair
4. Courtanay 1797 m. Geo. Blackwell Pickett
5. John 1798
xx m. 2nd 2-22-1799 Thos. Nelson
p. 175
(second) Rev. David Currie, of Lancaster Co., Va.; he was rector of Christ Church for over half a century; he died, 1791-2; he m. (second) Miss Carter, and had issue.

207.  Gawin, of "Peckatone," Westmoreland Co., Va., b. 1725; educated in England; took a prominent and active part in affairs of the Church and State; was a Vestryman of Stratton Major Parish; he m. his cousin Hannah Lee, dau. of Hon. Thomas and Hannah (Ludwell) Lee, of "Stratford," Westmoreland Co., Va. (See Lee lineage.)

211.  Martha, m. 1769, Hon. George Turberville, of Westmoreland Co., Va., son of Col. George and Martha (Lee) Turberville, of "Hickory hill," and had issue.  (See Turberville and Lee lineage.)
208.  Felicia, b. 1727; no further record...

4.  Anon.  1915.  Encyclopedia of Virginia Biography.  Richmond, VA (online at Ancestry.com):
IV--Burgesses and Other Prominent Persons
Name: Gawin Corbin
of Middlesex county, son of Henry Corbin, of the colonial council, was naval officer of the Rappahannock in 1705.  He was burgess for Middlesex county in 1698, 1699, 1700-1702, 1703-1705, 1718-1720 and for King and Queen county in 1715.  He was county lieutenant.  He married three times: (first) Catherine Wormeley; (second) Jane Lane, widow of Willis Wilson of Elizabeth City county, and daughter of John Lane of King and Queen, and (third) Martha Bassett.  He died January 1, 1745, and was father of: 1. Richard Corbin, of "Laneville." 2. John Corbin, of "Portobago," Essex county. 3. Gawin Corbin, of "Pecatone." 
III--Colonial Councillors of State 
Name: Ralph Wormeley
the second Ralph to be councillor, was a son of Ralph Wormeley, Esq., burgess and councillor, and of Agatha Eltonhead, who married (first) Luke Stubbins, of Northampton county, (second) Ralph Wormeley, and (third) Sir Henry Chicheley.  He was born in 1650; matriculated, July 4, 1665, at Oriel College, Oxford; was a member of the house of burgesses in 1674; appointed member of the council in 1677; secretary of state in 1693, and became in the same year president of the council.  He lived in such state at his residence, "Rosegill," on the Rappahannock river, and had such influence in affairs, that he was called the greatest man in "Virginia."  He married (first) Catherine, widow of Colonel Peter Jenings and daughter of Sir Thomas Lunsford, by whom he had two daughters-- Elizabeth, who married John Lomax, and Catherine, who married Gawin Corbin.  He married (second) Elizabeth Armistead, daughter of Colonel John Armistead, of Gloucester county, and had several sons and daughters, one of whom was John Wormeley, who was grandfather of Ralph Wormeley, the third councillor of the name (q.v.). "Rosegill," his beautiful home on the Rappahannock, was the residence at different times of two of the governors of Virginia--Sir Henry Chicheley, who married his mother, and Lord Howard, of Effingham, who preferred living here to residing at Jamestown.  Colonel Wormeley died December 5, 1703. 
IV--Burgesses and Other Prominent Persons 
Name: Captain John Lane
was a burgess for King and Queen county in 1692-93, but his seat was vacated by order of the house.  His daughter Jane married (first) Willis Wilson; (second) Colonel Gawin Corbin.

5.  WorldConnect / Ancestry World Trees (online at RootsWeb.com/Ancestry.com).

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