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Frances ESTES
Susannah QUICK
Husband:  Vincent CARRICO
Birth:  1764, Charles Co., MD of Georgetown
Death:  Mar 1816, St. Louis Co., MO
Disposition:  buried 26 Mar 1816, Carrico Cemetery, 13080 Spanish Pond Rd., St. Louis Co., MO 
Occupation:  farmer
Religion:  Catholic
Father:  James CARRICO
Mother:  Elizabeth CLEMENT
Marriage-1:  5 Jul 1791, Franklin Co., VA
Wife-1:  Frances ESTES
Birth:  1770, Pittsylvania [now Franklin] Co., VA
Death:  1795, Madison Co., KY
Father:  Elisha ESTES
Mother:  Frances BOTTOM
Marriage-2:  18 Feb 1796, Madison Co., KY
Wife-2:  Susannah QUICK
Birth:  1778 or 18 Feb 1769, of Cumberland, Washington [now Allegany] Co., MD
Death:  ca. 27 Apr 1830, St. Louis Co., MO
Disposition:  buried Carrico Cemetery, 13080 Spanish Pond Rd., St. Louis Co., MO
Occupation:  homemaker
Religion:  Catholic
Father:  Benjamin QUICK
Mother:  Lydia LOVETT
Children with Frances ESTES:
These children are said to have been baptized in St. Ferdinand Catholic Church in Florissant, MO, but how can they have been when Vincent was still living in Kentucky at least as late as 1796? 

  1.  Joseph CARRICO, bap. 2 Apr 1792; d. 13 Mar 1865, Benton Co., MO
  2.  Asa C. CARRICO, bap. 12 Sep 1794; d. 13 May 1836, St. Louis Co., MO, or Calhoun Co., IL
  3.  Marie Elizabeth CARRICO, bap. 12 Sep 1794; m. Moses MARTIN

Children with Susannah QUICK said to be baptized St. Ferdinand Catholic Church, Florissant, St. Louis Co., MO:
  4.  James Quick / Quincy / Quincey CARRICO, b. ca. 1796; d. 13 Apr 1865, Benton Co., MO; m. Matilda Mary Josephine WEAVER
  5.  Marie Louisa CARRICO, bap. 4 Dec 1797
  6.  Daniel CARRICO, bap. 21 Jan 1799; m. Matilda __?__; m. Mary "Polly" GRIMES
  7.  Benjamin CARRICO, bap. 7 Dec 1800; m. 24 Dec 1818, St. Louis, MO, Belinda MARTIN; m? Mary GELTUN / GELTAIN
  8.  Walter F. CARRICO, bap. 6 Feb 1803; d. 3 Nov 1875, Warren Co., MO; m1. Elizabeth MARTIN; m2? Elizabeth GALLOWAY; m3. Lucy Ellen MUSICK
  9.  Lydia CARRICO, bap. 2 Dec 1805; d. 29 Mar 1870, St. Louis Co., MO; m. Reuben MUSICK
10.  Vincent CARRICO, Jr., bap. 11 Oct 1807; d. bef. 10 May 1830
11.  Susanna CARRICO, bap. 16 May 1809
12.  Felix CARRICO, bap. 26 Apr 1811; d. 17 Sep 1832; m. Matilda JENKINS
13.  Melinda / Melanie CARRICO, bap. 6 Jun 1813; d. ca. 1876; m. W. Burr FUGATE
14.  Paul Silas CARRICO, bap. 11 Mar 1815; d. 3 Jun 1841, St Louis Co., MO; m. Delila / Delilah CHAVER
Keywords for search engines:  genealogy; USA, US, United States, Kentucky, Maryland, Missouri, Virginia

Year Location Event
1765-70 MD: Charles Co. birth of Vincent Carrico
1770 VA: Pittsylvania [now Franklin] Co. birth of Frances Estes
1776/7 VA: Henry Co. formed from Pittsylvania Co.
1778 MD: Washington [now Allegany] Co.: Cumberland birth of Susannah Quick
1785/6 VA: Franklin Co. formed from Henry and Bedford Cos.
(except for two minor boundary adjustments, Franklin Co. is in its final form)
1785/6 VA: Madison Co. formed from Lincoln Co.
1789 MD: Allegany Co. formed from Washington Co.
1791 VA: Franklin Co. marriage of Vincent Carrico & Frances Estes
1792 Kentucky separated from Virginia, achieves statehood
1792 MO: St. Louis baptism of Joseph Carrico
    and so on
1795 KY: Madison* Co. death of Frances Estes
1796 KY: Madison* Co. marriage of Vincent Carrico & Susannah Quick
1811 MO: St. Louis remarriage of Vincent Carrico & Susan Quick
1816 MO: St. Louis death of Vincent Carrico
1824 KY: part of Spencer Co. formed from part of Nelson Co. (Nelson Co. now in its final form)
*In 1795/6, Madison Co. encompassed a large part of southeastern KY.  The location today could be in any of a dozen counties, though not Nelson Co.
Something major is wrong here.  How did Joseph get baptized in St. Louis?  I suspect two Vincents are being mixed up.  I can buy that, via the Mississippi and Ohio rivers, it's comparatively easy to go back and forth between St. Louis and northern Kentucky, but I don't like it when these many data don't make sense.


1a.  D.L. Murray & N.R. Murray, compilers.  1995. Marriage Index: MD, NC, VA, 1624-1915 (Broderbund CD-4):
Carrico, Vincent Estes, Frances 5 Jul 1791 Franklin Co., VA

1b.  D.L. Murray & N.R. Murray, compilers.  1995. Marriage Index: IL, IN, KY, OH, TN, 1720-1926 (Broderbund CD-2):
Carrico, Vincent Quick, Susannah 18 Feb 1796 Madison Co., KY

1c.  Jordan R. Dodd, ed.  1993.  Kentucky Marriages:  Early to 1850.  Liahona Research, Orem, UT (Broderbund CD-229):
Carrico, Vincent Quick, Susannah 18 Feb 1796 Madison Co.

1d.  Carol Mitchell.  1982.  "Catholic Mariages, Saint Louis, Missouri, 1811-1837."  Maryland Genealogical Society Bulletin, v. 23, n. 1, pp. 20-21.  On p. 20:
Marriages, St. Ferdinand de Florissant, 1790-1840, p. 56.
Carrico, Vincent of Georgetown, St. Charles Co., Maryland, s/James & Elizabeth Clement to Susan Quick of Cumberland, Maryland, d/Benjamin & Ladis Lovat Quick.  28 Nov 1811.
Said to be a renewal of vows.

2.  Anon.  1991.  The 1795 Census of Kentucky [as constructed from tax lists].  T.L.C. Genealogy, Miami Beach, FL (said to include every extant tax list from every county existing in the state of Kentucky in 1795):
Pg Name County
29 Carrico, Vinson Madison

3.  1800 Census Index/Images (online at Ancestry.com):  the KY census was destroyed.

4.  Broderbund.  World Family Trees.  Vol. 7, Pedigree #329:  This source has three of the children born in 1794, two of them to Susannah Quick, whom Vincent did not marry until 1796.  This pedigree has many such anomalies caveat emptor!!

4.  Everton's Computerized Family File, Volume 4, 1400s-Present (Broderbund CD-14, Disk 3):  Family Group Sheet #78318 of Benjamin Quick and Lydia Lovett.

5.  Homer E. Carrico.  1951.  "The Carrico Family." Filson Club Historical Quarterly 25:  217-252 (republ. 1991 as pp. 215-250 in Genealogy of Kentucky Families. Genealogical Publ. Co., Baltimore, MD; in 1997 as Broderbund CD-185).  [This article is known to contain errors; consult with caution.]

6.  Descendants of Nicholas Estes by Debra K. McCann. [link died]

7.  Messages posted to the Carrico Family Genealogy Forum and the Quick Family Genealogy Forum (online at GenForum.com).

8.  Archives of the CARRICO-L Mailing List (online at RootsWeb.com):  A message there states Vincent moved to Missouri in 1781.  This move seems unlikely on several counts, mainly that Vincent married Frances ESTES in Franklin Co., VA, in 1791, and he married Susannah QUICK in Madison Co., KY, in 1796.  Vincent is on the tax rolls of Madison Co., KY, in 1795.

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