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Sarah Ann DUVALL
Husband:  Eli CROCKETT
Birth:  14 Jul 1803, KY
Death:  1860-70, Grundy Co., MO
Father:  John Drake CROCKETT, s/o Alexander CROCKETT & Mary Molly DRAKE
Mother:  Jennie CARTMILL, d/o Thomas CARTMILL & Mary WARWICK
Wife-1:  Sarah Ann DUVALL
Birth:  1805, KY
Death:  1846
Wife-2:  Mary WILLIAMS
Birth:  1814/5, VA
Death:  aft. 1 Jun 1880, prob. Mercer Co., MO
Father:  Richard WILLIAMS
Mother:  Elizabeth T. MORRISON
Children with Sarah Ann DUVALL:
— born IL?:
1.  James Harrison CROCKETT, b. 14 Feb 1836; d. 14 Jan 1923, Spickard, Grundy Co., MO; m. 30 Mar 1865, Middlebury, Mercer Co., MO, Elizabeth MEARS

— born Ralls Co., MO?:
2.  Jane Elizabeth CROCKETT, b. 5 Oct 1838; m. 3 Jan 1864, Dr. James HARRIS 
3.  William Warrick CROCKETT, b. 20 Mar 1840; m. 31 Mar 1867, Frances BRUERDON
4.  Daniel Jennings CROCKETT, b. 5 Oct 1844; m. 15 Oct 1873, Cynthia A. THOMPSON

Children with Mary WILLIAMS — born in Spickard, Grundy Co., MO:
5.  Mary Jane CROCKETT, b. 8 Sep 1847
6.  Robert Andrew CROCKETT, b. 20 Nov 1849; m. 1 Jan 1879, Selinda Jane HARTZELL
7.  Susan Ann CROCKETT, b. 14 Jun 1851; m. 28 Dec 1871, Preston HALSEY
8.  Margaret Henrietta CROCKETT, b. 16 Feb 1854; m. 16 Feb 1873, Floyd Wesley NIDA
9.  Prudence Hudeman CROCKETT, b. 16 Dec 1856; m. 12 Feb 1873 J.W. "Jinks" SMITH; m. Mr. BOTTS
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1.  Marriage Records:

2.  AIS, Missouri Census Index, 1830-70 (online at Ancestry.com):
1840 CROCKETT, EICY MO Ralls Co.   p. 259
1850 CROCKET, ELI MO Grundy Co. 35th District p. 395
1860 CROCKET, ELI MO Grundy Co. Franklin Twp. p. 461
1870 CROCKET, MARY MO Grundy Co. Franklin Twp. p. 280
I wonder… could "Eicy" be some kind of gross mis-reading of Eli?  He is supposed to be in Ralls Co. in 1840.

3.  Grundy County, MO, 1850 Census (online at the Grundy County MOGenWeb site; transcribed by Anna L. Martin):  enumerated 15 Aug 1850:
40 135 135 Crocket Eli 48 M Farmer   Ky
41 135 135 Crocket Mary 34 F     Va
42 135 135 Crocket James 14 M     Ill
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 1 135 135 Crocket Elizabeth 12 F     Mo
 2 135 135 Crocket William  9 M     Mo
 3 135 135 Crocket Dan'l T.  6 M     Mo
 4 135 135 Crocket Mary J.  3 F     Mo
 5 135 135 Crocket Mary A. 20 F   170 Mo
Was James really born in IL?  I can't quite peg Mary A.  She has property, so is either a widow or an heiress.

4.  1870 

5.  1880 Census Images (online at Ancestry.com; Image #3 of 27):  Washington Twp., Mercer Co., MO, p. 139A, PN 3, SD 7, ED 231, enumerated 1 Jun 1880 (extracted by Diana Gale Matthiesen).  For an explanation of the column headings, please see What the Numbers in the Federal Census Mean (missing columns contained no data). 
1 2 3 4 5 6 8 11 13 24 25 26
18 18 Williams Elisab W F 92   /   VA VA VA
    Crocket Mary W F 65 Daughter / Keeping House VA VA VA
Mary's surname is hard to read, but it definitely begins with "C," ends with "ket," and has three letters in between (with neither ascenders nor descenders).  Living next door to Mary's brother, Royal WILLIAMS, Jr.

6.  LDS.  Family Search: Internet Genealogy Service:  AF - Ancestral File (online at FamilySearch.org).

7.  WorldConnect (online at RootsWeb.com).

8.  Messages in the Crockett Family Genealogy Forum (online at GenForum.com).

(note:  there are some NIDA burials in the Berry Cemetery in Grundy Co., MO)

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