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Nathaniel BROWNE / BROWN
Husband:  Nathaniel BROWN / BROWNE
Birth:  20 May 1660, Rowley, Essex Co., MA
Death:  Apr/May/Jun 1731, Groton, New London Co., CT
Will Signed:  19 Apr 1731
Will Proved:  24 Jun 1731
Father:  Charles BROWNE
Mother:  Mary ACIE / ACEY
Marriage:  4 Jun 1685, Rowley, Essex Co., MA
Migration:  ca. 1707, to Groton, New London Co., CT
Wife:  Mary WHEELER
Birth:  1670(?) or ca. 1664, of Rowley and Newburyport, Essex Co., MA
Death:  aft. 1731
Brother:  Jonathan WHEELER
Father:  David WHEELER, b. ca. 1625, England; to America in 1638 on the ship, Confidence; s/o John WHEELER
Mother:  Sarah WISE; d/o Humphrey WISE of Ipswich, Essex Co., MA
born in Rowley, Essex Co., MA:
  1.  Gershom BROWN, b. 20 Mar 1686; d. 1737, Groton, New London Co., CT; m. 8 Jul 1714, Ann (HUBBARD) FOOTE
  2.  Nathaniel BROWN, 15 May 1688; d. 1689
  3.  Nathaniel BROWN, bap. Sep 1690, Rowley; m. Anna HAYNES
  4.  Mary BROWN, bap. 13 Oct 1692; d. young
  5.  Mary BROWN, b. 19 Jan 1693; d. aft. 1731; m. Mr. HODSKIN
  6.  Martha BROWN, b. 12 Oct 1695; d. aft. 1731; m. Mr. HARTWELL
  7.  Benjamin BROWN, b. 13 Nov 1698; d. 1782; m1. Sarah WALWORTH; m2. Abigail __?__ ( -1798)
  8.  Sarah BROWN, bap. 8 Sep 1700; d. aft. 1731; never married
  9.  Mehitable BROWN, bap. 29 Apr 1702; d. aft. 1731; m. 15 Dec 1720, Norwich, New London Co., CT, Daniel WOODWORTH
10.  Ruth BROWN, b. ca. 1703/4; d. aft. 1731; m. 19 Feb 1729, Groton, New London Co., CT, Joshua WOODWORTH
11.  William BROWN, bap. 14 Oct 1705; d. aft. 1731

born in Groton, New London Co., CT:
12.  Abner BROWN, b. in or aft. 1707; d. aft. 1731

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1a.  Marriage Index:  Massachusetts, 1633-1850 (Broderbund CD-231):
Brown, Nathanell Wheller, Mary Jun 4, 1685 Rowley Essex Co.

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 Torrey is a compilation of published sources, not primary records, so he should be considered a secondary source.
p. 224 BROWN, Nathaniel (1660-1731) & Mary WHEELER (1670- ); 4 Jun 1685; Rowley {Rowley MA Fam. 52; Essex Ant. 12:26; Brown (#5) 2:405, 408; Warner - Harrington}

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p. 405 Children [of Charles BROWNE & Mary ACEY]...
  8.   Nathaniel, b. May 20, 1660; m. Mary Wheeler (11-22).
p. 407 ... 
     The name of Charles Browne (1) is mentioned in the Rowley Town records thirty-one times.  His son Nathaniel Browne (8) is also men-
p. 408 tioned in the Rowley town records, and his name comes down through many generations.

     Nathaniel Brown (8), son of Charles (1) and Mary (Acey) Brown, b., at Rowley, Mass., May 20, 1660; d. May, 1731.  His will was probated May 16, 1731, in Groton, Conn.  He m. June 4, 1685, Mary Wheeler, dau. of David and Sarah (Wise) Wheeler, of Rowley and Newburyport, Mass.  He sold his homestead in Rowley to the brother of his wife, Jonathan Wheeler, June 29, 1707.  He and his wife, Mary were dismissed from the church in Rowley to the church in Groton, June 29, 1707; in Essex deeds it is stated, Jan. 8, 1707-08, as of Groton, Conn., later of Rowley.  He is first mentioned in Groton land records in 1709.  In 1712 he was made an inhabitant of Groton.  July 1, 1712, his name appears among those who owned lots at "Nawayank" [Lot 3, probably Noank], Feb. 28, 1709, he bought of Gershom Rice, of Sudbury, Mass., "a certain tract of upland and swamp" in Groton, located on the west side of the "Great Brook that runneth into Poquonock Cove," originally part of the two hundred acres of land owned by Daniel Lane, of New London, Conn.  In his will he bequeaths this homestead to his sons, Benjamin, Abner, and William.  To Benjamin he gave the dwelling house.  William sold his portion to Benjamin:  it was located "near a small ledge of rocks, 190 rods to the Great Brook."  He owned land on Fort Hill, Long Hill by the ferry, and by "Nawayank."  His homestead farm on a portion of it is now owned by George Miner, of Groton.
     Children, the first eleven b. at Rowley:
11.   Gershom Brown, b. Mar. 20, 1686; d., at Groton, in 1737; m., July 8, 1714, Ann (Hubbard) Foote, dau. of Hugh and Jane (Latham) Hubbard, widow of Stallion Foote.  Children: (1) Mary Brown, b. Sept. 16, 1715; (2) Gershom, b. May 8, 1717; (3) Joseph, b. Mar. 7, 1719; (4) Peter, b. Mar. 15, 1721; (5) Ann, b. Apr. 7, 1723; (6) Gershom, b. 1725; d., at Ledyard, Conn., Oct., 1803, aged seventy-eight years; m. Esther _____, who d. July, 1806, aged seventy years.
  12.   Nathaniel, b. May 15, 1688; d. 1689.
  13.   Nathaniel, bapt. Sept., 1690; m. Anna Haynes (23-30).
  14.   Mary, bapt. Oct. 13, 1692; d. young.
  15.   Mary, b. Jan 19, 1693; m. Mr. Hodskin.
  16.   Martha, b. Oct. 12, 1695; m. Mr. Hartwell.
  17.   Benjamin, b. Nov 13, 1698; d. in 1782; m. (1) Sarah, dau. of John Walwordh; she was living in 1772.  He m. (2) Abigail

p. 408
      ____, who d. Feb. 17, 1798, aged eighty-nine years, and is buried at the Harbor's Mouth, New Londond.  Children: (1) Benjamin Brown; (2) Daniel; (3) Frances, who m. Stephen Gardner; (4) James; (5) John, b. 1739, d. Oct. 5, 1796, aged fifty-seven years; he was a captain; (6) Jeremiah; (7) Desire, who m. Benjamin Jerome; (8) Jesse; (9) Elijah; (10) Micajiah.  Benjamin Brown was a large landholder, owning land at the lighthouse, New London, at Massapeag, Groton, Lyme, and Fisher's Island.
  18.   Sarah, bapt. Sept. 8, 1700; d. 1731; unm.
  19.   Mehitable, bapt. Apr. 29, 1702; m. Dec. 15, 1720, at Norwich, Conn., Daniel Woodworth.  Children: (1) Daniel Woodworth, b. Aug. 20, 1721; (2) Mehitable, b. Mar. 13, 1723; (3) Benjamin, b. Dec. 9, 1724; (4) Mary, b. Jan. 10, 1726; (5) Anne, b. Dec. 28, 1727; (6) Joseph, b. Nov. 5, 1729, d. 1729; (7) Joseph, b. Mar. 4, 1731, d. 1731; (8) William, b. Oct. 3, 1732; (9) Nathaniel, b. Mar. 15, 1734; (10) Samuel, b. Aug. 8, 1739, d. 1739.
  20.   Ruth, b. _____; m., at Groton, Feb. 19, 1729, Joshua Woodworth.  Children, recorded in Norwich: (1) Ruth Woodworth, b. Apr. 27, 1730; (2) Martha, b. May 10, 1733; (3) Joshua, b. Feb. 12, 1737, d. Mar. 19, 1742; (4) Zipporah, b. July 19, 1741; (5) Joshua, b. Oct. 11, 1743.
  21.   William, bapt. Oct. 14, 1705.
  22.   Abner, b. at Groton.


     In the Name of God Amen the 19th day of April A.D. 1731, I Nathaniel Brown of Groton in the County of New London & Colony of Connecticut...

Transcriber's Abstract
Testator:  Nathaniel BROWN
Wife:  Mary
Sons, surnamed BROWN:  Gershom, Nathaniel, Benjamin, William, Abner
Daughters:  Mary HODSKIN, Martha HARWELL, Sarah BROWN, Mehitable WOODWORTH, Ruth WOODWORTH
Grandchildren:  Gershom's children.
Executor:  son, Benjamin BROWN
Signed:  19 Apr 1731
Witnesses' Oath:  26 May 1731 by Christopher AVERY, Peter LESTER, Jeremiah SMITH
Will Proved:  24 Jun 1731
Will Recorded:  10 May 1732, Bk 6, fols, 80-81, New London Co.
Inventory of Estate, £519.17.1...

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