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Nathaniel BROWN
Husband:  Nathaniel BROWN
Birth:  prob. in 1690, Rowley, Essex Co., MA
Baptism:  Sep 1690, Rowley, Essex Co., MA
Death:  Jul 1770, North Groton, New London Co., CT
Father:  Nathaniel BROWN
Mother:  Mary WHEELER
Marriage:  11 Jul 1715
Wife:  Anna HAYNES
Birth:  3 Nov 1696, Preston, Litchfield Co., CT
Death:  shortly after Jul 1770
Father:  Josiah HAYNES
Mother:  Elizabeth STARKE
1.  Nathaniel BROWN, b. 6 Jun 1716; d. Jul 1807; m1. Mary MORGAN ( -1771), d/o Wm. MORGAN; m2? Hannah __?__ ( -1804)
2.  Comfort BROWN, b. 4 Oct 1718; m1. Margery MORGAN; m2 Temperance BROWN, d/o Eleazer BROWN & Temperance HOLMES
3.  Joseph BROWN, b. 16 Nov 1720; d. 20 Dec 1750
4?  (Child) BROWN, b. ca. 1722/3
5.  Ebenezer BROWN, b. 1725; d. Jul 1799, Groton; m. Ruth MORGAN (1733-1806), d/o Capt. John MORGAN & Sarah COBB
6?  (Child) BROWN, b. ca. 1727/8
7.  Elijah BROWN, b. ca. 1730; d. Dec 1803, North Groton; m. Eunice MORGAN, d/o Capt. John MORGAN & Sarah COBB
8.  Elisha BROWN, b. ca. 1731; m. Content LEEDS (54-66).

.  Anna BROWN, b. 1720s/30s; d. Dec 1797, North Groton; unm.
.  Mary BROWN, b. 1720s/30s
The two daughters could have been born in the gaps indicated by question marks in the above listing; or they could have been born after Elisha, but not after ca. 1739 when Anna would have turned age 43 most women have had their last child before, if not well before, the age of 43.

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1.  Marriage Record:

.  William Richard Cutter.  1913.  New England Families, Genealogical and Memorial.  Lewis Hist. Publ. Co. (republ. 1994, 1995. Clearfield Co.; Gen. Publ. Co., MD; Broderbund CD-516).

.  Cyrus Henry Brown.  1915.  "Many of the Descendants of Charles Browne of Rowley, Mass., 1647-1915."  Pages 396-559, Part II, in Brown Genealogy. Vol. II.  Everett Press, Boston (online at archive.org and other sources):
p. 411      Nathaniel Brown (13), son of Nathaniel (8) and Mary (Wheeler) Brown [Charles (1)], bapt., at Rowley, Mass., Sept. 1690; d., at No. Groton, Conn., July 1770; m., July 11, 1715, Anna Haynes, b., at Preston, Conn., Nov. 3, 1696; bapt., in the Old Road Church, Stonington, Conn., Sept. 12, 1697; dau. of Josiah and Elizabeth (Stark) (Lambert) Haynes.  In early manhood he left his home, and for a number of years was a citizen of Norwich, Conn.; but in 1721 bought land in Groton, Conn., and Feb. 21, 1730, and Apr.21, 1731, his father sold him land on "Fort Hill, Long Hill by the ferry, and by Nawayank," and all the right originally the right of Ephraim and Mary Colver, heirs of Mr. Ephraim Colver, deceased.
23.   Nathaniel Brown, b., at Groton, June 6, 1716; d. July, 1807; m. (1) Mary Morgan, dau. of William Morgan.  She d. in Oct., 1771, aged fifty-three years.  He probably m. (2) Hannah _____, who d. in Aug., 1804.
  24.   Comfort, b., at Groton, Oct. 4, 1717; m. (1) Margery Morgan,
p. 412
      m. (2) Temperance Brown [for her early records, see B.G., p. 18], dau. of Eleazer and Temperance (Holmes) Brown (31-37).
  25.   Joseph, b. Nov. 16, 1720; d. Dec. 20, 1750.
  26.   Ebenezer, b. _____; m. Ruth Morgan, dau. of Capt. John and Sarah (Cobb) Morgan.
  27.   Elijah, b. about 1730; d., at No. Groton, Dec., 1803, aged seventy-three years; m. Eunice Morgan, cau. of Capt. John and Sarah (Cobb) Morgan.  Children: (1) Eunice, b. 1768; (2) Elijah, b. 1778; and others.
  28.   Elisha, b. about 1731; m. Content Leeds (54-66).
  29.   Anna, b. _____; d., at No. Groton, Dec., 1797; unm.
  30.   Mary, b. _____
The entry then gives a transcription of the will of Anna's father, Josiah HAYNES, after which begins the entry for Nathaniel's son, Comfort BROWN.

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