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Temperance MARSH
Husband:  James BOSLEY
Birth:  1744
Death:  bef. 29 Mar 1815, presumably in Baltimore Co., MD
Father:  William BOSLEY
Marriage:  16 Sep 1770, St. John's Parish, Joppa, Baltimore Co., MD
Wife:  Temperance MARSH
Birth:  ca. 1748, Baltimore Co., MD
Death:  1823, presumably in Baltimore Co., MD
Father:  Thomas MARSH
Mother:  Sophia CORBIN
Children — born in Baltimore Co., MD:
  1.  Gamaliel BOSLEY, b. 1775; m. Eleanor KENNEY
  2.  Eleanor "Ellen/Ella" BOSLEY, b. ca. 1777 
  3.  Amon BOSLEY, b. 27 Feb 1779 
  4.  Elizabeth BOSLEY, b. ca. 1781; m. Benedict BOSLEY
  5.  Mary BOSLEY, b. ca. 1782; m. Luke WARE
  6.  Ruth BOSLEY, b. ca. 1783; m. Peter WARE
  7.  Sophie BOSLEY, b. ca. 1783; died in infancy
  8.  Achsah BOSLEY, b. ca. 1784; d. 1856; m. Jack BUCK
  9.  Temperance BOSLEY, b. ca. 1788; d. 1871; m1. Capt. KIDD; m2. Moses PARLETTE
10.  Sarah BOSLEY, b. ca. 1794
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1a.  Marriage Index:  Maryland, 1655-1850.  Liahona Research, Orem, UT (Broderbund CD-224):
Bosley, James March, Temperance 16 Sep 1770 St. John's Parish, Joppa,  Baltimore Co.

1b.  Robert Barnes.  1975.  Maryland Marriages, 1634-1777.  Genealogical Publ. Co., Baltimore, MD (Broderbund CD-195):
p. 17 Bosley, James, 16 Sept. 1770, Temperance Marsh  2 BA-260...
p. xi 2 BA - St. John's and St. George's Parish[es]; copy made by Harrison, at MHS [Maryland Historical Society].  (Despite the title of the manuscript, the records are chiefly those of St. John's Parish.)

2.  Richard B. Miller.  1978.  "The Three James Bosleys (or—A case of Mistaken Identity).  Maryland Genealogical Society Bulletin 19(1): 17-20.  The article attempts to clarify the identities of the three James BOSLEYs who were grandsons of the progenitor, Walter BOSLEY, whom he refers to as "1. James of Charles," who married Rachel GORSUCH, "2. James of James," who married Ann GOTT, and "3. James of William," who married Temperance MARSH.  The author does not identify the wives of Walter's sons.
p. 19 3.  James of William.  His birthdate is known as 1744 from a deposition he made in a chancery suit in 1806.  He left no will, but since the bond for his wife to administer the estate was filed March 29, 1815, he doubtless died shortly before then.  His wife, Temperance Marsh, whom he married in 1770 in St. John's parish, died in 1823, and it is not known where either is bured (sic).  Tombtones for only one of their children have been found, though their names are known for certain from their parents' estate administrations.

This family lived in Dulaney Valley.  He had apparently leased 100 acres from the Dulaneys, possibly about the time of his marriage.  He is listed simply as "James Bausley" in the 1773 tax list in Gunpowder Upper Hundred, as is James of Charles.  In 1783 he is listed as "James of William," taxed for 100 a., "Dulaney," still in Gunpowder Upper Hundred.  All the Dulaney lands were confiscated during the war, and in 1787 James bought a 102-acre tract, part of the large tract "Valley of Jehosophat," which had belonged to the Dulaneys.  This was doubtless the leased land on which he had been living for some years, and [to] which he had made many improvements.  This land was deeded to him by the State of Maryland December 5, 1796, and he then rechristened it "Bosley's Inheritance," though there was another tract in the county patented by that name in 1795 by another Bosley.  This tract was eventually sold as 107 acres by his heirs on October 30, 1815.  As far as has been ascertained, this was the only land he ever owned.

He signed the Oath of Fidelity as "James of William."  It is reasonably certain that he is the James Bosley who was commissioned a First Lieutenant in the company of Baltimore County Militia captained by his nephew, William Lane (Arch. of Md., vol45p650.)  This has been a major point of confusion in the past, for a number of his descendants have obtained membership in the D.A.R., etc., by mistakenly identifying him as the Captain James Bosley who served on the Committee of Safety (vide supra.) [i.e., James of Charles]

3.  Robert W. Barnes.  1989.  Baltimore County Families, 1659-1759.  Genealogical Publ. Co., Baltimore, MD (Broderbund CD-195):
p. 58 BOSLEY, WALTER (1), progenitor, was in Balto. Co. by 1696/7 when he had surv. 200 a. called Bosley's Expectation on s. side of w. branch of the Gunpowder; d. in Balto. Co. leaving a will, 29 Jul 1715 - 2 Nov. 1715, naming w. Mary and ch. Joseph, John, James, Charles, and ygst. s. William, and disposing of tracts 100 a. Bosley's Palace, 199 a. Bosley's Expectation, and 95 a. Arthur's Choice; in Nov. 1719 Mary petitoned (sic) that her ch. be moved from care of Joseph Abindon and placed with Mr. Welsh and with Joseph Bosley; in Nov. 1720 she was ind. for bast.; ch. of Walter: JOSEPH, d. c.1780; JOHN, d. c.1772; JAMES, d. by June 1762; WILLIAM, b. 11 March 1712/3, and CHARLES, b. 13 May 1714 (23:248,405; 123:79; 131:6,19/r; 211:64). (541; 542; 543).

BOSLEY, JOSEPH (2), s. of Walter (1), d. leaving a will, 12 April 1772 - 20 March 1780; m. Ann (?); in 1750 owned 30 a. Ellege's Grove; will named w. Ann, sons Gideon, Thomas, and Greenbury, and daus. Delilah Barney, Diana Magers, Ann, Mary, and Johanna; est. admin. 11 April 1787 by Greenbury Bosley naming ch.: Gideon, Hannah, Mary w. of Benjamin Barney, Ruth Cox, the wife of Elias Magers, Thomas, and Greenbury; had iss.: DELILAH, m. Benjamin Barney in 1758; DIANA, m. Elias Magers in 1763; RUTH, m. (?) Cox; ANN; THOMAS; GREENBURY; GIDEON; MARY; and (JO)HANNAH) (9:35; 112:393; 153:11).

BOSLEY, JOHN (3), s. of Walter (1), d. in Balto. Co. by 20 April 1772 having m. Hannah (?), wid. of (?) Tipton; she d. by 1777; in 1750 he owned 250 a. Miller's Choice, 100 a. Billy's Adventure (Bosley's Adventure?), 21 a. Bosley's Meadows, 19 a. Hopyard, 100 a Gerar, and 60 a. Hooker's Addition; will 20 Sept. 1767 - 20 April 1772, named w. Hannah and ch.: Walter and Joseph; will of Hannah Bosley, 30 July 1776 - 16 Jan. 1777, named sons Samuel and Mordecai Tipton, dau. Sarah w. of Christopher Cole, and grandch. Joshua, William, Hannah, Ellen, Philip, Elizabeth, Rachel, Daniel, Rebecca, and Belinda Bosley; had iss.: WALTER; JOSEPH, d. c.1775/6 (112:213, 305; 153:9).

BOSLEY, JAMES (4), s. of Walter (1), d. by 7 June 1762 when his est. was admin.; m. Elizabeth Parrish on 26 Nov. 1730; in 1750 owned 143 a. of Bosley's Delight; est. admin. by Elizabeth Bosley and acct. named his issue: the wife of Benjamin Price, the wife of Daniel Bond, Ezekiel, William, and Prudence, and mentions seven other children; had iss.: PATIENCE, b. 16 Sept. 1731, m. Daniel Bond in 1759; dau., m. by 7 June 1762 Benjamin Price; EZEKIEL; WILLIAM, b. 1 July 1735; PRUDENCE; JAMES, b. after 1741; GIDEON, m. Sarah Cole; THOMAS, m. Mary Richards; SARAH, m. Daniel ROWAN;

p. 59 CHARITY, m. Joseph Parrish; HANNAH, b. c.1760, m. 15 June 1780 John Talbot; ELIZABETH, m. Vincent Talbot (6:131; 131; 133; 153:7; 541; 542).

BOSLEY, WILLIAM (5), s. of Walter (1), b. 11 March 1712/3, e. by 3 April 1754; m. Mary (?); in 1750 owned 100 a. Expectation; in June 1737 was ind. for incontinently cohabitaing (sic) with Mary Brown, and had been taken before the vestry of St. John's Parish for same offense; will, proved 3 April 1754, names wife and these ch.: JAMES, b. c.1744, m. Temperance Marsh; dau., b. c.1745 (31:14; 111:59; 131:19/r; 132:281; 153:32; 543:17-19).

BOSLEY, CHARLES (6), s. of Walter (1) and Mary, b. 13 May 1714, d. by 11 Oct. 1762 having m. by 3 Aug. 1736 Elizabeth, dau. of William Cox, and sis. of Jacob Cox; Elizabeth d. c.1784/5; on 3 Aug 1736 William Cox conv. to his dau. Elizabeth, w. of Charles Bosley, 50 a. Bachelor's Refuge; in 1750 Charles owned 50 a. Bachelor's Refuge, 47 a. Jacob's Struggle, and 50 a. Bachelor's Choice; his will, 10 July 1759 - 11 Oct. 1762, named w. Elizabeth her bro. Jacob Cox, and his own ch.: James, Elijah, Caleb, Zebulon, Charles, Malinda, Lydia, Temperance, James, and Elijah; est. admin. 1 Aug. 1763; had iss.: JAMES, m. c.1760 Rachel Gorsuch; ELIJAH; CALEB, m. c.1772 Elizabeth Wheeler; ZEBULON; CHARLES; MALINDA, m. John Gorsuch; LYDIA; ELIZABETH; TEMPERANCE, m. Benjamin Price. (6; 74:418; 79:12; 80:391; 82:655; 111:131; 153:13).

BOSLEY, JOSEPH (7), s. of John (3) and Hannah, d. in Balto. Co. between 1775 and 1776; m. Mary Spicer Hall, dau. of Joshua Hall; est. admin. 24 Nov. 1777 and 16 Dec. 1777, and finally by Joseph Bosley on 15 Feb. 1791 when last six children were made wards of Amos Ogden; had iss.: MARY; JOHN; WILLIAM; HANNAH, m. Charles Gorsuch; JOSHUA; ELLEN; PHILIP; ELIZABETH; RACHEL; DANIEL; REBECCA; and BELINDA (7:359, 354; 10:303; 543:188-191).

3.  Messages posted to the Bosley Family Genealogy Forum (online at GenForum.com) including this one (#283):
The records of St. John's and St. George's Parish (of Baltimore and Harford Counties) show...  James Bosley, son of James and Elizabeth, md. Temperance March, Sept. 16, 1776...  From other sources of information I find that James Bosley md Elizabeth Parrish, Nov. 26, 1730...  James and Elizabeth had...  Capt. James Bosley (whose father is also called Capt. James) md Temperance Marsh and had Gamaliel, md Eleanor Kenney; Amon, born Feb. 27, 1779, died Aug. 23, 1836, md Rebecca Marsh (his cousin); Ellen, md Nathan Corbin; Elizabeth md Benedict Bosley; Mary md Luke Ware; Ruth md Peter Ware; Achsala md Jack Buck; Temperance md 1st Capt. Kidd; 2nd Moses Parlette...
Barnes (1989:59) has our subject the son of William BOSLEY, not James BOSLEY.  Barnes (1975:17) has 1770, not 1776.  Primary records show Eleanor "Ellen" BOSLEY married Abraham CORBIN.  Another message by this same poster (#478) indicates a belief that Abraham and Nathan are the same person, but see my reply (#556). 

4.  LDS.  Family Search: Internet Genealogy Service:  AF - Ancestral File (online at FamilySearch.org).

5.  WorldConnect / Ancestry World Trees (online at RootsWeb.com/Ancestry.com).  Some files give James the parents, James & Elizabeth (PARRISH) BOSLEY, while some give James the parents, William & Elizabeth (DIMMIT) BOSLEY.  Only one file gives James the parents, William & Mary (__?__) BOSLEY.

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