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Diana, Goddess of the Hunt — for Ancestors!
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A Bogus LYON Ancestry — Part 2
Questions have been raised regarding the remainder of this pedigree, so I am here continuing my discussion (see below).  In a nutshell: 
Verified individuals —
New Jersey LYONs
descended from
Henry LYON of Milford,
CT, and  Newark, NJ
Capt. David LYON existed, but the LFA says his father is Mataniah LYON, not Aaron.  Capt. David did have a son, Aaron, who married Joanna HATFIELD, who in turn had a son William who married Abigail MILLER.  William & Abigail did have sons William and Baker, though I don't know who their wives were.
Verified individual —
Massachusetts LYONs
descended from William
LYON of Roxbury, MA
Gen. Nathaniel LYON was a real person, but he died without issue so is no one's ancestor. 
Verified Individuals —
of unknown ancestry.
These individuals are genuine, but their ancestry is not known.
Unverified Individuals I cannot find any of these individuals, which doesn't necessarily mean they don't exist, only that I couldn't find them in any of the major sources (see below).
Bogus Individuals and
Other Untruths
I do not believe any of these individuals exists (see Part 1 for my reasons).  The other Glenn and two Scotts probably belong in this category as well.
Sir Glenn Lyon 1570-1643, wife-Lady Priscilla Bowes 1573-1638
___(Born at Perthshire, Scotland)
Henny (sic) B. Lyon 1603-1671, wife-Bridget O'Haloran 1607-1675
Thomas B. Lyon 1606-1660, wife-Elspeth Cameron 1610-1688
Richard B. Lyon 1609-1676, wife-Jessica Wayne 1613-1691
Bowes G. Lyon 1612-1689, wife-Monique Marquette 1615-1693
____Sons of Glenn & Priscilla came to the U.S.A. in 1648 and settled in New Jersey ____Colony.)
Glenn Lyon 1640-1713, wife-Elizabeth Barclay 1643-1717
Scott Lyon 1670-1749, wife-Mary Eldredge 1672-1751
Aaron Lyon 1709-1778, wife-Sarah Marsh 1712-1781
Captain David Lyon 1742-1802,
(Revolutionary War Hero)
wife-Charity Woodruff 1746-1810
Aaron Lyon 1769-1854, wife-Joanna Hatfield 1771-1850
Scott Lyon 1772-1858, wife-Mary Phelps 1775-1861
Wm. W. Lyon, Sr. 1811-1884, wife-Abigail Miller 1812-1895
Gen. Nathaniel Lyon 1818-1861, bachelor
____(Graduated from West Point 1841, killed at Wilson's Creek, Missouri, after reclaiming
          St. Louis from the Confederates, and is buried at Cincinnati, Ohio.)
William Lyon, Jr. 1837-1930, wife-Emma Lowery 1869-1921
Baker W. Lyon 1843-1918, wife-Ella Strowbridge 1849-1945,
died at the age of 96
Eliza Lyon 1844-1846
Aaron G. Lyon 1847-1850
Abigal L. Lyon 1849-1938, husband-Capt. Wm. S. Vaden 1842-1904
John P. Lyon 1850-1938, wife-Sarah McKibben 1853-1949
(Youngest soldier in the Civil War "Federal."  Enlisted at 10 yrs & 11 months as Drummer Boy.)
Franklin F. Lyon 1853-1917, wife-Etta Bullis 1862-1920
Edmond Storer Lyon 1860-1952, wife-Emma Hahn 1860-1930
[What follows are thirteen LYONs, born 1887-1909 (all with spouses named), who are the children of Edmond & Emma (above), and which end the pedigree.  I do not include them here because it is my policy not to post information on living individuals.]
  • I mentioned my objections to the use of the given name, Glenn, in Part 1.  The same holds true for the given name Scott.  No early LYON that I know of (not one in all three Lyon Memorial volumes) has the given name Glen or Glenn or Scott.  Glenn and Scott do not become common as given names until the late 1800s.  My guess is that "Glenn" and "Scott" were manufactured individuals whose names were intended to allude to "Glen" and "Scot," as buzz-words that would appeal to someone who believes these LYONs to be Scots of Glen Lyon.  [Go to the LDS web site and search on Glenn Lyon, then Scott Lyon.  Look at the birthdates.  Try these given names with any surname.]
  • According to DAR Lineage Book Vol. 28 (online at Ancestry.com), David LYON (1745-1802), wife Charity WOODRUFF, was a Capt. in Col. Oliver Spencer's regiment (1777).  Says David was born and died in Elizabethtown, NJ, and that he had a son, Aaron, who married Joanna HATFIELD.  I don't doubt that Capt. David existed, but his connection to Aaron is not supported by the Lyon Family Association of America (1999), which has Aaron the son of  Mattaniah LYON [Isaac3, Thomas2, Henry1].  Of the two, I would certainly trust the LFAA over the DAR.  Aaron & Joanna had children Asher, Isaac, Aaron, and William, which last did marry an Abigail MILLER.  Children of William and Abigail were William, Baker, and Adelaide.  Whether William married Emma LOWERY or Baker married Ella STROWBRIDGE, I cannot ascertain.
  • There was, indeed, a Gen. Nathaniel LYON (1818-1861) [Amasa6, Ephraim5, Moses4, William3, John2, William1], a descendant of William LYON of Roxbury.  Nathaniel's brothers were Amasa (1804-1822), Marcus (1809-1810), Lorenzo (1815-1878), Daniel (1819-1899), and Lyman (1822-1894).  Amasa and Marcus died young, and Nathaniel and Daniel died unmarried.  Only Lorenzo, for certain, and Lyman, possibly, had issue, and Lorenzo had no surviving sons.  Their parents were Amasa LYON (1771-1843) and Keziah KNOWLTON.  None of these other individuals appears in this pedigree, which you would expect if Nathaniel were legitimately part of it.
  • I have not verified the young drummer boy, myself (i.e., I haven't found him in any of the sources below), but someone tells me they have a newspaper clipping about him, so he appears genuine.  He is likely kin to Edmond Storer LYON because the clipping was passed down in Edmond's family.
  • A great-granddaughter of Edmond Storer LYON assures me that Edmond, his wife, Emma HAHN, and their thirteen children are genuine.  What she has not been able to determine, so far, is the identify of Edmond's parents.  And the fact that the pedigree is genuine from Edmond downward suggests to me that it was one of Edmond's children or grandchildren who commissioned the genealogy to be compiled — and were, sadly, "taken."
Albert Brown Lyons,
G.W.A. Lyon, &
Eugene F. McPike, eds.  1905
Lyon Memorial I:  Massachusetts Families: William Lyon of Roxbury, Peter Lyon of Dorchester, George Lyon of Dorchester, with Introduction Treating of the English Ancestry of the American Families.
W. Graham Printing Co., Detroit, MI.
Sidney Elizabeth Lyon,
Louise Lyon Johnson, &
A.B. Lyons, eds.
Lyon Memorial II:  Families of Connecticut and New Jersey, including Records of the Immigrants Richard Lyon of Fairfield and Henry Lyon of Fairfield, with a sketch of "Lyons Farms" by Samuel R. Winans, Jr.
W. Graham Printing Co., Detroit, MI.
Robert B. Miller &
Albert Brown Lyons, eds.
Lyon Memorial III:  New York Families Descended from the Immigrant Thomas Lyon of Rye.
W. Graham Printing Co., Detroit, MI.
June Cioppettini,
Lynda McGinnis, &
Betty Cogliati, eds.
Henry Lyon of MA, CT, & NJ, and Some of His Lineage.  Lyon(s) Family Association of America (Ted and Elenor Lyons, 524 Mark Lane, Belton, MO 64012-1829-10).
I have searched the following online databases (as of 15 Jun 2001):

Ancestry World Trees (online at Ancestry.com)
WorldConnect (online at RootsWeb.com)
Ancestral File, IGI, and PRF (online at FamilySearch.com)

and found none of the above couples, except for two undocumented submissions to the IGI for the marriage of Aaron LYON to Joanna HATFIELD.  Not that any of these sources is anything but secondary, but if none of these sources mentions someone, it's probable that no one has worked on their genealogy.  And in the case of a pedigree that's been around 30-40 years, it makes you wonder… 

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