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Elizabeth __?__
Husband:  Samuel WILBORE
Birth:  1594-1600, Sible Hedingham, Braintree Dist., ESS
Death:  29 Sep 1656, Boston, Suffolk Co., MA
Father:  Nicholas WILBORE
Mother:  Elizabeth (née THICKINES) HARRINGTON
Marriage:  13 Jan 1619/20, Sible Hedingham, Braintree Dist., ESS
Migration-1:  1633, to Boston, Suffolk Co., MA
Migration-2:  1637, to Portsmouth, Newport Co., RI
Migration-3:  to Taunton, Bristol Co., MA
Wife-1:  Ann / Anne SMITH not Ann BRADFORD (see Sources below)
Birth:  ca. 1600
Death:  aft. 1 Dec 1633, bef. 1645
Marriage-2:  1644-45
Wife-2:  Elizabeth __?__
Birth:  ca. 1600
Death:  aft. 1657
Event:  admitted to the Church on 29 Nov 1645
Other Spouse:  m1. Thomas LECHFORD
Other Spouse:  m3. 20 Feb 1656/7, Henry BISHOP
Children with Ann SMITH baptized Sible Hedingham, Braintree Dist., ESS:
1.  Samuel WILBORE, Jr., bap. 10 Apr 1622; m. Hannah PORTER, d/o John PORTER
2.  Arthur WILBORE, bap. 28 Dec 1623; bur. 2 Sep 1624, Sible Hedingham, ESS
3.  William WILBORE, bap. 27 Aug 1626; bur. 28 Jan 1626/7, Sible Hendingham, ESS not the William WILBORE (1630-1710) who married Martha __?__ (see Sources below)
4.  Joseph WILBORE, bap. 28 Feb 1629/30 
5.  Shadrach WILBORE, bap. 6 Sep 1631; m1. by 1659, Mary DEAN, d/o Walter DEAN; m2. 13 Sep 1692, Taunton, MA, Ann (BASS) PAINE, d/o Samuel BASS, wid/o Stephen PAINE / PAYNE
Children with Elizabeth:
Keywords for search engines:  genealogy; UK, United Kingdom, ENG, Essex; USA, US, United States, Massachusetts, Rhode Island


1.  Clarence Almon Torry.  1985.  New England Marriages Prior to 1700.  New England Historic Genealogical Society, Boston, MA (reprinted 1997, Genealogical Publ. Co., Baltimore, MD):
p. 814 WILDBORE, Samuel (-1656), Boston, Portsmouth, RI, Taunton, & 1/wf Ann [SMITH]; in Eng, b 1625?, b 1614?, 1621; Taunton
WILDBORE, Samuel (-1656) & Elizabeth [LECHFORD], w Thomas, m/3 Henry BISHOP 1657; b 1645, b 29 Nov 1645; Boston
WILBUR, Samuel (-1679±) & Hannah [PORTER] (-1722; b 1650; Boston/Portsmouth, RI...
WILBORE, Shadrack (-1698) & 1/wf Mary [DEAN] (-1691); b 1659; Taunton
WILBOR, Shadrack (?1632-1698), Taunton & Hannah (BASS) PAYNE (-1696+, 1710), Braintree, w Stephen; 13 Sep 1692, 14 Sep 1692; Taunton/Braintree
Note:  Torrey's placing LECHFORD in brackets is unfortunate because LECHFORD is not Elizabeth's maiden name, it's the surname of her first husband (q.v.). 

2.  Robert Charles Anderson.  1995.  The Great Migration Begins:  Immigrants to New England, 1620-1633.  Vol. III, P-W.  New England Historic Genealogical Society, Boston.  Pp. 1986-1988.
Shows Samuel born and married in Sible Hedingham and all his children baptized there.  Gives Samuel's death date as 29 Sep 1656 in Boston.

3.  James Savage.  1860-62.  A Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England Showing Three Generations of Those Who Came Before May, 1692.  4 vols.  Little, Brown, and Co., Boston, MA (online at Ancestry.com).
Vol. 4
p. 544 Wilbore, Wildbare, Wilbur, Wilbor, Willbore or Wildbore...

SAMUEL, Boston, with w. Ann, who was d. of Thomas Bradford of Doncaster in the S. part of Co. York, as in his will of 1 ar. 1607 is shown, adm. of our ch. 1 Dec. 1633, had no doubt, brot. his ch. Samuel, Joseph, and Shadrach from Eng. and prob. had not any ch. b. on our side of the water, unless we might see cause to give him a William.  When his w. d. is not seen, but a see. w. Eliz. was ree. into the ch. 29 Nov. 1645.  But long bef. he had fall. in sympathy with the major pt. of his fellow worshipp. under the danger. doctrines of Cotton and Wheelwright, so that the body of the peop. at other places in the Col. deem. it necess to disarm them in Nov. 1637, when his charact. stood high eno. to serve on the gr. jury two mos. earlier, and in Mar. foll. he was banish.  With Coddington, and seventeen others, among the best men of Boston, then purchas. Aquedneck or Rhode Island, he form. corpo. by solemn compact, 7 Mar. 1638, and was held in high esteem there many yrs. so that tho. he had rem. to Taunton, his name as sen. and Samuel, jr. was ea. retain. on the list of freem. 1655.  He had wisdom eno. to hold on by his est. at Portsmouth, on R. I. at Taunton, and at Boston, to wh. place he came again to live bef. mak. his will 30 Apr. 1656, pro. 6 Nov. foll.  See Geneal. Reg. VI. 290.  It made w. Eliz. and s. Shadrach, excors.  A note on that p. says he d. 29 Sept.  In that will is giv. to his youngest s. Shadrach the time of serv. of a Scotchman John Mockliet, as there spell. perhaps John Maclude or McCloud, one of the

p. 545 wretched victims of the civil war, either that importa. of 1652, of wh. large acco. is seen in Geneal. Reg. I. 377-80, show. the names of most of a shipload, 272, sold from the shambles the yr. preced. being the yr. after the fatal field of Worcester; tho. it may have been his fortune to have experience of the tender mercies of Cromwell after his victory of Dunbar in the preced. yr. Whether the Dunbar invoice contain the names of as many young men as the Worcester, or more, or less, is unkn. but it is an object of high interest to find that one, out of a hundred, outliv. by four or five yrs. their cruel banishment and servitude.

4a.  Benjamin F. Wilbour.  1945.  "English Home of Samuel Wilbore."  New England Historical and Genealogical Record 99(April): 175-176.
Debunks the claim by Savage in his Genealogical Dictionary that Samuel's wife was Ann BRADFORD.  Gives marriage record of Samuel WILBORE and Ann SMITH at Sible Hedingham in 1620.

4b.  Benjamin Franklin Wilbour.  1958/59.  "The English Ancestry of Samuel Wilbore, of Boston, and William Wilbore, of Portsmouth, R.I."  New England Historical and Genealogical Record 112(April): 108-118; 113(January): 55-58; 113(April): 94-104. 
This series of articles is a must see for researchers of these families.  I've had to greatly abbreviate the amount I've quoted out of copyright concerns, not because there isn't more useful information in them.
112: 108 Samuel Wilbore, with his wife Ann and their three children, Samuel, Jr., Joseph, and Shadrach, arrived in Boston in 1633...

Savage's "Genealogical Dictionary" has the following to say about the Wilbores.  "Samuel Wildbore with wife Ann, who was daughter of Thomas Bradford of Doncaster, in the southern part of Yorkshire..."

Mr. Savage was wrong...

112: 109 ...in 1637 he, with others was banished to Portsmouth R.I. for being a follower of Ann Hutchinson... 
112: 110 ...Nicholas Wilbore, the grandfather of Samuel, went from Colchester to Braintree, and Nicholas, the father of Samuel, about the year 1595 left Braintree for Sible Hedingham, because he had married Elizabeth Harrington, the widow of Robert Harrington...  Samuel was born between 1596 and 1600 as his marriage occurred in 1620.  He was of Sible Hedingham in 1633 when he sailed for America as his son Shadrach was baptized there in 1632...

William Wilbore was the son of John Wilbore of Braintree, grandson of Joseph and Mary Wilbore of Braintree, and great-grandson of Nicholas and Ann Wilbore of Colchester, later of Braintree.

This William is the one wrongly attached to Samuel as his son in the next source.
112: 117

1622 April 10, Samuell son of Sam and An Wilbor.
1623-28 Dec. Arthur, son of Samuell and Ane Wilbor.
1626-27 august, William son of Samuell and Ane Wilbor.
1629/30 28 Feb. Jespheff son of Samuell and Ane Wilbor.
1631-6 Sept, Sidreake son of Samuell and Ane Wilbore.


1619-20 13 Jan. Samuel Wilbore and Anne Smith...

5.  Anon.  1910.  Genealogical and Family History of Northern New York Vol. III.  Lewis Historical Pub. Co., NY (online at Ancestry.com):-
p. 931 WILBUR
Samuel Wildbore, immigrant ancestor, married, in England, Ann, daughter of Thomas Bradford, of Doncaster, Yorkshire.  The first record of him is on December 1, 1633, when he and his wife Ann were admitted to the First Church at Boston.  He was made a freeman in Boston, March 4, 1634.  He owned much property in Taunton, Massachusetts, as well as in Boston, and probably lived in both places.  In November, 1637, he was among those banished from the colony on account of religious views.  Acting on the advice of Roger Williams he went to Providence, where he and others who fled with him negotiated the purchase of the island of Aquednek, now Rhode Island, from the Narragansett Indians.  Early in 1638 he removed, with his family, to the new location.  In 1645 he returned to Boston.  Later he built an iron furnace at Taunton, the first in New England.  1638 he was clerk of the town board, constable in 1639, in 1644, sergeant.  He married (second) Elizabeth, widow of Thomas Lechford.  She was admitted to the church November 29, 1645.  He died July 24, 1656.  His will, dated April 30, 1656, was proved November 6, 1656, and his widow and son Shadrach were execu-
Samuel's wife was Anne SMITH, not Ann BRADFORD.  Also, Samuel died 29 Nov 1656, not July 24th.
p. 932 tors.  His widow married Henry Bishop, December 20, 1656; he died in 1664, and she died probably about July, 1665.  Children:  Samuel, born 1614; Joseph, died August 27, 1691; William, born 1630, mentioned below; Shadrach, 1632.

(II) William Wilbur, son of Samuel Wildbore, was born in 1630, and died 1710.  He married Martha ____, in 1653.  He settled at Little Compton, Rhode Island, about 1654, and died at Tiverton, Rhode Island.  Children: Mary, born 1654; Joseph, born 1656; John, 1658; Thomas, 1659; William, December, 1660; Martha, 1662; Samuel, 1664; Daniel, 1666, mentioned below; Joan, 1668; Benjamin, 1670...

From here on (to p. 933) the book traces the line from (II) William to (IX) Thomas J. WILBUR, born 3 Nov 1873 in Hamilton Co., NY.  The problem is that Samuel WILBORE's son, William, was born in 1626, not 1630, and he died in infancySamuel had no surviving son named, William.  So, between getting Samuel's first wife wrong and attaching the wrong William as his son, only a few sentences of this entire entry actually apply to our subject.

Note that Wilbour (1958: 111) identifies the father of this William WILBUR as John WILBORE of Braintree.

6.  John Osborne Austin.  1887 [1969].  The Genealogical Dictionary of Rhode Island...  Clearfield, Genealogical Publ. Co., Baltimore, MD (online at GoogleBooks.com).-
p. 227 SAMUEL [WILBUR]...d. 1656, Sep. 29... His first wife has been called daughter of Thomas Bradford, of Doncaster, York Co., Eng., but if the latter's will was of date 1607, Mar. 1, and mentions a daughter Ann, as wife of Samuel Wilbur, that Samuel could hardly be this one...

7.  Anon.  1883.  A Report of the Record Commissioners of the City of Boston containing Boston Births, Baptisms, Marriages, and Deaths, 1630-1699.  City Document No. 130.  Rockwell and Churchill, City Printers, Boston, MA (online at AmericanAncestors.org):
p. 56 1656...
Samuel Wilbore died 29th 7th month.
Remember that, at this time, March was the first month of the year.

8.  Wikipedia:  Samuel Wilbore.

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