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Abraham VENABLE II / Jr.
Martha DAVIS
Husband:  Abraham VENABLE II / Jr.
Birth:  22 Mar 1699/1700, New Kent Co., VA
Death:  12 Dec 1768, Louisa Co., VA
Office:  Justice of the Peace, Hanover Co., VA
Office:  Justice of the Peace and County Lieutenant, Louisa Co., VA
Office:  Vestryman, Fredericksville Parish, [Louisa Co.,] VA 
Office:  1742-1756, Virginia House of Burgesses
Historical:  friend and associate of Patrick HENRY
Father:  Abraham VENABLE I
Mother:  Elizabeth LEWIS
Wife:  Martha DAVIS
Birth:  14/17 Jul 1702, Amherst Co., VA
Death:  13 Jan 1765 or 18 Feb 1765, Louisa Co., VA
Father:  Nathaniel DAVIS, a Quaker of Devonshire, England
Mother?:  Mary Elizabeth HUGHES (c1650- )
Abraham B. VENABLE III, b. 9 Jan 1725, Louisa Co., VA 

.  Hugh Lewis VENABLE; m. Mary MARTIN, d/o William MARTIN of Albemarle Co., VA; issue: Nathaniel, John, Abraham, Martha w/o Ralph BANKS, Judith w/o William MOORMAN of Campbell Co., VA, Elizabth w/o Richard BRAGG of Fluvanna Co., VA, Mary w/o John MOORMAN of Campbell Co., VA

.  Charles VENABLE; m. Elizabeth SMITH, d/o of Robert SMITH of Port Royal; issue: Robert h/o Sarah MADISON, d/o Henry MADISON of Charlotte Co., VA (his issue: Martha, Bettie, Pollie, Robert, James, Joseph), Charles, Mary w/o Robert MARTIN of King & Queen Co., VA; Elizabeth w/o Massaniello WOMACK of Cumberland Co., VA; Sarah w/o Peyton GLENN of Prince Edward Co., VA, Martha w/o William BROWN of Charloote Co., VA; Ann w/o Daniel GLENN of Prince Edward Co., VA; Dorothy w/o John GOODE of Charlotte Co., VA; Agnes, Nancy. 

Nathaniel VENABLE, b. 21 Oct 1733, Hanover Co., VA 

James VENABLE, b. 1734, Hanover Co., VA 

.  William VENABLE; m. Ann CLARK, d/o Isaac CLARK of Louisa Co., VA; issue: Abraham h/o Anne HUNDLY, d/o Wido Hundly of Caroline Co., VA (issue: Richard Hundly), William, James, Charles

.  John VENABLE; m. Agnes MOORMAN d/o Charles MOORMAN of Louisa Co., VA; issue: robert, Charles, Abraham, William, Nathaniel, Mary w/o Jacob VENABLE of Prince Edward Co., VA, Martha, Diana

.  Ann VENABLE; m. Phil KING of Cumberland Co., VA

.  Elizabeth VENABLE; m. Josiah MORTON of Charlotte Co., VA

.  Mary VENABLE; m. Charles MOORMAN of Louisa Co., VA


1.  Lyon Gardiner Tyler, ed.  1915.  Encyclopedia of Virginia Biography.  5 vols.  Lewis Historical Publ. Co., NY (online at Ancestry.com).  In Volume IV:
p. 347 Venable, Abraham, son of Abraham Venable, who emigrated from England to Virginia about 1685 where he [Abraham I] married about 1700 Elizabeth, daughter of Hugh Lewis, of James City county, and widow of Henry Nicks.  He [Abraham II] was born March 12, 1700, married about 1723 Martha (or Hannah) Davis, daughter of Nathaniel Davis, a Quaker from Devonshire, England.  He owned much land in Hanover, Louisa and Goochland counties.  He was justice of the peace for Hanover county and one of the first justices of the 
p. 348 peace for Louisa from December 13, 1742, vestryman of Fredericksville parish, county lieutenant of Louisa, and member of the house of burgesses from 1742 to 1756.  He was the friend, legal client, and political supporter of Patrick Henry.  He died December 16, 1768, and was father of Nathaniel Venable (q.v.).

2.  Joseph J. Casey. 1982. "Genealogy of the Venable Family, as Prepared by Nathaniel Venable, of Prince Edward County, Va., Dated December 25, 1790."  Pages 308-311 in Genealogies of Virginia Families: from the William and Mary College Quarterly Historical Magazine.  Genealogical Publ. Co., Baltimore, MD (Broderbund CD-186).

3.  Mary Stuart Green Edmunds.  1982.  "Edmunds Family."  Pages 642-669 in Genealogies of Virginia Families: from the William and Mary College Quarterly Historical Magazine.  Genealogical Publ. Co., Baltimore, MD (Broderbund CD-186):
p. 658 Abraham Venable, II., born in New Kent County Va, March 22, 1700; died in Louisa County, December 16, 1768; married, in Hanover County, 1723, Martha Davis, an earnest Quakeress, born July 14, 1702; died Feb 18, 1765.  They had ten children; the fifth child, Nathaniel Venable, above; sixth child, James Venable, b. 1734, in Hanover
p. 659 County, Va...

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6.  Messages posted to the Venable Family Genealogy Forum (online at GenForum.com).

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