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Elizabeth HAYS
Husband:  Isaac VAN BIBBER
Birth:  20 Oct 1771, Greenbriar Co., VA [now WV]
Death:  30 Sep 1840, Montgomery Co., MO 
Father:  Isaac VAN BIBBER I
Mother:  Sarah DAVIS
Marriage:  1797, KY
Wife:  Elizabeth HAYS
Birth:  12 Jun 1776, Ft. Boonesborough, Madison Co., KY — said to be the first European born in Kentucky 
Death:  3 Aug 1828, Montgomery Co., MO 
Father:  William HAYS
Mother:  Susannah BOONE, daughter of Daniel BOONE
  1.  Matilda VAN BIBBER, b. 25 Oct 1800, Loutre Creek, St. Charles [now Montgomery] Co., MO 
  2.  Elgiva VAN BIBBER, b. 1805/6, MO 
  3.  Erretta VAN BIBBER, b. 20 Jun 1810, MO; m. Maj. George W. BURT (1797-1876)
  4.  Frances "Fanny" VAN BIBBER; m. Cyranus COX
  5.  Susanna "Susan" VAN BIBBER; m. Thomas HICKERSON
  6.  Marsha VAN BIBBER
  7.  Iantha / Pantha VAN BIBBER
  8.  Isaac VAN BIBBER III
  9.  Ewing VAN BIBBER
10.  Alonzo VAN BIBBER
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1.  Bruce Logan's Van Bibber web site.

2.  William S. Bryan & Robert Rose.  1876.  A History of the Pioneer Families of Missouri.  Bryan, Brand & Co., St. Louis, MO:
p. 314 BURT.—John Burt, of Orleans Co., Vt., removed to Ohio in 1815.  His three sons, John A., Henry, and George W., came to Callaway county, Mo., from 1819 to 1821.  They were millwrights by trade and built the first water mill in Montgomery county, for Col. Irvine Pitman.  After a number of years, the mill was moved away, and the large water wheel [was] left standing.  The action of the water of course kept it constantly turning, and the negroes and a few superstitious white people of the vicinity imagined that spirits had something to do with it and could not be induced to go near the place.  The Burts also built the first water mill in Callaway county.  Henry Burt died in 1823 leaving no family.  John represented Callaway county in the Legislature four years, was Judge of the County Court seven years, and died in 1855.  He married Bathsheba Fulkerson, of St. Charles Co., and they had nine children.  Major George W. Burt served in the war of 1812, when he was only fifteen years of age, and was captured by the British.  He married Erretta VanBibber, daughter of Major Isaac VanBibber and great-granddaughter of Daniel Boone.  When he asked the consent of her father to the
p. 315 marriage, the old gentleman replied in a loud tone of voice that he could have her if he wanted her, but she was a "contrary stick," and if he could do anything with her he was welcome to her, but he didn't want him to send her back on his hands.  Major Burt gladly accepted the "contrary stick" and obtained a good wife by so doing.  They prospered beyond their expectations and accumulated a fortune.  Major Burt was a money loaner for many years, but would never accept more interest than the law allowed him.  He always paid every cent he owed and collected all that was due him.  He was a good man and respected by the entire community where he lived.  He died in March, 1876, in his 78th year, leaving a widow and one son, Huron.  They also had a daughter, but she died many years ago.  Major Burt was in poor health for about thirty years before his death, and his complaint often carred him apparently to the verge of the grave.

3.  The Boone Society.  Ancestors and Descendants of the Boone Family. [link died]

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