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Husband:  Lawson THOMPSON
Birth:  1790, Mecklenberg Co,. VA
Death:  5 Nov 1857, Cedar Co., MO 
Father:  James Mims THOMPSON, Sr.
Mother:  Nancy JACKSON
Marriage:  10 Aug 1812, Christian Co., KY
Wife:  Hannah GIBSON / GIPSON
Birth:  1790, Caswell Co., NC
Death:  1865, Cedar Co., MO 
Father:  John GIBSON, Jr.
Mother:  Judith HOGG

The Meredith GIBSON who signed Hannah's permission slip to marry is either her brother or her uncle (sources differ).

Children born in Christian Co., KY:
  1.  (Son A) THOMPSON, b. 1813-1820; d. bef. 1830
  2.  (Son B) THOMPSON, b. 1813-1820; d. bef. 1830 
  3.  Lucy Gibson THOMPSON, b. 26 Aug 1814 
  4.  James Young Williams THOMPSON, b. 15 Apr 1817 
  5.  Mary W. THOMPSON, b. ca. 1820; d. aft. 1879; m. Jeremiah Robert YANCY
  6.  Nancy Jackson THOMPSON, b. 20 Jan 1822 [1824?]; m. Fleming OWEN
  7.  (Daughter A) THOMPSON, b. 1820-25 
  8.  Emanuel Smith THOMPSON, b. ca. 1825/6 
  9.  Susannah Gaines THOMPSON, b. 16 Mar 1828 
10.  Sarah H. THOMPSON, b. Apr 1829 [1825?]; d. 28 Dec 1915; m. Thomas H. SUTHERLAND
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1a.  Jordan R. Dodd, ed.  1993.  Kentucky Marriages:  Early to 1850.  Liahona Research, Orem, UT (Broderbund CD-229):
Thompson, Lawson Gibson, Hannah 20 Aug 1812 Christian Co.

1b.  D.L. Murray & N.R., compilers.  1995.  Marriage Index: IL, IN, KY, OH, TN, 1720-1926 (Broderbund CD-2):
Thompson, Lawson Gibson, Hanniah 27 Jun 1812 Christian Co., KY

2.  1820 Census (extracted by A. Robert Matthiesen):
Thompson, Lawson 300010-20010 Christian Co. p. 36
These data indicate:
No. & Sex  Age Class Therefore Born Individuals Inferred
3 males 9 or under 1810-1820 = James (b. 1817)
= Son B
= Son A
1 male 26-44 1775-1794 = Lawson (b. 1790)
2 females 9 or under 1810-1820 = Mary (b. ca. 1820)
= Lucy (b. 1814)
1 female 26-44 1775-1794 = Hannah (b. 1790)

3.  1830 Census (extracted by A. Robert Matthiesen):
Thompson, Lawson 101 000 100 - 221 101 Christian Co. p. 35
These data indicate:
No. & Sex  Age Class Therefore Born Individuals Inferred
1 male 4 or under 1825-1830 = Emanuel (b. 1825/6)
1 male 10-14 1815-1820 = James (b. 1817)
1 male 40-49 1780-1790 = Lawson (b. 1790)
2 females 4 or under 1825-1830 = Susannah (b. 1828)
= Sarah (b. 1829)
2 females 5-9 1820-1825 = Nancy (b. 1822)
= Daughter A
1 female 10-14 1815-1820 = Mary (b. ca. 1820)
1 female 15-19 1810-1815 = Lucy (b. 1814)
1 female 30-39 1790-1800 = Hannah (b. 1790)

4.  Census Index: U.S. Selected Counties, 1840 (Broderbund CD-316):
Thompson, Lawson MO Cape Girardeau Co. Apple Creek Twp. p. 237
I don't know if this is the same Lawson Thompson, but he is the only Lawson in MO in 1840 on this CD; ditto the online database.

5.  Lawson doesn't show up in 1850 on either the Broderbund CD or at GenealogyLibrary.com, but of course, these indices are far from complete, especially for Missouri.

6.  Christian County Genealogical Society.  1997.  Christian County, Kentucky, Deed Abstracts of Books G-H-I.  Christian Co. Gen. Soc., 1101 Bethel St., Hopkinsville, KY 42240.  On p. 143:
DBI-520, Oct. 9, 1818, from JESSE FORD to LOUSIN THOMPSON, for $600.00, 140 A. of land on the Rock Lick Fork of Tradewater, bounded form bank of Rock Lick Creek, to Samuel Elison's, to Long's line.  S/Jesse (his X mark) Ford, Phebe (her X mark) Ford, Dower relinq.  Rec. 2 Nov. 1818.

7.  Lon Bostick.  1991.  Family History Book:  Christian County, Kentucky.  Turner Publ. Co., Paducah, KY (available from the author at 1110 Hewitt St., Huntsville, AL 35816; also available through Christian County Genealogical Society, Hopkinsville, KY).  On p. 102, an entry for "GIBSON-HOGG."

8.  Archives of THOMPSON-L and KYCHRIST-L mailing lists (online at RootsWeb.com).

9.  LDS.  Ancestral File and IGI (online).

10.  Mea culpa.  I lost the source and the name of whoever sent it to me, but the latter was probably one of the two listed in Source 11.
THOMPSON Lawson and Hannah Gibson Thompson settled in Cedar County in 1833...  They first bought land southeast of what is now Stockton.

They relocated from Christian County, KY, where they lived for more than 20 years.  They had married in Christian County, KY, in 1812 and all seven of their children were born there.  Lawson was born about 1790 in Mecklenburg County, VA, and Hannah Gibson was born about 1790 in North Carolina.  Their families traveled from Virginia and North Carolina across Kentucky to Christian County, KY.  Lawson's parents were James M. and Nancy Jackson Thompson, both from Virginia's families and married in Mecklenburg County, VA, in 1789.  Since several members of both families were in Christian County, KY, and arrived in Cedar Couny, MO, in same area, they knew each other as far back as 1790 and traveled across country together.

James M. and Nancy Jackson Thompson were in their late 70s and early 80s and only lived approximately two years after arriving in Missouri.  Two brothers of Lawson also came along and settled in surrounding areas.  Three of Hannah's sisters and their families also traveled here with them.  Later they moved to Texas.  The children of Lawson and Hannah were Lucy Gibson Thompson who married Alfred Young Brown and moved to Platte County, MO.  After his death, she moved back to Cedar County and raised there 10 sons.  Young W. Thompson married Eliza Jane Stephens, moved to Polk County, and had 10 children.  After her death, he married Mary Margaret Firestone and had one daughter.  Mary Thompson married Charles Jeremiah Yancey.  Their marriage was the first in Bolivar, MO, by Justice Isaac Ruth.  They later moved to Greene County to raise a family.  He became a circuit judge.  Nancy Jackson Thompson married Fleming J. OwenEmanuel Smith Thompson married Eliza Jane Baker.  They lived in Cedar County and raised a famiy.  Sarah A. Thompson married Thomas A. Sutherland.  They lived in Cedar County and raised a family.  Susanna Thompson married Levi Lindley.

After Lawson's death around 1860.  Hannah lived with son Emanuel Smith Thompson and family until her death.  She is buried near Emanuel and Eliza in Lindley Prairie Cemetery near Bearcreek, MO.  Lawson was buried on fmily farm.

There are many descendants in Cedar, Dade and Polk counties from this lineage.  One direct descendant of Lawson and Hannah is Marion Thompson of Stockton, MO.

His parents were William Losson and Martha Ann Baker Thompson.  His grandparents were William Elbert and Rachel Susan Neil Thompson.  His great-grandparens were Young W. and Eliza Jane Stephens Thompson.  His great-great-grandparents were Lawson and Hannah Gibson Thompson.  His great-great-great-grandparents were James M. and Nancy Jackson Thompson.

This line goes back to the early 1700s in Southern, VA, and several generations resided there prior to heading west.  Submitted by Michael Bookwalter, great-great-great-great-grandson of Lawson and Hannah Thompson.

11.  Emails from Marsha Videen, Sherry Yancey Babb.

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