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Husband:  Thomas TOWNSEND
Birth:  8 Jan 1593/4, Bracon-Ash, NFK
Death:  22 Dec 1677, Lynn, Essex Co., MA
Father:  Henry TOWNSEND (1568-1625) Thomas7, Robert6, Roger5, Roger4, John3, Roger2, Thomas1
Mother:  Margaret FORTHE (1569-1596) Robert4, Roger3, Robert2, William1
Marriage-1:  5 Nov 1629, Bracon-Ash, NFK
Wife-1:  Ms. MANSFIELD
Marriage:  1639-44, Boston, Suffolk Co., MA
Wife:  Mary NEWGATE
Birth:  ca. 1610, Tynswood, Southwick, NBL
Birth:  1615, Bracon-Ask, NFK
Death:  28 Feb 1692, Lynn, Essex Co., MA
Father:  Phillipe NEWGATE
Mother:  Jane / Joan HOO
Children with Ms. MANSFIELD born in Norwich, NFK:
.  Lydia TOWNSEND, b. 1630; d. 8 Jan 1688, Braintree, Norfolk Co., MA; m. 12 Oct 1651, Braintree, Lawrence COPELAND (1599-1699)
.  John TOWNSEND, b. aft. 1630; d. 5 Oct 1668
Children with Mary NEWGATE born in Lynn, Essex Co., MA:
.  Thomas TOWNSEND, b. ca. 1637; d. 1699/1700, Lynn, Essex Co., MA; m. Mary DAVIS (1647- )
.  Samuel TOWNSEND, b. ca. 1638; d. 21 Dec 1704, Chelsea, MA; m. 1660, Abigail DAVIS (1641-1728)
.  John TOWNSEND, b. ca. 1640; d. 14 Dec 1726, Lynn, Essex Co., MA; m1. Sarah PEARSON (-1689); m2. 23 Apr 1690, Mehitabel BROWN (-1735)
.  Elizabeth TOWNSEND, b. ca. 1644; 
.  Andrew TOWNSEND, b. ca. 1642 or 1654; d. 10 Feb 1692, Lynn, Essex Co., MA; m. 18 Jul 1678, MA, Abigail COLLINS (23 Jan 1660/1 - 22 Feb 1692)
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1.  Clarence Almon Torry.  1985.  New England Marriages Prior to 1700.  New England Historic Genealogical Society, Boston, MA (reprinted 1997, Genealogical Publ. Co., Baltimore, MD):
p. 503 MERRIAM, Samuel (1643?-1713+) & Elizabeth TOWNSEND (-1705); 21 Nov 1669, 22 Dec 1669; Concord/Lynn
p. 749 TOWNSEND, Andrew (?1654-1693) & Abigail COLLINS (1661-1693); 18 Jul 1678; Lynn
p. 750 TOWNSEND, John (-1726) & 1/wf (no) Sarah PEARSON (1647-1689); 27 Jan 1668/9; Lynn
TOWNSEND, Samuel (?1638-1704) & Abigail [DAVIS] (-1729, æ 87 y 8 m); b 1662, b 1661?; Charlestown/Boston...
TOWNSEND, Thomas (1595/1601?-1677) (bro-in-law of John NEWGATE) & Mary __?__ ( -1693); ca 1630?; Lynn
TOWNSEND, Thomas (?1635-1700) & Mary [DAVIS] (1646-1700+); b 1665; Boston
No marriage found for a Samuel MANSFIELD.  Some assert Elizabeth's husband was Samuel MERRIAM, not Samuel MANSFIELD, for which marriage there is a record.  Locations are known residences of the husband, ending with the last known; none of which is necessarily the location of the marriage.

.  Joseph B. Felt.  1851.  "Genealogical Items Relating to Lynn, Mass."  New England Historical and Genealogical Register 5 (Jul): 339-343.
p. 342 TOWNSEND, JOHN, m. Sarah Pearson, 27 Jan. 1669; chn. Sarah, b. 14 Sep 1672. John, b. 17 March, 1675; Mary, b. 2 Sept. 1677; Hannah, b. 11 Feb. 1680; Elizabeth, b. 9 Nov. 1683.
[TOWNSEND] ANDREW, m. Abigail Collins, 18 Jul, 1678; chn. Thomas, b. 12 June, 1679; Abigail, b. 23 Feb. 1681. Mary, b. 7 July, 1685.
[TOWNSEND] THOMAS, Sen. d. 22 Dec. 1677.

.  Charles Hervey Townsend.  1875.  "The Townshend Family." New England Historic Genealogical Register 29 (Jan): 97-107.
p. - -
p. 102 ...Tradition and family records inform us that Thomas Townsend came from London, and settled at Lynn, in the colony of Massachusetts Bay, about 1635, and as John Winthrop, his cousin, was governor of this colony, it is probable that his puritanical inclination caused him to select a home in New-England where many of his kinsmen and neighbors had emigrated a few years before.1  His wife was Mary, probably a sister of John Newgate or Newdigate, a merchant of Boston, who was born in Southwark, near London bridge, in 1590, and who in his will dated May 8, 1665, calls him brother-in-law, and leaves him a legacy of £10, to be paid him within one year after his decease.

1.  THOMAS TOWNSEND was granted 60 acres of land with the Lord Brook and others by the town of Lynn, in 1638, and he owned other lands near the iron works and at Rumney Marsh, Chelsea.  His town-house and lot of 7 acres was on the south side the mill street near the common, and next the Mansfiled property, and it was sold by his grandon Thomas, son of Andrew, to Daniel Mansfiled, of Lynn, July 25, 1702.

He was made a freeman March 14, 1639, calls himself husbandman in his well-drawn deeds of gift to his children, and from his serving the public on more than one occasion, seems to have been an important citizen, and from papers bearing his name, and his beautiful autograph, now to be seen in the secretary of state's office in Boston, we have sufficient evidence of his ability.  He died in Lynn, Dec. 22, 1677, aged 83, and his wife Mary died of camp-fever, probably at the house of her son Andrew, Feb. 28, 1692. 

They had:
  2.   i.   THOMAS, born about 1637.
  3.   ii.   SAMUEL, b. in Lynn about 1638.
  4.   iii.   JOHN, b. in Lynn about 1640.
  5.   iv.   ANDREW, b. in Lynn about 1642.
      v.   ELIZABETH, b. in Lynn about 1644; m. Samuel Mansfield, of Lynn, Dec. 22, 1669.

1A mass of circumstantial evidence to be embodied in a memorial volume when published has satisfied several expert genealogists and myself that Thomas Townsend son of Henry and Margaret was identical with the settler at Lynn.
There is no mention in Torrey

.  Jim Dangel.  Luella Gilpatrick Family Cards (online at dangel.net).

WorldConnect / Ancestry World Trees (online at RootsWeb.com/Ancestry.com).

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