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Franklin STRAUB
Subject:  Franklin "Frank" STRAUB
Birth:  1860-65, Waldo, Marion Co., OH
Death:  18 Dec 1893, Waldo, Marion Co., OH 
Father:  John J. STRAUB
Mother:  Eliza Ann OSBORN
Keywords for search engines:  genealogy; USA, US, United States, Ohio


1.  Marily M. Cryder.  1992.  Abstracts of Obituaries, Death Notices and Funeral Notices from the Delaware Gazette, Delaware, Ohio, January 1890 - December 1894.  Self-published, Delaware, OH (courtesy of the DCGS-DCHS [link died]).
December 19, 1893 - Waldo.  Last night, Frank Straub, aged 28 yrs committed suicide.  He was unmaried.  He leaves his widowed mother.

2.  Anon.  Saturday, 16 Dec 1893.  "Through the Heart: Young Frank Straub Shoots Himself, at Waldo." The Marion Daily Star (Marion, OH).  Vol. XVII, No. 22, p. 3 (online at Ancestry.com):

Young Frank Straub Shoots Himself, at Waldo


The Deed Was Committed Friday Night Upon the Streets of the Little Village
He Goes About the Dreadful Work with Remarkable Deliberation.

Frank Straub, a young man and single, and a resident of Waldo, committed suicide at that place Friday evening at about the hour of 8 o'clock, shooting himself through the heart with a 38 calliber revolver which he had borrowed for the occasion.

At the house selected by the suicide to destroy his life, the little village that had been so well schooled in sensations was enjoying the quiet of the evening around their firesides.  A single pistol shot rang out upon the air.  There were hurried investigations and young Straub was found prostrate upon the public street, with the blood gushing from a bullet hole in his breast.  To the acquaintances who bent over him there was an inarticulate "good bye, boys," and the life of the young man had gone out to its maker.

The shooting had occurred in the presence of William Bensley, an acquaintance of Straub's, and was done so suddenly and unexpectedly that Bensley had not time to raise a hand in protestation or to prevent the commission of the deed.  Straub met Bensley in front of Gabler's store and accosted him, stating that he was going to commit suicide and bade him goodbye.  It was then that he stepped back, and raising the weapon to his breast, fired.

The dead body of Straub was picked up from the sidewalk where it had fallen and carried to the town hall.  The report of the suicide was brought to this city late Friday night and Coroner Maddox notified.

Straub was a well-known young man of Waldo, having spent all his life in that place, where he resided with his parents, he being the oldest in the family of John Straub.  He was given to dissipation, a habit that was undoubtedly the primary cause of his self-destruction.  There seems no doubt that despondency as a result of his habits of drinking excessively led him to take his own life.  Following a spree he was frequently give to these attacks of despondency, when he would make endeavors to reform, but would as often fail, and on such occasions has made frequent threats of suiciding.

The deceased was 28 years of age.  When the coroner returned from Waldo at noon the body was still lying at the town hall, but preparations were being made to remove the remains to his home.  Arrangements for the funeral were awaiting a response from relatives of deceased.

The particulars of Straub's movements on the evening that he suicided are given in the coroner's investigation below.


Dr. Maddox Goes to Waldo and Investigates the Circumstances of the Suicide.

Coroner Maddox went to Waldo this morning and made a full investigation of the suicide and the circumstances leading to it, taking the testimony of those who had paid any particular attenton to Straub's actons during the evening he destroyed his life.

J.B. Corbin testified that he saw Frank Straub for the last time Friday evening about 8 o'clock, when Straub went to his house and asked him to loan him his revolver to go coon hunting, and he was given the pistol, after which Corbin saw him no more until after the man was dead.  Straub deposited $4 with Corbin for the safe return of the gun.

J.M. Francis testified that Straub visited his store about 7:10 o'clock Friday evening, and after drawing a pistol from his pocket asked Francis to load it for him, but the latter refused the request and remarked to Straub that he should be careful or he would shoot somebody.  The young man replied that if he did it would be nobody but himself.  Twenty minutes later Francis was told that Straub had killed himself.  Deceased loaded the gun himself at Francis' place.

William Bensley stated that he saw Straub about 8 o'clock Friday night in front of Gabler's store, that Straub shook hands with him and bid him good bye, stating at the same time that he was going to kill himself.  He then stepped back, drew a pistol and shot himself in the breast.  Bensley went to the man and found him still breathing.

Dr. Dombaugh testified that the deceased came to his barn Friday morning and appeared much depressed.  The witness thought that Straub had been drinking some, but did not consider him drunk at the time.

Frank was not the eldest child of John STRAUB, but he was John's eldest and only living son.  J.B. CORBIN was probably John Benjamin CORBIN, brother-in-law of Frank's uncle, George Washington STRAUB.  William BENSLEY was probably William F. BENSLEY, son of Martha Ann (CORBIN) BENSLEY, sister-in-law of Frank's uncle, George Washington STRAUB.

3.  J. Wilbur Jacoby.  1907.   A History of Marion County, Ohio, and Representative Citizens.  Biographical Publ. Co., Chicago.  Biographical sketch of Robert S. Dombaugh (brother-in-law of Franklin), which mentions that Frank is deceased. 

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