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Husband:  Robert SLAUGHTER
Birth:  1702, Essex Co., VA
Death:  1768, Culpeper Co., VA
Military Service:  2 Sep 1729, commissioned Capt., later Col., of Militia
Offices:  1731, Vestryman of St. Mark's Parish; Church Warden; 1742, Member of the House of Burgesses; 1745, Presiding Justice for Orange Co., VA
Father:  Robert SLAUGHTER
Mother:  Frances Anne JONES
Marriage:  ca. 1723
Wife:  Mary SMITH
Birth:  13 Jul 1713 (really?!)
Father:  Augustine SMITH of Caroline and Essex Cos., VA
1.  Robert SLAUGHTER; m. 1750, Susannah HARRISON
3.  Lt.-Col. Thomas SLAUGHTER; m. Ms. ROBINSON
4.  Lt.-Col. Francis SLAUGHTER, b. ca. 1730; m. Ms. SUGGETT
5.  James SLAUGHTER; m. Susan CLAYTON, d/o Maj. Philip CLAYTON
6.  Lawrence SLAUGHTER; m. Susanna. FIELD, d/o Col. John FIELD
7.  George SLAUGHTER; d. 1815, Columbus, OH; m. Ms. FIELD, d/o Col. John FIELD; no issue
8.  Elizabeth SLAUGHTER; m. Maj. LIGHTFOOT
9.  Martha SLAUGHTER, b. in or aft. 1755?
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p. - -
p. 321 SLAUGHTER, Francis & SUGGETT, [Jemima] (or Jennie); b. 2 Mar 1752; Wm. LIGHTFOOT (sec.); groom was a son of Robt. & Mary (SMITH) SLAUGHTER of Culpeper Co., VA; bride was a dau. of Edgecomb SUGGETT (d. RC, 1753); Col. Francis SLAUGHTER d. in Shenandoah Co., VA. in 1776; (RC WB 6:6; MLB RC; MRC:189 (and corrections G))
p. - -

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DEED BOOK A — 1722-1729

Feby. 3, 1728.  Thomas Slaughter of Caroline Co.; Francis and Robert Slaughter of Spts. co., to Augustine Smith of Caroline Co.  £100 ster., 288 a. in Spts. Co. on both sides of Black Walnut Run—granted to Robert Slaughter, father of the sd. Thomas, Francis and Robert Slaughter, by pat. June 30, 1726.  Witnesses:  Jo. Taliaferro, G. Lightfoot, Abraham Field.  Rec. Feby. 4, 1728-9.

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v. 1
p. 324
Slaughter, Francis, son of Colonel Robert Slaughter (q.v.), was born in Culpeper, about 1730.  Served in the French and Indian wars as lieutenant-colonel of militia, and represented Dunmore county in the house of burgesses in 1772, 1773, 1774, 1775.  He married Miss Suggett.

Slaughter, Robert, son of Robert Slaughter, born in Essex county 1702.  Died in Culpeper county in 1768; commissioned captain of militia on September 2, 1729; later colonel of militia.  He was vestryman and churchwarden of St. Marks parish, 1730, member of the house of burgesses 1742; presiding justice for Orange county 1745.  He was well known for his fine imported horses.  He married, about 1723, Mary Smith, daughter of Augustine Smith, of Essex.

Slaughter, Thomas, son of Robert Slaughter (q.v.), was commissioned in 1756 as lieutenant-colonel of the forces for Culpeper county against the Indians above Winchester.  He was burgess for Culpeper in 1756-1758, and though elected to the assembly of 

p. 325 1759-1761 vacated his seat by accepting the office of sheriff in November, 1759.  He was burgess again in 1766-1768.  He married Miss Robinson and had issue.

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