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Sarah Baker THOMPSON
Husband:  Noah W. ROTHROCK
Birth:  ca. 1811, of Greenville, Muhlenberg Co., KY
Death (consumption):  1838
Occupation:  merchant
Marriage:  26 Feb 1833, Cadiz, Trigg Co., KY
Wife:  Sarah Baker THOMPSON
Birth:  15 Nov 1815, Christian [now Trigg] Co., KY
Death:  11 Apr 1853, Trigg Co., KY
Disposition:  buried East End Cemetery, Trigg Co., KY
Other Spouse:  m2. 6 Feb 1844, Trigg Co., KY, Stanley THOMAS (1805-1858)
Other Children:  three surnamed THOMAS
Father:  James THOMPSON
Mother:  Sarah STEELE
Children born in Trigg Co., KY:
1.  Emily J. ROTHROCK, b. 1835; d. 24 Jun 1860, Trigg Co., KY
2.  Jack J. ROTHROCK, b. 1837; d. Dec 1861; bur. East End Cem.
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1.  See Sarah's parents page.

2.  WorldConnect / Ancestry World Trees (online at RootsWeb.com/Ancestry.com).  A file there gives this sketch, with an incomplete citation (viz., "Misc Historical Abs Vol 1"), which I presume is no longer under copy protection given the obvious age of the author, who was very likely Sarah's brother, Cyrus THOMPSON, who wrote a newspaper column of historical reminiscencs.
Noah W. Rothrock, of whom I have before made mention, deserves a more extended notice.  I have spoken of him first as clerk in the store of Spotswood Wilkinson, afterwards as a partner of the mercantile house of Landes, Rothrock, and Baker, and lastly as a partner of James H. Carson in the goods business of a little place called New York on the Cumberland River some twelve miles below Clarksville, Tennessee.  He was from Greenville, Kentucky, and was, I think, trained to business by James Weir, a veteran merchant of Greenville, who was one of the best known and most successful merchants of early times in the Green River country.  Mr. Rothrock went to Cadiz in about 1833, and in 1834 married my youngest sister, Sarah Thompson, [who was] afterwards Mrs. Stanley Thomas, and in 1838 died in Cadiz of consumption, after nearly a year's confinement to his bed. Two children were the result of this marriage.  One daughter, Emily, an amiable and sweet girl, who afterwards married Mark Smith and died in Cadiz in about 1860; and a son, John, a kind-hearted boy, who grew to manhood and died in Cadiz in about 1861-- I having taken him with me to Louisiana in his boyhood and had him educated, after which he returned to Kentucky.

Mr. Rothrock was a man of many peculiarities.  He had a large amount of personal pride.  He dressed well, in exceeding good taste, and was neat and cleanly in person.  He was polished in manners but cold and distant.  He was a decided critic and had but few associates, because very few came up to his standard of social and intellectual worth.  He was moral and strictly honest.  He boasted on his accomplishment as a scribe, and his qualifications as a bookkeeper.  He was a thorough accountant, and his chirography was superior.  He, too, was something of a literary character, at least was very fond of reading, and read a great deal-would rather read than sell goods when a merchant.  He was a great admirer of the English poets and English historians, and thought there were none equal to Hume and McCaulay.  He had certainly fine literary works and spent much money for costly standard works.

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