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Cornelis MELYN, Patroon of Staten Island
Husband:  Cornelis MELYN
Baptism:  17 Sep 1600, Antwerp, Antwerp Prov., Belgium
Death:  bef. 1674, probably New Haven, New Haven Co., CT 
Migration:  see Known Voyages of Cornelis Melyn
Father:  Andries MELYN
Marriage:  22 Apr 1627, Nieuwe Kerk [New Church], Amsterdam, North Holland Prov., Netherlands
Wife:  Johanne "Janneken / Jannetje / Jannetie" ADRIAENS / ARIENSS
Birth:  Myert, North Brabant Prov., Netherlands
Death:  1674, New Haven, New Haven Co., CT
Parents:  unknown
baptized in Amsterdam, Netherlands:
  1.  Cornelia MELYN, bap. 27 Feb 1627/8 
  2.  Joannes MELYN, bap. 27 Apr 1629
  3.  Cornelis MELYN, Jr., bap. 6 Sep 1630; d. bef. 4 Oct 1633
  4.  Cornelis MELYN, Jr., bap. 4 Oct 1633; d. Sep 1655 massacre
  5.  Abraham MELYN, bap. 27 May 1635 
  6.  Maria "Mariken" MELYN, bap. 29 Mar 1637 
  7.  Yzaak MELYN, bap. 21 Nov 1638; d. bef. 22 Jul 1646 
  8.  Jacob MELYN, bap. 17 Apr 1640 

baptised in New Amsterdam, New Netherlands: 
  9.  Sanna MELYN, bap. 14 Jun 1643 
10.  Magdalena MELYN, bap. 3 Mar 1644/5 
11.  Yzaak MELYN, bap. 22 Jul 1646 

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1.  A series of six papers by Paul Gibson Burton published in the New York Genealogical and Biographical Record under the titles, "The Antwerp Ancestry of Cornelis Melyn" (1936, 67:157-164, 67:246-255) and "Cornelis Melyn, Patroon of Staten Island and Some of His Descendants" (1937, 68:3-17, 68:132-146, 68:217-231, 68:357-365).

2.  "The Melyn Papers, 1640-1699," pages 97-138 in Collections of the New York Historical Society for the Year 1913, published in 1914 by the New York Historical Society.  Each Melyn document has been extracted from this collection and posted to the MELYN Biographies and Deeds boards at GenConnect [now the Ancestry.com message boards] under the following titles (in chronological order):
        Deed for Staten Island, 1640 (Cornelis MELYN)
        Agreement between Cornelis MELYN and Lord Nederhorst
        Grant to JORISEN & Conveyance to Cornelis MELYN of Manhattan lot
        The CUYTER-MELYN Mandamus of 28 Apr 1648
        MELYN vs. VAN DER CAPELLEN - accounting of a debt
        Power of Attorney by Janneken MELYEN, 6 Apr 1656
        Remonstrance & Petition by Cornelis MELYN, 1659
        Agreement between Cornelis MELYN & West India Co., 13 Jun 1659
        Letter from Cornelis MELYN to West India Co., ca. 1661
        Miscellanea regarding purchase of Staten Island
        Cornelis MELYN attends meeting, 23 May 1661
        West India Co. letter re: Cornelis MELYN, 27 Jan 1662
        Pronouncement by Gov. NICKOLLS to Jacob MELYN
        Jacob MELYN petitions Gov. COLVE, 1674
        Grant to Jacob MELYN by Gov. COLVE, 12 Oct 1674
        Jacob MELYN's petition, 30 Nov 1698 or 1699

3.  Chapter III, the Melyn chapter, from Baker Ancestry: the Ancestry of Samuel Baker, of Pleasant Valley, Steuben County, New York, with Some of His Descendants, self-published by Frank Baker (1914, Chicago).  Posted in seven parts on the MELYN Biographies board at GenConnect [now the Ancestry.com message boards] under the title "MELYN in 'The BAKER Ancestry'."

4.  Carl Boyer.  1978.  Ship Passenger Lists, New York & New Jersey, 1600-1825.  Selfpublished, Newhall, CA. 

5.  John O. Evjen.  1916.  Scandinavian Immigrants in New York, 1630-1674.  K.C. Holter, Minneapolis, MN.  For excerpt, click here

6.  An excerpt from  Autobiography of William Seymour Tyler, D.D.,LL.D. (self-published in 1912), posted on the Melyn Biographies board at GenConnect [now the Ancestry.com message boards] under the title "MELYN in the 'Autobiography of W.S. TYLER'."

7.  An excerpt from the Gazetteer of the State of New York, by J.H. French (1860, R. Pearsall Smith, Syracuse, NY) posted on the Melyn Biographies board at GenConnect [now the Ancestry.com message boards] under the title "Brief History of Staten Island." 

8.  Betrothal Certificate of Cornelis Melijn and Jannetie Arienss (courtesy of JBC). 

9.  Emails from Joanna Baxter Curtis.

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