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Simeon Marshall McCLINTOCK
Mary Emily STROUP
Husband:  Simeon Marshall McCLINTOCK
Birth:  1855/6
Death:  21 Mar 1916, Franklin, Venango Co., PA
Occupation:  oil worker
Father:  Alexander McCLINTOCK
Wife:  Mary Emily "Mollie" STROUP
Birth:  3 May 1866, possibly Rockland Twp., Venango Co., PA 
Father:  Daniel Yhost STROUP
Mother:  Harriet BURGWIN
Children born in Franklin, Venango Co., PA:
  1.  William M. McCLINTOCK, b. 16 Mar 1890; d. 1949
  2.  Mildred Louise McCLINTOCK, b. 21 Dec 1891; d. 1950
  3.  Irene McCLINTOCK, b. 27 Jan 1893; d. 1918
  4.  Ruth Olive McCLINTOCK, b. 3 Jan 1895; d. 1927
  5.  Margaret McCLINTOCK, b. 24 Mar 1896; d.s.p. 11 Nov. 1897
  6.  Morgan McCLINTOCK, b. 24 Apr 1898; d. 14 Feb 1953
  7.  Mary McCLINTOCK, b. 15 Mar 1899; d.s.p. 10 Aug 1899
  8.  Plumer McCLINTOCK, b. 7 Mar 1900; d. ca. 18 Jan 1980
  9.  Helen McCLINTOCK, b. 24 Mar 1902
10.  Paul Earl McCLINTOCK, b. 3 Jun 1904; d. 5 Jan 1980
11.  Florence McCLINTOCK, b. 28 Dec 1906
12.  Miller Vance "Buss" McCLINTOCK, b. 5 Dec 1909; d. 11 Aug 1988
13.  Dorothy Almeda McCLINTOCK, b. 3 Dec 1913

Not all sources agree that they had a son, Robert.  If they did have such a son, he must have predeceased his father.
14.  Robert McCLINTOCK


1.  Posted by Mary Edwards in the Venango County, PA, Genealogy Forum at GenForum (reformatted):
Oil City Derrick
Wednesday, 22 March 1916, page 8, columns 1 and 2
S.M. McClintock Dies.
Succumbs to Injuries Received When Arm was Mangled at the Eclipse Works Sunday.
Franklin, Pa., March 21. (Special) - 
  At 12:30 o'clock this afternoon Simeon M. McClintock, aged 50, who had his right arm so badly crushed in an accident at the Eclipse works late Sunday night that it had to be amputated, passed away at the Franklin hospital.  The cause of death was said to have been internal hemorrhages.  The shock, it is also thought, proved too much for him.  It will be recalled that he was in the act of starting a pump when he slipped and fell against another one already in motion.  His right arm was so badly mangled that it had to be taken off.
  Mr. McClintock was the son of Mr. and Mrs. Alexander McClintock and was born in Franklin, where he spent his entire life. For more that 25 years he had been employed at the Eclipse Oil works, being a pumper for the past 18 years.  He leaves a wife, who was Mollie Stroup, and 11 children, as follows: William, of St. Petersburg; Mrs. Ralph Scannell, Mrs. Asa C. Pyle, Mildred, Morgan, Plumer, Helen, Florence, Paul, Miller, and Dorothy, all of Franklin. Two brothers and three sisters also survive, as follows: George, of Cairo, W. Va.; Mrs. D.B. Lay, of Urbana, Ohio; Mary, Daisy and Carl, of Franklin. 
  Mr. McClintock was a substanial and respected citizen. He was a thoroughly trustworthy and reliable workman and stood high in the regard of his employer.  In his younger days he was quite an athlete and had considerable reputation locally as a baseball player.   His tragic death will cause general regret.
  The body was taken to the Park's undertaking rooms this afternoon and this evening was removed to the home.  Funeral arrangements will not be completed until tomorrow.

2.  Messages in the Venango County, PA, Genealogy Forum at GenForum.

3.  Messages in the Stroup Family Genealogy Forum at GenForum.

4.  Message No. 454 from Norma Mahaney in the McClintock Family Genealogy Forum at GenForum, who kindly provided birth and death dates for the children.

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