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Hannah __?__
Husband:  John LYON
Birth:  ca. 1690, Greenwich, Fairfield Co., CT
Death:  Jul/Aug 1749, Byram Neck, Fairfield Co., CT
Will signed:  14 Jul 1749
Will proved:  10 Aug 1749
Father:  John LYON
Mother:  Ms. __?__
Wife:  Hannah __?__
Other Spouse:  m1. Joseph BANKS
Children born in Fairfield Co., CT:
1.  John LYON, b. 18 Nov 1713; d. ca. 1790; m. Mary MILLER
2.  Roger LYON, b. 14 Dec 1715; d. 13 May 1797; m. Mary WILLSON / WILSON
3.  Elizabeth LYON, b. 12 Jan 1717/8; m. Thomas Starr TREADWELL
4.  James LYON, b. 31 May 1720; d. 1804; m. Martha LYON
5.  Gilbert LYON, b. 10 Mar 1722; d. bef 1798; m. Mary _____
6.  Ruth LYON, b. 10 Jul 1724; m. Abraham BUSH
7.  Sarah LYON, b. 10 Dec 1727
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1.  Marriage Record:

2.  Miller, Robert B. & Albert Brown Lyons, eds.  1907. Lyon Memorial III:  New York Families Descended from the Immigrant Thomas Lyon of Rye.  Self-published. [W. Graham Printing Co., Detroit, MI.]  539 pp.  (facsimile reprint available from Higginson Books; online at Ancestry.com):
p. 53 24. III. 5. JOHN3 LYON [John2, Thomas1], born Greenwich, Conn.; lived and died at Byram Neck; will dated July 14, 1749; probated New York, Aug. 10, 1749.  He married Hannah, widow of Joseph Banks (No. 13).*  Feb. 10, 1713-4 John Lyon Sr. deeded land to his son John Lyon of Greenwich.  Sept. 10, 1741 John Lyon and wife Hannah of Greenwich deeded land to son in law Joseph Banks, son and heir to Joseph Banks, late of Greenwich.  Jan. 25, 1718-9, John Lyon was Executor in will of Thomas Merritt of Rye.  June 27, 1719, he was administrator to estate of Samuel Banks of Rye, whom he calls "uncle."  In his will he leaves to wife Hannah [hanah] the use of the house and barn and four acres of land adjoining.  To his eldest son John he leaves the house at Greenwich "where he now lives" and half of "the land that I have on Byram Neck adjoining to the River," also "my young negro Jeffery, which he had some time before."  To his son James he leaves "Mary's Hill" on Byram Neck and "Samuel Banks Lott," also "my negro boy Hector."  To his son Roger he leaves land on Calves Island "and all my salt meadow" and "my right in the undivided lands in Rye," also "my negro Mack which lives with him."  To his son Gilbert he leaves the farm where he himself resided, with house and barn and four acres adjoining after his wife's decease, also two timber lots the other side of Byram River.  To his son in law Abraham Bush he leaves "the saw-pitts Lott now in his possesson."  Executors are to sell the land at "Cacaet" (Kakiate, or New Hempstead, now Clarkstown) and in the patent of Peter Fanconier for his three daughters, Elizabeth, wife of Thomas Starr Treadwell, Ruth, wife of Abrham Bush and Sarah, wife of Elnathan Mead,
I could find no footnote to go with the asterisk.
p. 54 to whom other bequests are also made.  A bequest of £30 is made to Mary the daughter of son John, to be paid to her when of age or at her marriage.  "The negroes that Treadwell and Bush have at their respective houses to be deemed and accounted as part of my moveable estate" and "my old negro Betty to be maintained during her life out of the estate."  Executors, wife Hannah, son John Lyon and son in law Thomas Treadwell.  Witnesses:  J. Wetmore, Cor. Flamen, Ebenezer Edwards.

Children of John and Hannah (_____) Lyon (Bible record of births is extant):
  *59.   I.   John; b. Nov. 18, 1713 (T.R.); d. about 1790; m. Mary Miller.
  *60.   II.   Roger; b. Dec. 14, 1715 (Dec. 15, T.R.); d. May 13, 1797; m. Mary Willson.
  *61.   III.   Elizabeth; b. Jan. 12, 1717-8; m. Thomas Starr Treadwell.
  *62.   IV.   James; b. May 31, 1720; d. 1804; m. Martha Lyon (No. 100).
  *63.   V.   Gilbert; b. March 10, 1722; d. before 1798; m. Mary _____.
  *64.   VI.   Ruth; b. July 10, 1724; m. Abraham Bush.
  *65.   VII.   Sarah; b. Dec. 10, 1727; m. bef. 1749 Elnathan Mead (b. Feb. 11, 1698).

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