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Dea. Benjamin KELLOGG
Elizabeth BROWN
Elizabeth WEBSTER
Husband:  Benjamin KELLOGG
Birth:  ca. Jan 1701/2, Hartford, Hartford Co., CT
Death:  22 Aug 1757, Canaan, Litchfield Co., CT
Father:  Dea. Samuel KELLOGG (1662-1717) Joseph3, Martin2, Phillippe1
Mother:  Sarah MERRILL (1664-1719)
Marriage-1:  9 Nov 1721, Hartford, Hartford Co., CT
Wife-1:  Abigail SEDGWICK
Birth:  23 Feb 1702/3, Hartford, Hartford Co., CT
Father:  Capt. Samuel SEDGWICK
Mother:  Mary HOPKINS
Wife-2:  Elizabeth BROWN
Wife-3:  Elizabeth WEBSTER
Children with Abigail SEDGWICK born in Hartford, Hartford Co., CT:
  1.  Margaret KELLOGG, bap. 17 Feb 1723, West Hartford, Hartford Co., CT
  2.  Benjamin KELLOGG, bap. 11 Oct 1724, West Hartford, Hartford Co., CT; m. Comfort THOMPSON
  3.  John KELLOGG, bap. 4 Sep 1726, West Hartford, Hartford Co., CT; m. Union STODDARD
  4.  Abigail KELLOGG, b. Sep 1728; m. Charles BURRALL
  5.  Maria KELLOGG, b. ca. 1731; d. 21 Aug 1748, Harwinton, Litchfield Co., CT
  6.  Samuel KELLOGG, b. 9 Jun 1734; m. Chloe BACON
  7.  Thankful KELLOGG, b. ca. 1736, Hartford, Hartford Co., CT
  8.  Jerusha KELLOGG, b. ca. 1738; m. Daniel KELLOGG
Children with Elizabeth BROWN born in Canaan, Litchfield Co., CT:
  9.  Anna KELLOGG, b. ca. 1745
10.  Nehemiah KELLOGG, b. 4 Mar 1747; resided in Poultney, Rutland Co., VT
11.  Mary KELLOGG, b. 17 Jan 1749
12.  Ebenezer KELLOGG, b. 25 Oct 1750; m. Filena FULLER; no issue
13.  Molly KELLOGG, b. ca. 1751; m. Joel DEMMING
14.  Elizabeth KELLOGG, b. 15 Mar 1753; m1. Ebenezer SMITH; m2. David CLARK
Children with Elizabeth WEBSTER:
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1.  Timothy Hopkins.  1903.  The Kelloggs in the Old World and the New.  2 vols.  Self-published [Sunset Press and Photo Engraving Co., San Francisco, CA] (online at Ancestry.com):
Vol. I, p. 39 28.  SAMUEL,4 son of Lieut. Joseph3 (17), b. in Hadley, 28 Sept., 1662; m. in Hartford, 22 Sept., 1687, Sarah Merrill, b. 19 Sept., 1664...  He d. 1717; she d. 1719...
Vol. I, p. 67 90.  DEACON BENJAMIN,5 son of Deacon Samuel4 (28), b. in Hartford about Jan., 1701-02; m. (1), in Hartford, 9 Nov., 1721, Abigail Sedgwick, b. 3 Feb., 1702, dau. of Capt. Samuel Sedgwick, and sister of Mary Sedgwick, wh m. Lieut. Jacob Kellogg (+89).

She d. _____; he m. (2) Elizabeth Brown; she d. _____; he m. (3) Elizabeth Webster; d. in Canaan, Conn., 22 Aug., 1757...

Children by first wife.
  368   MARGARET,6 bap. in West Hartford, 17 Feb., 1723...
+ 369   BENJAMIN,6 bap. in West Hartford, 11 Oct., 1724; m. Comfort Thompson.
+ 370   JOHN,6 bap. in West Hartford, 4 Sept., 1726; m. Union Stoddard.
+ 371   ABIGAIL,6 b. Sept., 1728; m. Charles Burrall.
  372   MARIA,6 b. about 1731; d. 21 Aug., 1748, in Harwinton, Conn.
+ 373   SAMUEL,6 b. 9 June, 1734; m. Chloe Bacon.
  374   THANKFUL,6 b. _____; m. Daniel Hopkins.
  375   JERUSH,6 b. _____; m. her cousin, Daniel Kellogg (+387).

Children by second wife, b. in Canaan.
  376   ANNA,6 b. _____.
  377   NEHEMIAH,6 b. 4 Mar., 1747; res. in Poultney, Vt.
  378   MARY,6 b. 17 Jan., 1749; d. _____.
  379   EBENEZER,6 b. in Canaan, Conn., 25 Oct., 1750; m. Filena Fuller; she d. _____; had no children...

Vol. I, p. 68 ...
  380   MOLLY,6 b. _____; m. Joel Demming.
+ 381   ELIZABETH,6 b. 15 Mar., 1753; m. (1) Ebenezer Smith; (2) David Clark.

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