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Stephen JONES
Martha __?__
Husband:  Stephen JONES
Birth:  certainly by 1720, more likely by 1710
Wife:  Martha __?__
Sarah "Sally" JONES, b. 26 Jul 1737, VA 
Andrew JONES, b. ca. 1730s

Year Location Event (Events tinted in orange may not be our subject.)
    birth of Stephen JONES
    birth of Martha __?__
    marriage of Stephen JONES & Martha __?__
1737 VA birth of daughter, Sarah
1744 VA: Louisa Co. Stephen JONES loses judgment
1750 VA: Lunenburg Co. Stephen JONES, tithable
1767 NC: Mecklenburg Co. [now SC: Cherokee Co.]: Thickety Ck. Stephen JONES, surveyed land for John NUCKOLS
1770 NC: Tryon Co. [included SC: Cherokee Co.] Stephen JONES v. Thomas PRICE
1770 NC: Tryon Co. [included SC: Cherokee Co.] Stephen JONES v. James PRICE
1770 NC: Tryon Co. [included SC: Cherokee Co.] Stephen JONES conveys 150 a. [W ½ of 300 a.] to John JOHNSTON
1771 SC: Craven [now Cherokee] Co.: Thickety Ck. Stephen JONES sells 150 a. [E ½ of 300 a.] to Henry CLARK
1776 Revolutionary War Began
1779 SC: Ninety-Six District: Spartan District Stephen JONES on petit-jury list
1783 Revolutionary War Ended


1a.  Broderbund.  1995.  Marriage Index: AL, GA, SC, 1641-1944 (Broderbund CD-3):  not found.

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p. 1709
(Louisa County Court)

Isaac Winston, Pltf. vs Stephen Jones, Deft. for £3:0:7d: due by promissary note. Judgment for Pltf. July 9, 1744.

This may or may not be our subject, though being sued seems to be our subject's lifestyle.

.  Landon C. Bell.  1931.  Sunlight on the Southside: Lists of Tithes, Lunenburg County, Virginia, 1748-1783. Clearfield, Baltimore, MD (reprinted 1974, Genealogical Publ. Co., Baltimore, MD; transcribed by Thomas Walter Duda and online in the Archives of the Lunenburg County VAGenWeb site).  For a longer extraction including other potential kin, see this excerpt.
p. 133 For 1750, List Taken by Cornelius Cargill, "from the Fork to the upper line of the County"...
Thomas Blanks
  Stephen Jones
  William Blanks.............3 Tithes
In 1750, Lunenburg County included the following current counties:  Lunenburg, Mecklenburg, Halifax, Charlotte, Pittsylvania, Henry, Patrick, Franklin, nearly all of Bedford, most of Campbell, and a large part of Appomattox.

.  Brent H. Holcomb.  1980.  North Carolina Land Grants in South Carolina. A. Press, Inc., Columbia, SC (republ. 1986 by Genealogical Publ. Co., Baltimore, MD; repub. 2000 by Broderbund as CD-517):
p. 100 Mecklenburg County...
NUCKOLS, JOHN File no. 2375; Gr. no. 135; Bk. 23, p. 205
Plat: Aug 8, 1767, Surveyed for John Nuckols, 400 A on both sides Thickety ... Stephen Jones line ... David Robersons line ... Zach Bullock, Joab Mitchell, Stephen Jones, CB. Iss. 28 Apr 1768

.  Brent H. Holcomb.  1994.  Tryon County, North Carolina, Minutes of the Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions, 1769-1779. SCMAR, Columbia, SC (online at Ancestry.com):
p. ? April Term, 1770...

Stephen Jones vs Thomas Price. Case.
The Petty Jury
1 John Laughlin; 2 Wm Hagerty; 3 Matt'w Porter; 4 Peter Kuykendal; 5 Wm Burns; 6 John Conner[?]; Rob't Gordon 7; And'w Patrick 8; John Chattim[?] 9; Jos Duff 10; Wm. Wilson 11; Abel Beaty 12.
Jury Impanneled & Sworn. The Pltff being Called Suffered a Nonsuit.

Stephen Jones vs James Price. Case.
Same Jury.
Jury Impanneled & Sworn. The Plff being called Suffered a nonsuit.

.  Brent Holcomb.  1977.  Deed Abstracts of Tryon, Lincoln & Rutherford Counties, North Carolina, 1769-1786, Tryon County Wills & Estates.  Southern Historical Press, Greenville, SC:
p. 18 Pp. 232-233: 5 July 1770, STEPHEN JONES of Tryon Co., to JOHN JOHNSTON, half brother of sd. STEPHEN JONES, of same, for natural love and affection ... 150 A, being the westward part of land granted to sd. STEPHEN for 300 A adj. ZACHARIAH BULLOCK & ANDW. JONES... STEPHEN JONES (SEAL), Wit: JAMES FORSYTH, ANDREW JONES. Rec. July Term 1770.
p. 19 Page 244: 5 July 1770, STEPHEN JONES of Tryon Co., to ANDREW JONES, son of sd. STEPHEN, for natural love and affection... 1/2 of tract on Thicketty Creek, 150 A, part of 300 A granted to sd. STEPHEN JONES adj. JOHN NICHOLS... STEPHEN JONES (SEAL), Wit: JAMES FORSYTH, ANDREW JONES. Rec. July Term 1770.

.  Clara A. Langley.  c1930s.  South Carolina Deed Abstracts, 1719-1772.  4 vols.  Works Progress Administration, Washington, DC (repub. c1983/84 by Southern Historical Press, Easley, SC; courtesy of Ruth Fish):
Vol. IV Book W-3, pp. 349-351, 10 Jul 1771.
Stephen Jones and Martha his wife of Craven County to Henry Clark of Tryon County, North Carolina for 350 Lbs SC money, 150 acres, the E. part of 300 acres in Craven County SC on Thicketty Creek, a branch of Broad River, granted 25 Sep 1766 to Stephen Jones; bounding on all sides on vacant land.  Wit: Ichabod Clark, Andrew Jones, Henry Kerr.  Before Joseph Brown, JP.  Recorded 11 Nov 1771 by Henry Rugeley, Registrar.

.  Brent H. Holcomb.  1993.  South Carolina Deed Abstracts, 1773-1778, Books F-4 through X-4.  SCMAR, Columbia, SC:
p. 211 V-4, 390-392: 30 June 1772, Henry Clark of Craven County, SC, to John Nuckols of same, for £35 Proc. money of America, 150 acres on Thicketty Creek being the land said Clark purchased of Stephen Jones part of tract granted to Stephen Jones by patent whereon the said Clarke now lives.  Henry Clark (LS), Wit: William Sims, George Hide (+). Proved in Craven County by the oath of George Hide, 7 Jul 1772, before Jo. Brown. Recorded 25 Aug 1777.

.  Ge Lee Corley Hendrix & Morn McKoy Lindsay.  1975. The Jury Lists of South Carolina, 1778-1779.  Self-published, Greenville, SC (republ. 1980 by Genealogical Publ. Co., Baltimore, MD; Broderbund CD-517):
p. 100

Samuel Thompson...
John Thompson...

p. 101 Henry Clark...
Samuel Bird...
Charles Jones...
John Johnston...
p. 102 Benjamin Woodson...
Turner Roundtree
Richardson Roundtree...
John Hayes...
Stephen Jones...
p. 103 Adam McCord
William Clark...
John Jones...
Henry Clark...
James Johnston...
William Jones...
Zachr Bullock...
Jonathan Gilky
John Johnston...
John Moseley...
William Gillam
John Nuckols...
John Thompson...
John Clark...
p. 104 Ratified by the General Assembly
in the Senate-House the 20th day of February 1779

Census Index:  Colonial America, 1607-1789 (Broderbund CD-310):
1779 Jones, Stephen SC Ninety-six Dist.
The CD gives no indication what the source record was, but it was probably the petit-jury list above.

.  Brent H. Holcomb.  1996.  South Carolina Deed Abstracts, 1783-1788, Books I-5 through Z-5.  SCMAR, Columbia, SC:
p. 104 N-5, 152-154: Lease and release. South Carolina, Ninety Six District. 17 & 18 Oct 1778, Capt. John Nuckols of Thicketty Creek, to Andrew Jones, son of Stephen Jones, of Thicketty Creek, for £500 SC money, tract on which Stephen Jones now lives on Thicketty Creek, 150 acres, part of 300 acres granted to said Stephen Jones adj. land of John Johnson, Capt. John Nuckols. Jno Nuckols (LS), Wit: Jas. Martin, John Shippey. Proved in Ninety Six District by the oath of John Shippey before William Wofford, J.P., 29 Nov 1778. 
N-5, 156-158: Lease and release. 20 & 21 Feb 1784, Andrew Jones of SC, Ninety Six District, to John Thompson of same state and district, for £600 SC money, 150 acres on both sides Thicketty Creek, the east end of 300 acres which was granted to his father Stephen Jones and conveyed by sd. Stephen Jones to Andrew Jones. Andrew Jones (O) (LS), Wit: Solomon Mangum, Obediah Oliphant. Proved in 96 Distrct by the oath of Solomon Mangum before Charles Miles, J.P., 1 Jan 1785. Recorded 8 Jan 1785.
p. 105 N-5, 158-160: Lease and release. 14 & 15 Jan 1782, John Johnston of Thicketty Creek, SC, to John Thompson of Thicketty Creek, planter, for £2000 SC money, tract whereon said John Johnston now lives on both sides of Thicketty Creek, 100 acres adj. land of Jonathan Mulky, part of tract conveyed to Stephen Jones adj. land of Andrew Jones, Zachariah Bullock. John Johnson (LS), Wit: William Wilkins, Andrew Jones. Proved in Ninety Six District by the oath of Wm Wilkins before Thomas Brandon, J.P., 5 June 1784. Recorded 8 Jan 1785.

Other sources probably not pertaining to our subject:

Census Index:  Colonial America, 1607-1789 (Broderbund CD-310):
1741 Jones, Stephen NJ Hunterdon Co. Maidenhead Twp. 53  
1762 Jones, Stephen, son of Edwd NC Rowan Co.      
1772 Jones, Stephen NC Surry Co.      
1782 State Census Jones, Stephen VA Halifax Co.   23 05-00
1782 State Census Jones, Stephen VA Mecklenburg Co.   34 07-05
1786 Tax List Jones, Stephen VA [now WV] Greenbrier Co.      

.  F.C. Symonds.  1981.  "Womack Records."  Pages 857-878 in Genealogies of Virginia Families: from the Virginia Magazine of History and Biography. Genealogical Publ. Co., Baltimore, MD  (Broderbund CD-162; online at GenealogyLibrary.com):
Vol., V
p. 867
Halifax County, Va. Marriage Bonds, page 8. Abraham Womack and Tabitha Neudson, dated Oct. 17, 1785.  Bondsman -- Fred Vaughan. Witnesses -- Frederick Vaughan, Stephen Jones. Signer of Certificate -- Tabley Neudson (self).

1790 Census Index and Digital Images (online at Ancestry.com; Image #3 of 11; extracted by Diana Gale Matthiesen):
1790 SC [Ninety-Six District] Laurens Co. p. 433 Ln. 32 Stephen Jones 1-0-1-0-0
These data indicate:
Gender and Type Age Class Therefore Born Individuals Inferred
1 free white males 16 or over in or bef. 1774 = Stephen
1 free white females all ages in or bef. 1790 = wife?
I doubt this is our subject, who has probably passed away by this time.  This is the only Stephen JONES in SC.

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