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George B. HOVIS
Ann Elizabeth Catharine HOYLE
Husband:  George B. HOVIS
Birth:  ca. 1733
Father:  Tobias Frederick HOVIS
Mother:  Margaratha __?__
Marriage:  1759
Wife:  Ann Elizabeth Catharine HOYL / HOYLE
Birth:  1737, Frederick Co., MD
Death:  7 Nov 1832, Lincoln [now Gaston] Co., NC
Father:  Johann Pieter / Peter HEYL
Mother:  Catharine DALES
Children born in NC:
.  Margaret HOVIS, b. 18 Aug 1763; d. 18 Aug 1832; m. John HOFFMAN

.  Frederick HOVIS, b. ca. 1770; m. 5 Feb 1793, Lincoln Co., NC, Mary "Polly" RUDISILL
.  Susannah HOVIS, b. ca. 1773; m. 23 Jun 1792, Lincoln Co., NC, Peter HOYL
.  George B. HOVIS, Jr., b. ca. 1777; m. 3 Feb 1800, Lincoln Co., NC, Eve CLONINGER

John A. HOVIS, b. 1768 
.  Andrew HOVIS, b. 1770
.  Peter HOVIS, b. 1772
.  Michael HOVIS, b. 1774
Sarah HOVIS, b. 1776

The even spacing of Rucker's (1938) birthyears suggests they're estimates, and experience has shown that she was guessing wildly at the dates she gives.  Therefore, lacking better estimates, I have used the children's marriage year as an estimation of their birthyear (because the average male marries at age 23 and the average female at age 19).

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1.  D.L. Murray & N.R. Murray.  1995.  Marriage Index:  MD, NC, VA, 1624-1915 (Broderbund CD-4):
- - -
Hoyl, Peter Hovis, Sosana 23 Jun 1792 Lincoln Co. NC
Hovis, Frederick Rudicill, Polly 5 Feb 1793 Lincoln Co. NC
Hoves, George Jr Cloninger, Eve 3 Feb 1800 Lincoln Co. NC

1.  Jordan R. Dodd, ed.  1993.  North Carolina Marriages:  Early to 1850.  Liahona Research, Orem, UT (Broderbund CD-229):
- - - - Co.
Hoyl, Peter Hovis, Sosanna 23 Jun 1792 Lincoln
Hovis, Franklin Rudicill, Polly 5 Feb 1793 Lincoln Co.
Hovis, George Jr. Cloninger, Eve 3 Feb 1800 Lincoln Co.

2.  Elizabeth Hoyle Rucker.  c1938.  The Genealogy of Peiter Heyl and His Descendants, 1110-1936...  Zolliecoffer Jenks Thompson et al., Shelby, NC (online at HeritageQuest at Genealogy.com):
p. 38 5 ELIZABETH HOYL, b. 1737, m. 1759, George Hovis, Sr., pioneer of the Hovis family.  Their farm was near the old Peiter Heyl place, and was of considerable extent, reaching a good distance up both river and creek.  George Hovis conveyed a part of this large farm to his son, Frederick Hovis, who lived there many years, until he sold it and moved to Lincoln County, Tennessee.
Her children:
  Frederick Hovis...  35 ...  b 1760.
George Hovis Jr...  36 ...  b 1762.
Margaret Hovis....  37 ...  Aug. 18, 1763.
Susannah Hovis....  38 ...  b 1766.
John Hovis........  39 ...  b 1768.
Andrew Hovis......  40 ...  b 1770.
Peter Hovis....... 41 ...  b 1772.
Michael Hovis.....  42 ...  b 1774.
Sarah Hovis.......  43 ...  b 1776.
As a source, Rucker has been demonstrated over and over that she was guessing wildly at dates.

3.  WorldConnect / Ancestry World Trees (online at RootsWeb.com/Ancestry.com).

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