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Martin HORN
Drusilla MELICK
Husband:  Martin HORN
Birth:  4 Oct 1811, Washington Co., PA
Death said to be:  1 Jul 1896, "Wyaconda, Scotland Co., MO" or "Etna, Clark Co., MO" (but see Source 1)
Father:  Martin HORN
Mother:  Margaret WILKINS
Marriage:  6 Apr 1837, Knox Co., OH
Wife:  Drusilla MELICK
Birth:  1816/7, OH
Father said to be:  Jonas MELICK
Mother said to be:  Nancy ROSE
Children These two girls were born before Martin and Drusilla were married.  Are they his children from a former wife?  Adopted nieces?  Youngest siblings of Martin's?  I cannot find an earlier marriage for either Martin or Drusilla:
1.  (Female A) HORN, b. 1830-35, OH
2.  Margaret HORN, b. 8 Jan 1837, Bladensburg, Knox Co., OH; d. 19 Dec 1863, Etna, Scotland Co., MO; m. 9 Feb 1861, Clark Co., MO, Cornelius VAN PATTEN
Children with Drusilla MELICK born Jackson Twp., Knox Co., OH:
3.  Nancy HORN, b. 1838/9; d. 5 Oct 1915 in Shiocton, Outagamie Co., WI; m1. Mr. WILDER; m2. 23 May 1866, Cornelius VAN PATTEN
4.  Aaron HORN, b. 1840/1
5.  Isaac HORN, b. 1842/3
6.  Amos HORN, b. 1845/6
7.  James K. HORN, b. 1848/9

Said to have had a son, Thomas, b. ca. 1839, but there is no Thomas with them in the 1850 Census.


1.   AniMap Plus: County Boundary Historical Atlas: with "SiteFinder," U.S. Place Name Database and U.S. Cemetery Database. (On CD.) Gold Bug Software, Alamo, CA.
Wyaconda is in Clark Co., MO, and Etna is in Scotland Co, MO.  The towns of Etna and Wyaconda are only about three miles apart, on opposite sides of the Clark-Scotland county line.  In 1836, Clark County was formed from non-incorporated land; and, in 1841, Scotland Co. was formed from non-incorporated land west of and adjacent to Clark Co.  In other words, Scotland Co. was not formed from Clark Co., nor vice versa, so neither town was ever in the other county. 

2.  Liahona Research (Orem, UT), compilers.  1996.  Marriage Index:  Ohio, 1789-1850 (Broderbund CD-400):
Horn, Martin Melick, Drusilla Apr 6, 1837 Knox Co.

3.  Family Quest Archives:  Ohio Federal Census 1840:  Knox County.  Heritage Quest CD M704-406 (extracted by Diana Gale Matthiesen):
1840 OH Knox Co. Jackson Twp. p. 399B Martin Horn 000 110 000- 210 010 100
These data indicate:
No. & Sex Age Class Therefore Born Individuals Inferred
1 male 15-19 1820-1825 = ?
1 male 20-29 1810-1820 = Martin (b. 1811) 
2 females 4 or under 1835-1840 = Nancy (b. 1838/9)
= Margaret (b. 1837)
1 female 5-9 1830-1835 = ?
1 female 20-29 1810-1820 = Drusilla (b. 1816/7)
1 female 40-49 1790-1800 = ? (Drusilla's mother?) 
Martin's father is still alive, so the older woman living with them is unlikely to be Martin's mother.  Drusilla's, perhaps?  And is the teen-age boy Drusilla's youngest brother?  Because he is too old to be a child of either Martin or Drusilla.  Or is this Thomas (b. ca. 1839) and the census-taker has tallied him in the wrong column?  Otherwise, Thomas is missing.  Both Margaret and the older girl were born before Martin and Drusilla married.  Are they children from a former marriage?  I can find no earlier marriage for either Martin or Drusilla.

4.  Family Quest Archives:  Ohio Federal Census 1850: Knox County.  Heritage Quest CD M432-700:  Jackson Twp., Knox Co., OH, p. 377A, 2177/2234, enumerated 14 Sep 1850 (extracted by Diana Gale Matthiesen):
Martin Horn 39 M Farmer 6000 Penn
Drusilla " 33 F     Ohio
Margaret " 13 F      do
Nancy    " 11 F      do
Aaron    "  9 M      do
Isaac    "  7 M      do
Amos     "  4 M      do
James K  "  1 M      do
Living three doors down from John MELICK (age 60), whom I would have assumed to be Drusilla's father, except the LDS AF and WorldConnect both give Jonas & Nancy (ROSE) MELICK as her parents.

5.  LDS.  Family Search: Internet Genealogy Service:  AF - Ancestral File (online at FamilySearch.org).

6.  WorldConnect (online at RootsWeb.com).

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