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Lucinda STUART
Husband:  Samuel HOPSON
Birth:  16 Mar 1792, Rutherford Co., NC
Death:  29 July 1847, Hempstead Co., AR
Father:  William HOPSON
Mother:  Mary "Polly" __?__
Marriage:  8 Jan 1815, Christian Co., KY
Wife:  Lucinda STUART
Birth:  9 Aug 1798, Hopkinsville, Christian Co., KY
Death:  24 Aug 1850, Mound Prairie, Hempstead Co., AR
Father:  Col. Abraham STUART
Mother:  Mary "Polly" KUYKENDALL
  1.  Abraham Stuart HOPSON, b. 30 Sep 1815, Christian Co., KY; m1. Ms. BUSTER; m2. 6 May 1846, Hempstead Co., AR, Rebecca MOSS
  2.  William HOPSON, b. 17 Oct 1816, Christian Co., KY; m. Susan WILLIS
  3.  Mary Jane "Polly" HOPSON, b. 1 Mar 1818; d. 6 Oct 1891; bur. Hopson Cemetery, Sevier Co., AR; m. 2 Oct 1834, Hempstead Co., AR, Joseph CALDWELL
  4.  John HOPSON, b. 18 Feb 1820; d.s.p. 1820
  5.  Joseph Willis HOPSON, b. 17 Nov 1821, Hempstead Co., AR; m. 11 Aug 1848, Hempstead Co., AR, Mary V. PETTUS
  6.  Lucetta "Settie" HOPSON, b. 26 Sep 1823, Hempstead Co., AR; d. 7 Mar 1865, Sevier Co., AR; m. 24 Dec 1840, Hempstead Co., AR, Joseph S. WALKER
  7.  Neville HOPSON, b. 26 Aug 1825, Hempstead Co., AR; d. 9 Sep 1900, Sevier Co., AR; m. 1 Oct 1851, Sevier Co., AR, Anne E. PETTUS
  8.  Lunetta "Nettie" HOPSON, b. 18 Aug 1827, Hempstead Co., AR; m. Gideon CREWS
  9.  Martha C. HOPSON, b. 18 July 1829, Hempstead Co., AR; m. Carrell E. BELLAH
10.  Mildred K. HOPSON, b. 3 Jul 1831, Hemptstead Co., AR; m1. John H. CRABTREE; m2. Mr. REEVES; m3. Mr. SMITH
11.  Ninian Edward HOPSON, b. 23 Oct 1833, Hempstead Co., AR; d. 3 Jul 1863, Demapolis, AL; m1. 22 Jun 1856, Sevier Co., AR, Catherine PETTIGREW; m2. 20 Jun 1860, Sevier Co., AR, Jane WRIGHT
12.  Sarah Elizabeth HOPSON, b. 12 Oct 1835, Hempstead Co., AR; d.s.p. 1836, Hempstead Co., AR
13.  James Henry HOPSON, b. 29 Jan 1837, Hempstead Co., AR; d. near Portales, NM; m1. 9 Jun 1861, Sevier Co., AR, Naomi DAUGETT; m2. 23 Jan 1867, Marian Rebecca DENSON
14.  Benjamin W. HOPSON, b. 14 Jun 1839, Hempstead Co., AR; d. Idabel, OK; m. 25 Dec 1859, Sevier Co., AR, Martha PAULEY
15.  Eliza Y. HOPSON, b. 23 Apr 1841, Hempstead Co., AR; m. Benjamin NORWOOD
16.  Sarah Elizabeth HOPSON, b. 29 Apr 1844, Hempstead Co., AR; m1. 30 Jan 1861, Sevier Co., AR, Dr. James N. MORGAN; m2? Mr. AVERY; m3? Mr. ALFORD; m4. Capt. Dan COWLING
17.  Samuel E. HOPSON, b. 16 Mar 1846, Hempstead Co., AR; d. 1864, Pilot Knob, Iron Co., MO


1.  Jordan R. Dodd, ed.  1993.  Kentucky Marriages:  Early to 1850.  Liahona Research, Orem, UT (Broderbund CD-229):
Hopson, Samuel Stuart, Lucinda 8 Jan 1815 Christian Co.

2.  Ancestry World Trees (online at Ancestry.com).  Our subject is not the same Samuel HOPSON as married Sarah Jones CLARK. 

3.  Family Pedigrees: Everton's Computerized Family File, Vols. 2 & 3.  Everton Publ., (Broderbund CD-13).  Family Group Sheet #26847, dated 24 Jul 1889, submitted by Irene Owen Cook of Longview, TX.

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