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Freelove __?__
Husband:  Thomas HARRINGTON
Birth:  28 Feb 1738, Chepachet, Providence Co., RI
Death:  May 1816, Danby, Rutland Co., VT
Father:  Elisha HARRINGTON
Mother:  Susannah RUTTENBURG
Migration:  1780, to Danby, Rutland Co., VT
Wife:  Freelove ___?__
Death:  2 Aug 1720
Children born in Gloucester, Providence Co., RI:
1.  Susannah HARRINGTON, b. 15 Jul 1754; m. Moorey HARRINGTON
2.  Elisha HARRINGTON, b. 21 Aug 1758; m1. Lovica ROSS; m2. Mary BROMLEY; m3. Rebecca HILL; issue: one son, Welcome HARRINGTON
3.  Thomas HARRINGTON, Jr., b. ca. 1758; m. Susannah INMAN
4.  Sampson HARRINGTON, b. 16 Mar 1759 
5.  Lot HARRINGTON, b. ca. 1764; d. 1848; m. Sylvia SAGE
6.  Faithful HARRINGTON, b. ca. 1766; m. William BROMLEY, Jr.
7.  Freelove HARRINGTON

Some sources have Susannah and Freelove as the same person.

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1.  Marriage Record:

2.  Census Index:  Colonial America, 1607-1789 (Broderbund CD-310):
1788 Herinton, Thomas VT Bennington & Rutland Cos. Dorset & Danby p. 30
1788 Herinton, Elisha VT Bennington & Rutland Cos. Dorset & Danby p. 30
1788 Herinton, Sampson VT Bennington & Rutland Cos. Dorset & Danby p. 30
1788 Herinton, Lot VT Bennington & Rutland Cos. Dorset & Danby p. 30
1788 Herinton, Jonathan VT Bennington & Rutland Cos. Dorset & Danby p. 30
1788 Herinton, Israel VT Bennington & Rutland Cos. Dorset & Danby p. 30
Who are Jonathan and Israel?

3.  Census Index:  U.S. Selected Counties, 1790 (Broderbund CD-311):
1790 HARRINGTON, Thomas VT Rutland Co. p. 38 01-03-03-00-00
1790 HARRINGTON, Lott VT Rutland Co. p. 38 01-00-01-00-00
1790 HARRINGTON, Elisha VT Rutland Co. p. 38 01-00-01-00-00

4.  J.C. Williams.  1869.  The History and Map of Danby, Vermont.  McLean & Robbins, Rutland, VT (online at GenealogyLibrary.com):
p. 157 HARRINGTON, THOMAS, SEN, from Gloucester, R.I., in 1780, settled near where Wesley Parris now lives.  He was employed as surveyor to set off proprietor's rights and was town surveyor also for many years.  He brought a large amount of money with him when he came, and it is said that once, before starting on a visit to Rhode Island, he concealed a bag of silver coin under a stone heap.  He was absent about six months and, on his return, found the silver all right, but the bag had been eaten by the mice.  He was a man of considerable note in town affairs and was considered a man of good sense and substantial merit.  He was a selectman four years, from 1784, and rendered valuable service to the town in various other capacities.  He was possessed of rugged constitution, energetic, and well fitted to meet the exigencies incident to the hardships of life in a new settlement.  He became one of the largest landholders in the town and lived to a good old age.  He died leaving seven children: Sampson, Elisha, Lot, Thomas, Jr., Susanna, m. Moorey Harrington; Faithful, m. William Bromley, Jr., and Freelove. Sampson m. Polly Ballou, of Rhode Island, and removed to Canada where his descendants now live.
HARRINGTON, ELISHA, first m. Lovica Ross, with whom a separation occurred.  He next m., Mary, da. of William Bromley, and settled on the farm owned by John Hilliard where he lived for many years.  He was again m. to Rebecca Hill, of Wallingford.  He left one son, Welcome.
HARRINGTON, LOT, m. Sylvia Sage, and settled on the homestead.  He died in 1848.  His children were Darius, Thadeus, Elisha, Simeon, Hiram, Almeda, and Betsey, m. William Widger.  Thomas m. Julia Nicholson and removed West.  Elisha became a physician and lived in Chenango county, N.Y.  He died in 1857, leaving several children.  Darius m. Dorcas Tucker, who dying he next married Harriet Wescott.  His family numbered twelve children: Hiram, Darius, Lot, Martin, Almeda, Betsey, Abagail, Dorcas, Lovicia, Marinda, Mary and Sophronia.  Hiram was one of the 16 recruits who enlisted from this town in the Mexican war.  He died in the hospital at Vera Cruz, July 12th, 1847.
HARRINGTON, THOMAS, JR., m. Susanna Inman and resided where O.B. Hulett now lives, in the Little Village.  He built and run a grist mill there at a very early day.  He acquired considerable fame as a hunter and trapper.  Bears were quite plenty in those days and were sometimes very troublesome to the inhabitants in killing their stock.  It is said that at one time a bear came and attacked a hog and calf belonging to Thomas, in the yard near his house, and being short of bullets he hastily broke up a piece of an iron kettle with which he shot the bear.  His gun not going off the first time he touched it off with a firebrand.  From this circumstance he was ever after known as "bear Tom."  We can get no record of his family. 
HARRINGTON, WELCOME, m. Freelove, da. of Luther Colvin,
p. 158 and succeeded to the homestead.  He removed to Plattsburgh in 1824 and subsequently to West Virginia where he died in 1861, aged 84, having been twice married.  His first wife died in 1839, aged 59.  He raised a family of eight children:  Calvin, Lydia, Lovica, Anna, Ama, Esther, Elisha and Isaac.  Calvin m. Betsey Reynolds and settled in Pamela, N.Y.  Lydia m. Coonrad Decker, of Plattsburg.  Ama m. Moses H. Dexter.  Isaac m. Mary Baker and lived in Clinton county, N.Y.  Elisha m. Jerusha Potter and raised a family of seven children:  Isaac, Esther, Hiram, Elisha, Sophia, Annettee, and Angenettee m. Burt Jenks of Rupert, Vt.

5.  LDS.  Family Search: Internet Genealogy Service: Ancestral File.

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