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John FINLEY of South River
WARNING:  Our subject is being confused with the John FINLEY (c1719-1791) who married Thankful DOAK and lived on Middle River, Augusta Co., VA.  These are two different men!
Husband:  John FINLEY 
Birth:  ca. 1710, probably in PA
Death:  bef. 19 Aug 1782, Montgomery [now Wythe] Co., VA
Occupation:  miller
Father:  James FINLEY, b. 4 Dec 1688, Dublin, IRL
Mother:  Elizabeth PATTERSON, b. 16 Mar 1690

John cannot have been born as late as 1724 if he had a son in 1738/9.

Wife-1:  Ms. THOMSON
Birth:  ca. 1714, probably in PA
Death:  bef. 22 May 1750
Occupation:  homemaker
Father:  Rev. John THOMSON
Marriage-2:  by 22 May 1750
Wife-2:  Mary CALDWELL
Birth:  1728, Lancaster? Co., PA
Death:  aft. 19 Aug 1782, Montgomery [now Wythe] Co., VA
Occupation:  homemaker
Father:  T. CALDWELL
Mother:  Mary J. PARKS
Children with Ms. THOMPSON born in Augusta Co., VA:
1.  John FINLEY, b. ca. 1738/9; d. 1807; m. Sarah STEELE (1737-1808)
2.  Elisabeth / Elizabeth FINLEY; bap. 18 Jan 1740/1, Tinkling Spring; m. 5 Jan 1764, Prince Edward Co., VA, James GILLESPIE, Jr. (c1730-1792)
3.  William FINLEY, bap. 30 Jan 1743, Tinkling Spring
4.  James FINLEY; bap. 8 Mar 1747, Tinkling Spring; died young
5.  George FINLEY; bap. 4 Jan 1748, Tinkling Spring; d. 1 Aug 1809, Wayne Co., KY; m1. bef. 28 Apr 1769, Prince Edward Co., VA, Jane FULTON; m2. 29 Jun 1786, Lincoln Co., KY, Mary GAINES, d/o William GAINES & Ann STROTHER

If Sarah STEELE really was born in 1737, it's more likely John was born ca. 1733.

Child of Ms. THOMPSON or Mary CALDWELL born in Augusta Co., VA:
6.  James FINLEY, bap. 26 Mar 1749
Children with Mary CALDWELL born in Augusta Co., VA:
7.  David FINLEY, b. 1 Jun 1754
8.  Samuel FINLEY
9.  Thomas FINLEY, b. 11 Feb 1757
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Date Location Event
ca. 1710   birth of John FINLEY
    birth of Ms. THOMPSON, d/o Rev. John THOMPSON
1728 PA: Lancaster? Co. birth of Mary CALDWELL
    marriage of John FINLEY to Ms. THOMPSON
1738 VA: Augusta Co.: Beverley Manor John FINLEY in residence
1738/9   birth of son, John FINLEY
18 Jan 1740/1 VA: Augusta Co.: Tinkling Spring Church1 baptism of daughter, Elizabeth FINLEY
30 Jan 1743 VA: Augusta Co.: Tinkling Spring Church baptism of son, William FINLEY
30 Oct 1745 VA: Augusta Co. John FINLEY takes oath of office (court of law)
8 Mar 1747 VA: Augusta Co.: Tinkling Spring Church baptism of son, James FINLEY
17482 VA: Augusta Co. John FINLEY becomes Elder of Tinkling Spring Church
26 Mar 17493 VA: Augusta Co.: Tinkling Spring Church baptism of son, James FINLEY
?3   death of Mrs. (THOMPSON) FINLEY
?3   marriage of John FINLEY to Mary CALDWELL
22 May 1750 VA: Augusta Co. John & Mary FINLEY divide 892 acres and deeds portions to his brothers
1755-63 French and Indian War
Mar 1765 VA: Augusta Co. John FINLEY sells 297 acres to brother
15 Jun 1765 VA: Prince Edward Co.: Vaughan's Creek John FINLEY buys 400 acres from Jacob & Honour GARRETT
Nov 1773 VA: Montgomery [now Wythe] Co.: Reed Creek: Sally Run John FINLEY buys 327 acres from John McFARLAND
1779   John & Meary FINLEY give their property to their sons,
David and Samuel, in exchange for life care
    death of John FINLEY
19 Aug 1782 VA: Montgomery [now Wythe] Co.  Mary FINLEY gives deposition
11740-49 are the only years Tinkling Springs baptismal records are extant.
2He remains an elder until ca. 1764.
3John's first wife may have died before the birth of James, making him the child of his second wife, Mary (CALDWELL) FINLEY.


1.  Carmen J. Finley.  1995.  "The John Finley's of Augusta County, Virginia."  Finley Findings International, vol. 9, no. 2, published by Timothy Kessler, P.O. Box 314, Wynne, Arkansas 72396-0314, finley5308@aol.com (online at the Sonoma State University Library web site).

2.  Carmen J. Finley.  1995.  "John Finley of Montgomery/Wythe County, Virginia: additional children identified."  The Virginia Genealogist 39(1):3-21; 39(2):94-103; 39(3):202-212; 39(4):282-294 (online at the Sonoma County CAGenWeb site).

3.  Herald Franklin Stout.  1940.  The Clan Finley. 1st ed.  Eagle Press, Dover, OH. (2nd ed. in two vols.: Vol. 1 in 1957, Vol. 2 in 1961; available in facsimile from Higginson Books).  [not seen]  According to Carmen Finley, C.G., Ph.D., Stout's book is rife with errors and the root of many being seen among novice genealogists to this day (e.g., the LDS databases, WorldConnect, etc.).  Do not accept anything from this work without confirming it!

4.  Albert Finley France.  [1941-41]  The Clan Finley.  Unpublished manuscript, with additions by Lillian Hicks Frandsen (Feb 1962).  Contains many errors, incorporated and perpetuated by Herald Stout in his later editions.  Caveat emptor.

5.  Family: John Finley and Daughter Thompson (online at WeRelate).

6.  WorldConnect / WorldTree (online at RootsWeb.com/Ancestry.com):  many files here have the two John FINLEY's totally mixed up.

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