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William C. ELY
Husband:  William C. ELY
Birth:  5 mar 1803, Northumberland [now Columbia] Co., PA
Death:  15 Feb 1861, Fulton Co., OH
Migration:  1842, moved from Knox Co., OH, to Richland Co., OH
Migration:  1845, moved to Bloomfield Twp., Morrow Co., OH
Migration:  1849, moved to Williams [now Fulton] Co., OH
Father:  George ELY
Mother:  Joanna CAMPBELL
Marriage:  1826
Wife:  Sarah Jane CAMPBELL
Birth:  25 Sep 1806
Death:  1884 or 8 Dec 1895
1.  Joanna ELY, b. 1 May 1828
2.  Joseph ELY, b. 22 Sep 1829; d.s.p. 4 Feb 1830
3.  William C. ELY, b. 1 Apr 1831; d. 15 Feb 1861
4.  Sarah ELY, b. 6 Mar 1833
5.  Levi ELY, b. 20 May 1835, Knox Co., OH
6.  Nelson ELY, b. 10 Dec 1838; d. 14 May 1864
7.  Mary Jane ELY, b. 7 May 1843
8.  Margaret Ann ELY, b. 27 Oct 1844
9.  Lucretia Viola ELY, b. 15 Jul 1847


1.  Reuben P. Ely, Warren S. Ely, and Daniel B. Ely.  1910. An Historical Narrative of the Ely, Revell, and Stacye Families.  Fleming H. Revell, Co., New York
(online at GenealogyLibrary.com).
p. 318 (511) WILLIAM ELY, second son of George and Johanna Ely, born in Northumberland County, March 5, 1809, married Sarah Campbell in 1826, and moved to Fulton County, Ohio, about 1845 and died there in 1861.  His wife died in 1884. 

Children of William and Sarah (Campbell) Ely:-- 

940. Johanna Ely, born May 1, 1828; married Stilla Hoffman; both are deceased. Their daughter, Flora Hoffman, married, February 9, 1872, L. J. Pike, of Fayette, Ohio, who was a soldier in the Civil War. They have two daughters,--Bertie, born March 14, 1873,--now living at Los Angeles, California,--and Alma, born February 2, 1875, who married Dr. C.F. Lauderdale. They live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and have children,--Janette, born March 8, 1898, Mildred, born November 4, 1899, and Catherine, born July 20, 1904.

941. William C. Ely, born April 1, 1831; married his cousin Martha Bird, daughter of Asher and Catherine (Standback) Bird. (See No. 158.) They resided in Fulton County, Ohio. Their children were: Alice, wife of William Whetstone, Fayette, Ohio, and Lotta, wife of William Gonzales, of the same place.

942. Sarah Ely, married N.N. Gorsuch, of Fayette, Ohio, who served during the whole of the Civil War.  Their children were: William, Ross, Edward and May. 

942a. Rev. Levi Ely, born May 20, 1835, enlisted as a soldier in 1863 and served till the close of the war. He entered the ministry in 1866 and was active 

p. 319 therein until 1899, when his eyes failed him, becoming totally blind in 1891.  He was the proprietor of a paper published in the interest of the Christian Union Church in Newark, Ohio, from 1883 to 1885.  He married Sarah Earick, January 4, 1860. Their children are: Wellington Ely, born March 3, 1861, died in 1865; Wilnetta, born January 13, 1863, died in 1869; Carl Ely, born April 25, 1870, and living in Fayette, Ohio.

943. Mary J. Ely, married John Hoffman and had children: Vern and Earl. They reside in South Tacoma, Washington.

944. Margaret Ely, married Asher Lambertson. They reside in Fayette, Ohio, and have one son, Frank.

945. Lucretia Ely, born July 15, 1847, and married John Iams. They live in Fulton County and have children:  Cora, married Allen Palmer, of South Dakota; Rolla, married Libbie Ely, residence Fulton County, Ohio; Mattie, married Charles Gleason, Fulton County, Ohio, and have as children, Homer, Lulu, Sadie, and Harry, residing with their parents at Fayette, Ohio. 

2.  Query at the Knox County OHGenWeb site.

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