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James Francis DAVIS
Margaret __?__
Jane B. __?__
Husband:  James Francis DAVIS
Birth:  1743, SC
Death (intestate):  ca. 1808, Lincoln Co., KY
Migration:  1792/3, to Kentucky
Military:  Revolutionary War: Pvt., Capt. Bowman's Co., 1st NC Continental Line
Marriage-1:  bef. Oct 1765, Anson [now Mecklenberg] Co., NC
Wife-1:  Margaret __?__
Marriage-2:  bef. 1778
Wife-2:  Jane B. __?__

"B." may be the first letter of Jane's middle name, but it may also be the first letter of her maiden name.

Children with Margaret:
1.  Samuel DAVIS, b. Oct 1768

Some sources allege the following is also their son, but there is no proof that he is:
Isaac DAVIS, b. 1760-65 

Children with Jane:
2.  Richard DAVIS, b. 1779
3.  William DAVIS, b. 1780
4.  James DAVIS, Jr., b. 1790
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1.  Letter by [name withheld] dated 13 Oct 1965 (writing at the age of 87), addressed to her "Davis Cousins" (i.e., kin of Isaac DAVIS) [photocopy courtesy of my aunt, Betty Ann (Matthiesen) Cogliati].  Edited for punctuation because she sprinkled her writing liberally with ellipses, in all of which cases a comma, period, or colon would have been the normal punctuation and because, otherwise, her ellipses could not be distinguised from the ellipses I'm adding, which indicate excluded material.  My intent was to include here everything in her letter that was genealogically relevant to this family group sheet (and to exclude a lot of other material that wasn't).
...I believe we are descendants of James Francis Davis who was born 1743.  He and 3 brothers went early to Mecklenburg Co., North Carolina... He married Margaret before 1765 as they signed a deed in Meck Co.  The Davis Book lists only one son of 1st marriage: a Samuel b. 1768.  Margaret died, no year given.  13 yrs later a second marriage... So a number of children probably were born to Margaret and I think our Isaac was their son born about 1766.  The book only said probably other children than Samuel by 1st marriage...

Away back Morgan David had John, Evan and David.  David was the father of Samuel who was a noted preacher and president of Princeton College.  That is the way the name Samuel came to be used:

Evan > David > James Francis > Samuel and probably Isaac (we hope).

John > Evan > Samuel > Jefferson...

The "Davis Book" to which our correspondent refers is the next source (Davis 1927).  The other source that she must have seen is the following one given (Whitsitt 1910).  Unfortunately, both of these sources give bogus ancestries of Jefferson Davis.  But with regard to our subjects, there is no mention in the "Davis Book" that James Francis DAVIS was the father of Isaac DAVIS (h/o Sarah CLARK), nor am I aware of any proof that such is the case.  DAVIS is the sixth most common surname in the United States, and connections must be made with great care, especially when the given name is James because it is the most common male given name in the United States.  And before it appears that I am being too hard on Cousin [name withheld], she, like many others back then and to this day, was duped by the careless work of two individuals with an extreme bias towards making a connection to Jefferson Davis.  I don't blame her, I blame them (viz., H.A. Davis and W.H. Whitsitt).  But it is a lesson to all of us not to blindly accept something just because it's printed in a book.  Books are written by people, and people are fallible (including 21st-century webmasters).

2.  Harry Alexander Davis.  1927.  The Davis Family (Davies and David) in Wales and America: Genealogy of Morgan David of Pennsylvania.  Lancaster Press, Lancaster, PA.
There are problems with this book, not the least of which is a bogus descent of Jefferson Davis, President C.S.A.  The book contends that the grandfather of Jefferson Davis, namely Evan DAVIS, was a son of John DAVID, who was son of Morgan DAVID of Merion Twp., Philadelphia Co., PA, and that while Evan was born in Philadelphia, he moved to New Castle Co., DE, with his parents ca. June, 1716, which, according to the expert on Jefferson DAVIS's genealogy (see Barb, 1971, below), is simply not true.  The grandfather of Jefferson Davis was Evan DAVIS, Jr. (b. 1729, Philadelphia), son of Evan DAVIS, Sr., who was born bef. 1695 in Wales (see pedigree chart).

3.  William Heth Whitsitt.  1910.  Genealogy of Jefferson Davis and of Samuel Davies.  Neale Publ. Co., New York. 65 pp.
Whitsitt has concocted another bogus descent of Jefferson Davis, President C.S.A., in this case, contending that both Jefferson DAVIS, President CSA, and Samuel DAVIES, President of Princeton University, were descended from two brothers, John DAVIS and David DAVIS of the Welsh Tract Settlement in New Castle Co., DE.  Not true, according to the expert on Jefferson's genealogy (see next source).

4.  Kirk Bentley Barb.  1971.  "Extract from Genealogy of Jefferson Davis."  Appendix III, pp. 488-508 in Papers of Jefferson Davis, Volume 1, 1808-1840.  Haskell M. Monroe, Jr., and James T. McIntosh, eds.  Louisiana State Univ. Press, Baton Rouge.  (See Genealogy of Jefferson Davis Home Page.) 

5.  WorldConnect (online at RootsWeb.com).

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