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Azariah DAVIS miscellaneous data
It looks like there are at least five DAVIS lines containing Azariah's:
  • one line in NJ
  • one line in NY (the same as the next line?)
  • one line with the migration path:  VT > NY > OH > IN
  • one line with the migration path:  PA > OH > IL
  • one line with the migration path:  ?? > TN  > KY > ??
There appears to be a connection between the PA and KY lines.

My interest is in the Azariah DAVISes who ended up in or may have passed through Christian Co., KY, in the early 1800's.  If you have any information you wish to share, please contact me.  I have shared all I have on this web site.

I color-coded the data below indicating those data that I think belong to the same Azariah DAVIS.  I may not have it right.


1.  Gleaned and paraphrased from the Archives of the DAVIS-L mailing list (online at RootsWeb.com):
Azariah Davis, a pioneer of Harrod's Kentucky settlement, joined Colonel Christian's division of Fincastle troops that arrived at Point Pleasant just after the famous Battle there on 10 Oct 1774.
Ca. 1779-85, an Azariah DAVIS and an Azariah DAVISS were among those signing a petition to the Continental Congress to create a new state, separate from VA or PA.  These settlers lived on the "west side of the Laurel Hill and western waters" in the "District of West Augusta," then Yohogania, Monongalia, and Ohio Cos., today all or part of Fayette, Green, Washington, Westmoreland, and Allegheny Cos., PA.

2.  Azariah Davis, James Davis, Abraham Chapline, and Daniel Boone were among those assembled at the first legislature of the "State of Transylvania" at Fort Boonesborough, Madison Co., KY, in 1775, as related in a biographical sketch of Richard Henderson

3.  Eliza Haddon Brevoort & Doris Bond Wheeler.  1952. Our Haddon, McClure, Curry and Allied Families.  Burkert-Walton Co., Vincennes, IN (online at GenealogyLibrary.com).  On p. 694:
I have had Azariah Davis's tombstone examined he died 11th July 1808 and was 75 years of age.  He was an intimate friend of Capt. Chaplain, never married he was a small man and left his estate to Capt. Chaplin's family.

4.  Willard Rouse Jillson.  1925.  The Kentucky Land Grants. 2 vols.  Filson Club Publ., Louisville, KY (online at Ancestry.com):
Pg. Survey Date Grantee County Watercourse Acres Book Pg. 
Volume 1, Part 1, Chapter II, Virginia Grants (1782-1792)
41 10-31-1780 Davis, Azariah Kentucky Salt River 1400 1 181
This would have been "Kentucky Co., VA," which at that time encompassed nearly all of what would become the State of Kentucky in 1792. 

5.  James F. Sutherland.  1986.  Early Kentucky Landholders, 1787-1811.  Genealogical Publ. Co., Baltimore (Broderbund CD-650).  More precisely, this book is an extraction from the tax rolls of early Lincoln Co., VA/KY.   See table showing county history
Name Date Book Page County Watercourse Acres Prior Assignee
Davis Azariah 25 May 1789 6 2        
Davis Azari 10 May 1790 1 3        
Davis Azariah 20 Apr 1791 2 3        
Davis Azariah 14 Sep 1792 1 4     162  
Davis Azariah 13 Sep 1793 3 3        
Davis Azriah 16 Apr 1794 2 4        
Davis Azariah 05 Jul 1800 3 9 Mercer Sault Rv 370  
Davis Azariah 19 May 1801 3 9 Lincoln Clarks Rn 162 J Brown
Davis Azariah 19 May 1801 3 9 Mercer Salt Rv 233 Davis
There would seem to be at least three Azariah DAVISes in Kentucky ca. 1800:  the one in Mercer Co., the one in Lincoln Co., and the one in Christian Co

6.  Anon.  1991.  The 1795 Census of Kentucky [as constructed from tax lists].  T.L.C. Genealogy, Miami Beach, FL.  If a name occurred more than once in a county, it was only listed once in this publication, so there may have been more than one Azariah DAVIS in Mercer Co.  The original tax list must be consulted to determine how many.
Name County
Davis, Azariah Mercer

7a.  1800 Census Index (online at GenealogyLibrary.com):
1800 Tax List Davis, Azariah KY Christian Co.

7b.  1790-1870 Census Index (online at Ancestry.com):
1800 Tax List DAVIS AZARIAH KY Bullitt Co.    
1800 Tax List DAVIS AZARIAH KY Christian Co.    
1800 Tax List DAVIS AZARIAH KY Lincoln Co.    
1810 Census DAVIS AZARIAH KY Hardin Co. p. 283 00102-01000-00

8.  Pioneer Soldiers [of Kentucky], 1778 to 1781 (extracted from Lewis Collins's history of Kentucky by Sandi Gorin; online in the Kentucky Archives at USGenWeb):
Captain Benjamin Logan's Company, in now Lincoln County at or near Logan's Station, ca 1779... 
[Officers:] Ensign Azariah Davis... 
[Privates:] Azariah Davis...
No other DAVISes were on the list for this company.

9a.  Mary Gould Woodhull & Francis Bowes Stevens.  1904. Woodhull Genealogy.  Henry T. Coates, Philadelphia (online at GenealogyLibrary.com).  On p. 146:
Canadian Lines...
Ann Elizabeth Woodhull (b. 5 Nov 1803; d. 20 Feb 1862), d/o James Woodhull and Catherine Sell, married Azariah Davis.  They had two children:  Mary and Leander. 
See next record.

9b.  Email from Carolee Nichols Diamond (5 Jun 2001):
They are not Canadian's.  Catherine Sell was born in Wading River, Suffolk County, LI, NY, as was Ann Elizabeth Sell and James Woodhull.  AZARIAH DAVID was a Brookhaven resident also. 

CATHERINE4 SELLS  (WESSELL3, JAMES2 SILLS, WILLIAM1 SELL) was born Abt. 1780 in Suffolk Co., LI, NY, died Apr 23, 1824.  She married JAMES WOODHULL, son of JOHN WOODHULL and FRANCES SATTERLY.  He was born Sept 20, 1758 in Brookhaven, Suffolk Co., LI, NY, died Aug 8, 1834 in Brookhaven, Suffolk Co., LI, NY. 

The "American Family of Woodhull" articles in the New York Genealogical and Biographical Record, Vol. 4, January 1873, continued from the previous issue, indicates that James and Judge John Woodhull were probably brothers.  The article states that "James Woodhull m. Catherine, dau. of Wessel Sell..."; gives deathdates of James and Catherine and names only one son, James. 

    JAMES WOODHULL, b. Oct 2, 1795; d. April 23, 1861.
    MARY POLLY WOODHULL, b. Nov 22, 1797; m. CHARLES WOODHULL, Bef. 1830. 
    CATHERINE WOODHULL, b. Oct 5, 1800; m. ISAAC DAVID, Bef. 1830. 
    WESSELL SELL WOODHULL, b. Apr 06, 1810; d. Jan 4, 1841 .

10.  Message #7158 in the Davis Family Genealogy Forum at GenForum.
...David and Martha DAVIS of Rostraver, Westmoreland, PA.  David born abt 1760 with ties to an Azariah Davis, of Mercer county KY who deeded a gift of land in Westmoreland co to David in 1803. Other unusual given names in this family are Dorsey, Salathiel, Hananiah ("Hanny" or "Henry") and Ulysses.
There is a Hannaniah Davis associated with the Azariah Davis in Christian Co., KY.

11.  Anon.  1884.  History of Erie County, Pennsylvania.  Vol. I.  Warner, Beer's & Co., Chicago (Broderbund CD-193).  On p. 223:
The following is a list of parties who entered into agreements with the Population Company for the purchase lands in 1796-97 and 1798, all being for full tracts...Azariah Davis...

12.  Raymond M. Bell.  1966.  "Settlement Dates, Washington Co., Penn."  National Genealogical Society Quarterly 54(3): 222-224 (Broderbund CD-210).  On pp. 222-223:
The writer... has found dates when interest was to commence which may indicate the time of settlement on the land...  One reason for the earlier dates for interest to commence is that no land grants were made by Pennsylvania in the 1770's and 1778-83.  This was due to the dispute with Virginia and the Revolutionary War.
Name Acres Date of Order Interest From Area
Davis, Azariah 400 1784 1771 DeLong Run

13.  The Azariah DAVIS in the 1850 Census of Vermillion Co., IL (p. 270B), is 43 yrs old and was born in Pennsylvania (children born in OH and IL); he appears to be on his second wife, Hetty, age 26 (b. OH), though if she's his eldest child, then either her age or his age would appear to be wrong.  There is also an Azariah DAVIS (age 3, b. IL) in the 1860 census of Vance Twp., Vermillion Co., IL (p. 697), who appears to be an orphan.

14.  Azariah Davis Records in the Goshen Baptist Church, Greene Co., PA. 

15.  Kentucky Marriages to 1850 (online at Ancestry.com):
Davis, Azariah married Gray, Sally on 07 Feb 1804 in Christian County, Kentucky
Angel, Peggy married Davis, Azariah on 13 Jul 1806 in Nelson County, Kentucky

16.  Mea culpa, I seem to have lost my source on this one:  There was a Judge Azariah DAVIS who married 1819, Warren Co., NJ, to Annie CUMMINS; only son, Samuel (b. ca. 1827).

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