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Mary Jane HALL
Husband:  Israel DILLON
Birth:  1800, Franklin Twp., Greene Co., PA
Death:  29 Nov 1854, Sacramento, Sacramento Co., CA
Disposition:  buried Old Marengo Cemetery, Marengo Twp., Iowa Co., IA
Father:  Peter DILLON
Mother:  Mary "Polly" VEGHTE / VACTOR
Marriage:  30 May 1823, Knox Co., OH
Wife:  Mary Jane HALL
Birth:  2 Jun 1802, Huntingdon Co., PA
Death:  7 Sep 1851/4, Marengo Twp., Iowa Co., IA
Father:  William HALL
Mother:  Jane LANE
Children born in Union Twp., Knox Co., OH:
1.  William H. DILLON, b. 1823
2.  Obadiah DILLON, b. 29 Jun 1825
3.  Anna DILLON, b. 1828
4.  Thomas DILLON, b. 23 Dec 1829
5.  John A. DILLON, b. 1833
6.  Samuel DILLON, b. 26 Jan 1835
7.  Mary Jane DILLON, b. 13 Jun 1837
8.  Ruth DILLON, b. 1839
9.  Alexander Rodger Columbus Delano DILLON, b. 31 Aug 1842


1.  Liahona Research (Orem, UT), compilers.  1996.  Marriage Index:  Ohio, 1789-1850 (Broderbund CD-400):
Dillon, Israel Hall, Mary May 30, 1823 Knox Co.

2. NARA. 1949.  Fifth Census of the United States, 1830, Population Schedules, Volume 9, Roll 134, Ohio.  File Microcopy No. 19.  National Archives, Washington, DC.  Family Quest Archives:  Ohio Federal Census 1830:  Jackson, Jefferson, Knox, Lawrence, and Licking Counties.  Heritage Quest CD M19-134 (extracted by Diana Gale Matthiesen).
1830 OH Knox Co. Harrison Twp. p. 219 Dillon Israel 120 011 - 200 110
These data indicate:
No. & Sex  Age Class Therefore Born Individuals Inferred
1 male 4 or under 1825-1830 = Thomas (b. 1829)
2 males 5-9 1820-1825 = Obadiah (b. 1825)
= William (b. 1823)
1 male 20-29 1800-1810 = ?
1 male 30-39 1790-1800 = Israel (b. 1800)
2 females 4 or under 1825-1830 = ?
= Anna (b. 1828)
1 female 15-19 1810-1815 = ?
1 female 20-29 1800-1810 = Mary Jane (b. 1802)
Israel and Mary Jane appear to have a young couple living with them, a couple with a little girl.

3.  Census Index:  U.S. Selected Counties, 1840 (Broderbund CD-316):  not found on this disk, but surely they are in Knox Co.

4.  NARA.  1964.  Population Schedules of the Seventh Census of the United States, 1850, Roll 700, Ohio, Knox County.  Microcopy No. 432.  National Archives Microfilm Publications, Washington, DC.  Family Quest Archives:  Ohio Federal Census 1850: Knox County.  Heritage Quest CD M432-700:  Millwood, Union Twp., Knox Co., OH, p. 410A, 2600/2662, enumerated 30 Sep 1850 (extracted by Diana Gale Matthiesen):
Israel Dillon 50 M Farmer   Penn
Mary     " 48 F     do
Samuel   " 15 M   do   Ohio
Mary J   " 13 F     do
Ruth     " 10 F     do
Columbus "  8 M     do
Living next door to their son, Obadiah DILLON (age 25, b. OH).

5.  Knox Co., Ohio, Deed and Indenture Records. Gateway to the West. Vol. I. (Broderbund CD-175).  On p. 692:
8-23-1831 - George WOLFE and Sarah his wife to Obediah HALL and others.  Obediah Hall of Knox Co. and Amos Hall late of Knox Co., dec'd did in the lifetime of said Amos become purchasers and tenants in common.  Said Amos departed this life before deed of conveyance could be executed leaving heirs:--Obediah Hall, Joel Hal, Anna wife of Samuel Wheeler, formerly Hall, Mary wife of Israel Dillon formerly Hall, Elizabeth wife of James Griffith formerly Hall, Samuel L. Hall and Ruth Hall -- $800. -- NW¼ Section 8, Township 5, Range 10 of lands sold at Zanesville.  (Deed Book J, page 320)

6.  WorldConnect (online at RootsWeb.com).

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