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Edward CURD
Jeanette BAYNE
Elizabeth BRANCH
Husband:  Edward CURD
Birth:  ca. 1670s, Curdsville, Buckingham Co., VA
Death probably:  1742, Henrico / Goochland Co., VA
Will signed:  4 Feb 1738/9, Henrico Co., VA
Will proved:  2 Oct 1742, Henrico Co., VA
Father:  John CURD
Wife-1:  Jeanette / Janette BAYNE
Marriage-2:  aft. 1727
Wife-2:  Elizabeth BRANCH
Birth:  ca. 1690s
Death:  30 Nov 1766
Other Spouses:  m1. Robert GOODE; m2. Page PUNCH
Other Children:  Francis GOODE; Robert GOODE II; Mary PUNCH
Father:  Thomas BRANCH
Mother:  Elizabeth ARCHER
Children with Jeanette BAYNE born Henrico Co., VA:
1.  Edward CURD, b. 1704; m. Ann PRICE, d/o Daniel & Mary PRICE
2.  John CURD, b. 1706; d. May 1752, Goochland Co., VA; m. Elizabeth PRICE, d/o Daniel & Mary PRICE; daughter, Elizabeth CURD, m. John BOWLES
3.  Richard CURD; m. Sarah DOWNER
4.  Mary CURD, b. 1710? 
5.  Elizabeth CURD, b. 1712; m1. Richard WILLIAMS; m2. Samuel ALLEN
6.  Mary CURD, b. 1720?; m. John RICHARDSON

Secondary sources give them a son, Harwood CURD, who married Hannah PRICE, but no such son is mentioned in Edward's will.  Did Harwood die without issue, before his father wrote his will?

Some secondary sources give Elizabeth's husband as Cuthbert WILLIAMSON, not Richard WILLIAMS.  I don't know which is correct, but as her father calls her "Elizabeth Williams" in his will, it will take strong primary documentation to prove she married a WILLIAMSON

Children with Elizabeth BRANCH:
Keywords for search engines:  genealogy; USA, US, United States, Virginia

Sources (n.b., Goochland Co. was formed from Henrico Co. in 1728):

1.  Messages in the Curd Family Genealogy Forum (online at GenForum.com).  In particular, Messaage #76, in which "Barbara Jean" cites the following:

1a.  Benjamin B. Weisiger III.  c1976/7.  Colonial Wills of Henrico County, Virginia.  Self-published, Richmond, VA (repub. 1995 by Iberian Publ. Co., Athens, GA).
Page 1177
Executors: wife Elizabeth and son Edward
To wife for life, any dwelling house and all belongings and land, only [meaning "except"] son Edward to have half, and after wife's death, all of it; also negroes to both.
To son Edward, all my land in Goochland County.
To son John, 2 negroes.
To son Richard, 2 negroes.
To Mary Mackbride, 1 negroe, and at her death to her son Edward Mackbride.
To daughter Mary Punch, 1 negro, 1 colt, 3 pounds, & items.
To grandson, John Curd, 1 negro.
To granddaughter, Jane Mackbride, 100 acres in Goochland.
To daughter Mary Richardson, 1 shilling.
To daughter Elizabeth Williams, 1 shilling.
Not dated
Wit: James Young, John Gunn, Joseph Satchawell
Recorded December 1742
The wording "only son" was an unfortunate choice because I first took it to mean the testator's only male child with second wife, Elizabeth.  Apparently, though, Edward was his first son with his first wife, and the meaning of the sentence would have been better conveyed using the word "except," rather than the word "only." 

He doesn't call Mary MACKBRIDE his daughter, and he already has a daughter, Mary the one who married John RICHARDSON.  Is Mary MACKBRIDE really his daughter?  It occured to me that Mary MACKBRIDE might be a daughter of Elizabeth BLANCH, but Elizabeth had a daughter, Mary PUNCH, by a former marriage, so that would just shift the problem of two Mary's from Edward to Elizabeth.  But Edward did named Jane MACKBRIDE his granddaughter, which means one of his daughters had to have married a Mac/Mc BRIDE.  I know of a similar case where there appear to be two Mary's in one set of siblings (viz., the children of Col. Henry CLARK):  one daughter was named Mary and the other Mary Ann, the latter normally referred to as Ann within the family.  So it is possible that "Mary MACKBRIDE" is Edward CURD's daughter; I just wish Edward had called her his daughter in his will (as Col. Henry CLARK did in his will, leaving no doubt in that case). 

2.  WorldConnect / Ancestry World Trees (online at RootsWeb.com/Ancestry.com).

3.  LDS.  Family Search: Internet Genealogy Service:  AF - Ancestral File (online at FamilySearch.org).

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