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William Wilkinson CORBIN
Husband:  William Wilkinson CORBIN
Birth:  1721, Baltimore Co., MD
Death:  20 May 1784 
Father:  Edward CORBIN
Mother:  Jane WILKINSON
Marriage:  11 Aug 1745, St. John's or St. George's Parish, Baltimore Co., MD
Wife:  Rachel WRIGHT
1.  Vincent / Venson CORBIN, b. 1745-55
2.  Diana CORBIN
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1a.  Marriage Index:  Maryland, 1655-1850.  Liahona Research, Orem, UT (Broderbund CD-224):
Corbin, William Wright, Rachel 11 Aug 1745 Baltimore Co.

1b.  Robert Barnes.  1978/93.  Maryland Marriages, 1778-1800.  Genealogical Publ. Co., Baltimore, MD (Broderbund CD-195).
p. 40 Corbin, William, 11 Aug. 1745, Rachel Wright 2 BA-240
p. xi 2 BA - St. John's and St. George's Parish; copy made by Harrison, at MHS [Maryland Historical Society].  (Despite the title of the manuscript, the records are chiefly those of St. John's Parish.)

2.  Robert W. Barnes.  1989.  Baltimore County Families, 1659-1759.  Genealogical Publ. Co., Baltimore, MD (Broderbund CD-195):
p. 134 CORBIN, EDWARD (3), s. of Nicholas (1), was first listed as a taxable in 1701, placing his birth date as c. 1685; alive in 1750; m. Jane, dau. of William Wilkinson some time prior to 1716; Sept. 1716 Edward Corbin and w. Jane sold John Bowen pt. of Corcell Hill and on the same day John and Mary Bowen sold Corbin pt. of Jones' (or Jonas') Range; in March 1722 Edward and Jane conv. widow Tamer Wilkinson 425 a. Land Is All and 50 a. Wilkinson's Spring; in Sept. 1737 they sold Thomas Sligh pt Corbin's Rest, which Edward said he had inher. from his father; in 1750 owned 100 a. Cumberland; in May 1758 Edward and Jane conv. land to Robert Wilkinson previously conv. to his mother in March 1722 (this was done to clear up any question of title); had iss.:  NICHOLAS (named in the will of John Barrett in June 1717); poss. EDWARD; poss. WILLIAM WILKINSON; ABRAHAM, b. 7 Sept. 1722; PHYLIS-ANNA, b. 12 May 1725; PROVIDENCE, b. 26 June 1727; UNITY, b. 2 March 1730.
p. 137 Unrelated Corbins...

CORBIN, WILLIAM, m. Rachel Wright on 11 Aug. 1745 (131).

Barnes apparently considered William Wilkinson CORBIN not to be the William who married Rachel WRIGHT or, at least, that it was not proven they were the same person.  He also seemed dubious that William Wilkinson CORBIN was the son of Edward, but the deed of 1747 (see below), clearly shows he was their son.

3.  John Davis.  1996.  Baltimore County, Maryland, Deed Records, Volume Two: 1727-1757.  Heritage Books, Bowie, MD.
p. 119 16 May 1741, Elizabeth WRIGHT of Baltimore Co., Maryland, to her son, Jacob Wright of same, for love and affection, £35 on the day he marries. Signed Elizabeth Wright. Wit: Thomas Sligh, Thomas Hempstone, and William Corbin.
p. 263 10 Apr 1747, Edward & Jane Corbin of Baltimore Co., Maryland, to their son, William Wilkinson Corbin of same for love and affection, 58 acres... south side of the great falls of Gunpowder River. Signed Edward (x) Corbin and Jane (x) Corbin. Wit: William Rogers and Williams Worthington Jr. 
Thomas SLIGH was married to Sophia WILKINSON, d/o William & Tamar (LOVE) WILKINSON, which made Thomas the uncle of William Wilkinson CORBIN.  It would obviously be interesting to know how Elizabeth WRIGHT was related to Rachel WRIGHT.  The important thing about this record is that it shows that the William CORBIN who was connected to the WRIGHTs is the same William CORBIN who was connected to Thomas SLIGH and, thus, the WILKINSONs.

4.  Broderbund.  World Family Trees.  Vol. 40, Pedigree No. 356.

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