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William CORBIN
Husband:  William CORBIN
Birth:  7 Feb 1751, Overwarthon Par., Stafford Co., VA
Death:  3 May 1818, Bourbon Co., KY
Father:  John CORBIN IV
Mother:  Frances FANT
Marriage:  27 Dec 1773
Wife:  Susanna MENEFEE
Birth:  11 Apr 1757, Culpeper Co., VA
Death:  1836, Bourbon Co., KY
Father:  Jonas MENEFEE (1726-1782)
Mother:  Elizabeth CHEW (c1737-c1831)
born in VA:
1.  James CORBIN, b. 22 Oct 1774; m. Rhoda __?__
2.  John CORBIN, b. 27 May 1777; m. 29 Apr 1805, Fayette Co., KY, Frances MENEFEE, d/o John MENEFEE
3.  Elijah CORBIN, b. 24 Dec 1779
4.  Henry CORBIN, b. 31 May 1782; m. Deborah HINTON, d/o Solomon HINTON & Nancy Mary ANTLE
5.  Sarah "Sally" CORBIN, b. 12 May 1785; m1. 6 Sep 1804, Bourbon Co., KY, John STARK; m2. 6 Jan 1813, James SIMPSON

born in VA or KY:
6.  David CORBIN, b. 8 Jun 1785
7.  [Elizabeth] Betsy CORBIN, b. 7 Jun 1788; m. 8 Jun 1815, Bourbon Co., KY, Robert LAWLER
8.  Anne CORBIN, b. 21 Jan 1792; d. 5 Mar 1813; m. 20 Jun 1810, Harrison Co., KY, Larkin MENEFEE
9.  Lewis CORBIN, b. 7 Jul 1798; d. Oct 1802

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1.  Marriage Record:

.  Kenneth Corbin.  2009.  The Leaves of the Corbin Tree.  Vol. 1 of 2.  Self-published, Louisville, KY:
The author did not routinely put all surnames in all-caps, so I have converted them to make for easier scanning for names.
p. 23 82. William7 CORBIN (John6...) was born on 7 Feb 1751 at Overwharton Parish, Stafford Co., VA.13  He married Susanna MENEFEE, daughter of Jonas MENEFEE and Elizabeth CHEW, on 27 Dec 1773.75  He died on 3 May 1818 at Bourbon Co., KY, at age 6775...

Susanna MENEFEE was born on 11 Apr 1757 at Culpeper Co., VA.  She died in 1836 at Bourbon Co., KY.

The nine known children of William7 CORBIN and susanna MENEFEE were as follows:
+ 274.   i.   James8 CORBIN was born on 22 Oct 1774 at VA.  He married Rhoda.
+ 275.   ii.   John CORBIN was born on 27 May 1777 at VA.  He married Frances MENEFEE, daughter of John MENEFEE, on 29 Apr 1805 at Fayette Co., KY.
+ 276.   iii.   Elijah CORBIN was born on 24 Dec 1779 at VA.  He married Sarah MILNER, daughter of Amos Millender Milner and Hannah RICE, on 14 May 1801 at Fayette Co., KY.
+ 277.   iv.   Henry CORBIN was born on 31 May 1782 at VA.  He married Deborah HINTON, daughter of Solomon HINTON and Nancy Mary ANTLE.
  278.   v.   Sally CORBIN was born on 12 May 1785 at VA.75  She married John STARK on 6 Sep 1804 at Bourbon Co., KY.  She married James SIMPSON on 6 Jan 1813.75
     She also went by the name of Sarah.
  279.   vi.   David CORBIN was born on 8 Jun 1785.75
+ 280.   vii.   Betsy CORBIN was born on 7 Jun 1788.  She married Robert LAWLER on 8 Jun 1815 at Bourbon Co., KY.
  281.   viii.   Anne CORBIN was born on 21 Jan 1792.75  She married Larkin MENEFEE on 20 Jun 1810 at Harrison Co., KY.75  She died on 5 Mar 1813 at age 21.75
  282.   ix.   Lewis CORBIN was born on 7 Jul 1798.75  He died in Oct 1802 at age 4.75

p. 761


p. 762 -
"Sally" is a nickname for Sarah; "Betsy" is a nickname for Elizabeth.

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