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Ms. __?__
Husband:  Thomas CORBIN
Birth:  1656, Muddy River [now Brookline], Norfolk Co., MA
Baptism:  6 Apr 1662, First Church, Boston, Suffolk Co., MA
Death:  bef. 1704
Occupation:  sailor
Father:  Clement CORBIN I
Mother:  Dorcas BUCKMASTER
Marriage:  in England
Wife:  Ms. __?__
Children in England:
names unknown
Keywords for search engines:  genealogy; USA, US, United States, Massachusetts, Mass.


1.  Harvey M. Lawson, compiler.  1905.  Descendants of Clement Corbin of Muddy River (Brookline, Ma. and Woodstock, Ct): with notices of other lines of Corbins.  Hartford Press, Hartford, CT (online at Ancestry.com and at GoogleBooks):
p. 20 2. THOMAS CORBIN (Clement), b. 1656 at Muddy River, was a sailor.  He was captured by the Algerine pirates and redeemed by money given, at least in part, by his father.  He is mentioned in his father's will in the following terms:  "I give and bequeath unto my eldest son, Thomas Corbin, if he be yet living and return home, and to his heirs, three hundred acres of land lying at Mussamuggatick in the Nipmug country, which, with what I have advanced and disbursed for his redemption out of captivity, will make up his portion of my estate."  As to this captivity a memorandum left by the Rev. Laban Ainsworth (1747-1858) says that Thomas Corbin was for eighteen years a captive in Turkey, was redeemed with a large sum, and was afterward married in England.

This tradition, except as to the length of captivity, is confirmed by a statement in the N. E. Hist. and Gen. Register, Vol. 38, p. 385, where is given a list of American captives redeemed in Algiers by the agent of Mr. William Borotill of London, merchant, at £40 each.  It seems that some of the money paid by the English government from a fund of £20,000 created in 1680.  The name of Thomas Corbin of New England, of the ship "Blessing," is given in the list.  The date in the statement is 1681, probably that of the redemption.

From the statement in his faher's will, it seems that after his redeption he again went to sea, and his whereabouts was unknown in 1696.  From the following letters of administration it appears that he died before 1704, leaving a wife and children in England.

Letters of administration granted to Ellis Callender on the estate of Thomas Corbin, late of Boston, deceased:

"Thomas Corbin, late of Boston, aforesaid, mariner, some time since died Intestate, having Goods, Chattels, Rights or Credits in the County aforesaid; whereby the power of committing administration and full disposition of all and singular the Good, Chattels, Rights and Credits of the said deceased and also the having, Examin-

p. 21 ing and allowing the accounts of such examination doth appertain unto me, &c. &c. on behalf of the minor children now (in England) full power to adminster all and singular the Goods, Chattels, &c. &c. of Thoams Corbin, or in other words to settle up the estate.

Dated at Boston, Sept. 12, 1704.

Give an account of his settlement, by Dec. 13, 1704, and to render a full settlement by Sept. 13, 1705."

(From Suffolk Co. Probate Records, Vol. XV, p.333, No. 2896, Boston.)

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