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Thomas CORBIN, Esq.
Husband:  Thomas CORBIN
Birth:  24 May 1594, Hall End, Warwickshire
Death:  1 Jul 1637, Hall End, Warwickshire
Disposition:  buried Kingswinford, Staffordshire
Father:  George CORBIN
Mother:  Mary FAUNT
Marriage:  ca. 25 Aug 1620, Allesley, Warwickshire
Wife:  Winifred GROSVENOR
Birth:  29 Apr 1605, of Sutton Coldfield, Warwickshire
Death:  aft. 12 Jun 1688
Other Spouses:  m2. Mr. HOVELL / HOWELL; m3. Henry HURDMAN
Other Child:  Richard HOVELL / HOWELL
Father:  Gawen GROSVENOR, Esq. (1566-1626)
Mother:  Dorothy PUDSEY, d/o George PUDSEY, Esq., of Elsfield, Oxfordshire
Children born at Hall End, Warwickshire:
1.  Thomas CORBIN, b. 2 Apr 1624; m. 1645, Margaret GOODYERE (1625-1680)
2.  Henry CORBIN, b. 1629
3.  George CORBIN, b. 1631; d. W.I.; m. Abigail TAYSPIL
4.  Gawin CORBIN, b. ca. 1633; m. Grace SMITH 
5.  Lettice CORBIN, b. 1635; m. Thomas OKEOVER
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1.  Douglas Richardson.  2005.  Magna Carta Ancestry:  A Study in Colonial and Medieval Families.  Genealogial Publ. Co., Baltimore, MD:
p. 233 16. THOMAS CORBIN, Esq., of Hallend, Warwickshire, 2nd son, born 24 May 1594.  He married about 25 August 1620 (date of settlement) WINIFRED GROSVENOR, daughter of Gawen Grosvenor, Esq., of Sutton Coldfield, Warwickshire, by Dorothy, daughter of George Pudsey, Esq., of Elsfield, Oxfordshire [see PUDSEY 14 for her ancestry].  She was born 29 April 1605.  They had five sons, Thomas, George, Henry, Gawin, and Charles, and one daughter, Lettice (wife of Thomas Okeover).  THOMAS CORBIN, Esq., died 1 July 1637.  He left a will dated 5 Jun 1637, proved 1 June 1638 (P.C.C. 74 Lee).  He was buried at Kingswinford, Staffordshire.  His widow, Winifred, married (2nd) _____ Hovell (or Howell), by whom she had a son, Richard.  She married (3rd) before 13 Nov. 1653 Henry Hurdman.  She was living 12 June 1688.
  • Herald & Gen. 5 (1870): 427 (Winifred's birthdate).
  • King & Dugdale Staffordshire Peds. Based on the Vis. of that County 1663-4 & 1680-1700 (H.S.P. 63) (1912): 58 (Corbin pedigree: "Thomas Corbin of Corbins hall in p[arish] de K[ing]s, Swinford [co. Stafford] and Hall end born 24. Maij 1594 ob. Jun. 1637 sep. apd Swinford. = Winifrid d. of Gawen Grosvenor of Sutton Colefield [co: Warwick] gent married ao 1620.").
  • VMHB 28 (1920): 281-283, 370-373; 29 (1921): 124-125, 243-251, 374-382, 520-526.
  • Ligon Madresfield Muniments (1929): 50-59.
Child of Thomas Corbin, Esq., by Winifred Grosvenor:

2  Stella Pickett Hardy.  1911.  Colonial Families of the Southern States of America.  T.A. Wright, New York, NY (republished 1958, Southern Book Co., Baltimore, MD; republished 1965, Genealogical Publ. Co., Baltimore, MD).
Please note that someone has made handwritten corrections and annotations to this copy of Hardy's book.  I've included these annotations highlighting them in red. These notations should not be attributed to Hardy; consider them to be from an unknown secondary source.
p. 172 171.  THOMAS CORBIN, of "Hall End," Warwick Co., England; b. May 24, 1594, at "Hall End"; d. June, 1637, at "Hall End"; m. 1620, Winifred Grosvenor, dau. of Gawin Grosvenor, of "Sutton Colfield," Warwick Co.Cheshire, England.  (The Grosvenors are descended from Sir Gilbert Grosvenor, who came into England with the Conqueror; the present representative of the family in England is Sir Hugh Richard Arthur Grosvenor, Duke of Westminister).

183.  HENRY CORBIN, the third son of Thomas and Winifred (Grosvenor) Corbin, of "Hall End," was the progenitor of the Corbins in Virginia...

  There is nothing whatsoever proving any Grosvenor accompanied William the Conqueror in 1066.  Please see this page for the very short proven list of his companions.  Note that the name, "Gilbert Grosvenor," is much too modern to have even been in use in the 11th Century and the title "Sir" did not come ino usage in the English language until the late 13th Century.  What is possibly true is that the Grosvenors were descendants of William the Conquerer.  It is correct that Hugh Richard Arthur Grosvenor (1879-1963) was 2nd Duke of Westminster at the time this book was written, but it's "Westminster," not "Westminister." 

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