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Thomas CORBIN, Esq.
WARNING:  All of the sources I have found, so far, taking Thomas's ancestry beyond this point are secondary (see below), and while I trust Richardson (2005) to have brought the ancestry of the Virginia CORBIN accurately to this point, I trust none of the others to have reliably taken the line further.  See especially my comments below on Hardy (1911).  Just because everyone has jumped on this bandwagon doesn't mean it's on the right track.  If you have documentation to prove the line goes further, please share. 
Husband:  Thomas CORBIN
Birth:  ca. 1510s
Death:  aft. 1564
Father said to be:  Richard CORBIN Nicholas13, John12, Henry11, William10, William9, Thomas8, William7, Harmon6, William5, Robert4, Richard3 CORBIN, Robert2, Robert1 CORBION
Mother said to be:  Anne RAMSEY
Birth:  ca. 1510s
Father:  William REPINGTON
Mother:  Julian STOKES
1.  George CORBIN, b. 1542/3, Hall End, Warwickshire
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1.  Douglas Richardson.  2005.  Magna Carta Ancestry:  A Study in Colonial and Medieval Families.  Genealogial Publ. Co., Baltimore, MD:
This work is well documented and highly respected.
p. 233 15. MARY FAUNT, married GEORGE CORBIN, of Hallend and Polesworth, Warwickshire, son of Thomas Corbin, by his wife, Anne, daughter of William Repington.  He was born at Hallend, Warwickshire about 1543 (of age in 1564)...  In 1564 George's father, Thomas Corbin, made a settlement of a cottage and land at Polesworth, Warwickshire in favor of George...

2.  Stella Pickett Hardy.  1911.  Colonial Families of the Southern States of America.  T.A. Wright, New York, NY (republished 1958, Southern Book Co., Baltimore, MD; republished 1965, Genealogical Publ. Co., Baltimore, MD).
Beware of these turn-of-the-century "vanity" books, which they are so called for good reason.  This kind of long lineage, without details or documentation, shrieks fabricated.  Such romantic tales sell books, but they are rarely true.  Consider how many genealogies were compiled in this lengthy book, the research in England that would have been necessary to compile them, and what resources this author actually would have had at hand.
p. 171

The name of Corbin has been associated with the history of Virginia since the Colonial days, when they contributed services to their country as early as 1657.  The immigrant forefather, Hon. Henry Corbin, came to the Colony in 1650.  He was a descendant of Robert Corbion or Corbin, whose son Robert gave lands to the Abbey of Talesworth, 1154-1161, in the reign of Henry II. of England.

11.  ROBERT CORBION, or CORBIN, of England, his son and heir,

21.  ROBERT CORBION, or CORBIN, gave lands to the Abbey of Talesworth, 1154-1161; his son and heir,

31.  RICHARD CORBIN, of England, his son and heir,

41.  ROBERT CORBIN, of England, his son and heir,

51.  WILLIAM CORBIN, of England, his son and heir,

61.  HARMON CORBIN, of England, his son and heir,

71.  WILLIAM CORBIN, of England, his son and heir,

81.  THOMAS CORBIN, of England, his son and heir,

91.  WILLIAM CORBIN, of "Birmingham," Warwick Co., England, lived in the early 14th century; his son and heir,

101.  WILLIAM CORBIN, of "King's Gwinfred," Stafford Co., England, lived in the reign of Edward III. in the year of 1332; his son and heir,

111.  HENRY CORBIN, of England, lived in the reign of Richard II. in the year of 1384; his son and heir,

121.  JOHN CORBIN, of England, his son and heir,

131.  NICHOLAS CORBIN, was seized of "Hall End," and other lands in Warwick Co., England, in the reign of Richard III. and Henry VIII. and from this time on "Hall End," became the home of the Corbins; his son and heir,

141.  RICHARD CORBIN, of "Hall End," Warwick Co., England; his son and heir,

15-1.  THOMAS CORBIN, of "Hall End," Warwick Co., England; his son and heir,

p. 172 16-1.  GEORGE CORBIN, of "Hall End," Warwick Co., England; his son and heir...

3.  John Burke.  1834-1838.  Genealogical and Heraldic History of The Commoners of Great Britain and Ireland, Enjoying Territorial Possessions or High Official Rank; but Uninvested with Heritable Honours.  For H. Colburn by R. Bentley, London (reprinted 1977 by Genealogical Publ. Co., Baltimore; online at Ancestry.com):
p. 474 WILLIAM REPINGTON, esq. of Amington, in the county of Warwick, who wedded Julian, daughter of William Stokes, lord of the manor of Folesell, in the same shire, and had issue,
FRANCIS, his heir.
Philip, who died s.p.
Humphrey, who also died s.p.
Mary, m. to Swinfen, of Swinfen, in Staffordshire.
Anne, m. to Thomas Corbin, esq. of Halland, Warwickshire.
Edith, a nun at Polesworth.
Catherine, m. to Robert Burton, esq. of Lindley...

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