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Col. Thomas CRESAP
Margaret __?__
Husband:  Thomas CRESAP
Birth:  ca. 1692, 1694, or 1702, Skipton-in-Craven, Yorkshire [now Skipton, Craven Dist., North Yorkshire]
Death:  31 Jan 1787, Oldtown, Allegany Co., MD
Will Probated:  1790, Allegany Co., MD
Migration:  ca. 1710 (æ 15), to Maryland
Occupation:  carpenter, boat builder, merchant
Office:  1731, Justice of the Peace, Baltimore Co., MD
Office:  Maryland Legislature, Representative of Frederick Co., MD
Military Service:  French and Indian War, Revolutionary War:  Col., Cresap's Rifleman, Maryland Militia
Father:  Thomas CRISSOPP
Mother:  Sarah CROMBLE-HOLME
Marriage-1:  30 Apr 1727
Wife-1:  Hannah JOHNSON
Birth:  1705
Death:  bef. 1774
Father:  Thomas JOHNSON
Marriage-2:  ca. 1774
Wife-2:  Margaret __?__
Other Spouse:  m1. Mr. MILBURN
Children with Hannah JOHNSON:
1.  Daniel CRESAP, b. 29 Feb 1728, Havre de Grace, Baltimore [now Harford] Co., MD
2.  Michael CRESAP, b. 16 Aug 1729
3.  Thomas CRESAP, b. 28 Feb 1733, Wrightsville, York Co., PA; d. 27 Apr 176, Allegany, Allegany Co., MD
4.  Robert CRESAP, b. 1735
5.  Elizabeth CRESAP, b. 1737, York Co., PA; d. bef. 1826
6.  Sarah CRESAP, b. 21 Aug 1740; d. bef. 1798
7.  Michael CRESAP, b. 29 Jun 1742, Oldtown, Allegany Co., MD; d. 18 Oct 1775, New York City, NY
8.  (Son) CRESAP, b. 1743
Children with Margaret MILBURN:
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Sources (n.b., Harford Co. was formed in 1773 from Baltimore Co.; Allegany Co., MD, is adjacent to Hampshire Co., WV, which is adjacent to Frederick Co., VA; York Co., PA, is adjacent to Harford Co., MD):

1.  Marriage Record:

2.  Census Index:  Colonial America, 1607-1789 (Broderbund CD-310):
1748 Residence List Cressap, Thomas MD Maryland Colony    
1759 Rent Roll Cresap, Thomas VA Frederick Co.
1778 Fidelity Oath Cresop, Thomas MD Washington Co.    
1778 Fidelity Oath Cresop, Daniel MD Washington Co.    
1778 Fidelity Oath Cresop, Daniel Jr. MD Washington Co.    
1778 Fidelity Oath Cresop, Joseph MD Washington Co.    
1782 Census Cresap, Michael VA [now WV] Hampshire Co. p. 26 06-03
These are the only CRESAPs (or variations) on the disk.

.  LDS.  Family Search: Internet Genealogy Service:  AF - Ancestral File (online at FamilySearch.org).
Birth: 1694, Skipton, Yorks, Eng.; Death: 31 Jan 1787, Oldtown, Md
Father: Thomas CRISSOPP; Mother: Sarah CROMBLE-HOLME
Marriage: 30 Apr 1827, Havre De Grace, Harford, Md
Spouse: Hannah JOHNSON
Birth: 1706, of Harve De Grace, Md; Death: Bef 1790, Oldtown, Allegheny, Maryland
Father: Daniel JOHNSON (c1680-1715); Mother: Frances
Spouse: Mrs. MILBURN
Source: patron submission


.  Cresap/Bruce Family.  1860-1987.  Papers of the Cresap/Bruce Family.  Repository:  Hornbake Library, University of Maryland (College Park, MD), Archives and Manuscripts Department, Collection #2003-141.
AbstractThomas Cresap (c. 1692-1790) was a Maryland pioneer, patriot and frontiersman.  He surveyed Maryland's western frontier for what is known today as the National Road and fought in the French and Indian War and the American Revolution.  His son, Michael, led Cresap's Riflemen during the American Revolution.  Later generations include the family names Bruce and Neff.  In 1916, Cresap descendants formed the Cresap Society.  The collection dates from 1860 to 1987 and consists mainly of correspondence of family members, their genealogical research, Cresap Society newsletters, and newspaper clippings highlighting Cresap history.  Also included are Cresap family charts, documents, and photographs.
Historical Note
Thomas Cresap was born in Skipton, Yorkshire, England.  The date of his birth could have been 1692 or 1702 as derived from depositions given by him in 1732 and 1758.  In 1931 the Cresap Society placed a tablet in Skipton listing his birth as 1694.  He arrived in North America about 1710 and settled in Maryland.  In 1727, he married Hannah Johnson.  They had seven children between 1728 and 1742.  His will was probated in 1790, and that year is generally accepted as the year of his death.

Thomas Cresap earned a place in Maryland history as a "Maryland Monster" for his conflict with Pennsylvania settlers in the 1730s...  Cresap also served in both the French and Indian War and the American Revolution...

Do visit the web site and read the entire Note.

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.   The Cresap Society Pages (online at rootsweb.ancestry.com), including The Descedants of Thomas Cresap to five generations.

WorldConnect / WorldTree (online at RootsWeb.com/Ancestry.com, respectively).

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