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Toliver CRAIG, Sr.
Husband:  Toliver CRAIG, Sr.
Birth:  ca. 1704
Death:  5 Feb 1795, Woodford Co., KY
Marriage:  1730, VA
Wife:  Mary HAWKINS
Birth:  1716, King William Co., VA
Death:  6 Jan 1804, Georgetown, Scott Co., KY
Father:  John HAWKINS
Mother:  Mary LONG
1.  John CRAIG, b. 1731; d 15 Aug 1815; m. Sarah "Sallie" PAGE
2.  Joyce "Jossie" CRAIG, b. 1733; d. 1813; m. John FAULCONER / FAULNER
3.  Lewis CRAIG, b. ca. 1737; d. 1825 or 1828, Bracken Co., KY; m. Elizabeth SANDERS / SAUNDERS
4.  Toliver CRAIG, Jr., b. 1740; d. 1819; m. Elizabeth JOHNSON
5.  Elijah CRAIG, b. 1743; d. 18 May 1808; m1. Frances SMITH; m2. Ms. TABB
6.  Jeremiah CRAIG, b. 1747; m. Lucy HAWKINS
7.  Joseph CRAIG, Sr., b. 1747
8.  Elizabeth CRAIG, b. ca. 1750 
9.  Benjamin CRAIG, b. 1751
Most people list these two as their children, but their relationship is not obvious from the will:
.  Jane CRAIG, b. 1735; m. John SANDERS / SAUNDERS
.  Sarah CRAIG, b. 1743; m. 1765, Manoah SINGLETON
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1.  Marriage Record:

2.  Mea culpa, I forgot to record my source.  In any case, the will is online at several web sites, I simply don't know which one I followed, probably the next source.
In the name of God, Amen. I, Toliver Craig of Woodford County, being in a low state of health but of perfect disposing mind and memory, calling to mind the uncertainty of this mortal life, do constitue this my last will and testament in a manner and form following:
First and principally I reccomend my soul to God that gave it, and my body to be intered after my death at the discretion of my executors hereafter named. 

Secondly and as for the worldy estate the Lord has blessed me with, I lend two negroes named Warnick and Teanor and a horse and a best bed and furniture unto by beloved wife, Mary Craig, during her natural life and after her death to be equally divided among my children hereafter named. 

Thirdly I desire that my children all be made equal with the one that received the most of my estate: that is, what it was worth when they received it. 

Forthly I desire that the balance of my estate both real and personal be equally divided between my nine children, namely: John Craig, Toliver Craig, Lewis Craig, Joseph Craig, Elijah Craig, Benjamin Craig, Jeremiah Craig, Jossie Faulkner, and Elizabeth Cave

Fifthly it is my will and desire that my above named children make John Sanders and Sarah Singleton part equal with theirs in property at the praise value. 

Sixthly it is my desire that my sons, John Craig, Toliver Craig, and Lewis Craig do execute this my last will and testament. 

Witness my hand and seal this fifteenth day of Decemeber one thousand seven hundred ninety. 

his mark 
Toliver X Craig (seal) 

John Cooke 
Anthony Lindsey 
Daniel Baldwin 

Proved in Woodford County, Kentucky court 5 August 1799 

3.  Craig Family Genealogy.  [link died]   Says 19 Jul 1771, Toliver CRAIG (Sr.) sold 50 acres in Berkeley Parish to William WIATT.

4.  Broderbund.  World Family Trees.  Vol. 12, Pedigree No. 2241, submitted by David G. Kyle.

5.  Email from Joan Craig (15 Dec 2011:
Re your claim that Toliver Craig, Sr. only had 9 children......the will excerpt you posted lists 9 children and then the names of two others (John Sanders and Sarah Singleton): [quotes excerpt]

At least one was the surviving spouse of a tenth child of Toliver, his daughter Jane married John Sanders.  He had a daughter named Sarah (Sally) who married a man named Manoah Singleton and I'm sure that is related to the 11th person he lists as a beneficiary of his will, though who/why it was listed as Sarah, I can't say.  I may also have previously read reference to a 12th child that died but can't find the reference.

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