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Henry Proffitt CORNELIUS
Husband:  Henry Proffitt CORNELIUS
Birth:  16 Mar 1806, Christian Co., KY
Death:  29 Aug 1895, Foosland, Champaign Co., IL
Disposition:  buried Mount Hope Cemetery, Foosland, Champaign Co., IL
Occupation:  farmer
Politics:  Republican
Father:  John CORNELIUS (1776-1857)
Mother:  Martha F. "Patsy" PROFFITT / PROPHET (1790-1860)
Marriage-1:  27 Jul 1828, Christian Co., KY
Wife-1:  Mary Ann QUISENBERRY
Birth:  6 May 1808 or 1 Oct 1809, Fauquier Co., VA
Death:  1845, Hittle's Grove Twp., Tazewell Co., IL
Occupation:  homemaker
Mother:  Margaret __?__
Marriage-2:  29 Jul 1847, McLean Co., IL
Wife-2:  Catharine QUISENBERRY
Birth:  2 Jul 1827, Christian Co., KY
Occupation:  homemaker
Father:  Edward Sanford QUISENBERRY
Mother:  Nancy THRELKELD
Children with Mary Ann QUISENBERRY:
born in Christian Co., KY:
1.  John H. CORNELIUS, b. 1828/9
2.  Edward CORNELIUS, b. 1829/30; d. by 1887
3.  Nancy Ann CORNELIUS, b. 1831/2
4.  Gustavus Winston? CORNELIUS, b. 1834/5; d. by 1887

born in Tazewell Co., IL:
5.  Agnes B? CORNELIUS, b. 1836/7; d. by 1887
6.  Lynn/Lym B. CORNELIUS, b. 1837/8
7.  Jesse CORNELIUS, b. 1839/40; d. by 1887
8.  Mary Elizabeth CORNELIUS, b. 1840/1
9.  Levi CORNELIUS, b. 1841/2

Children with Catharine QUISENBERRY born in Tazewell Co., IL:
10.  Ann CORNELIUS, b. 1846/7
11.  James CORNELIUS
12.  Charles CORNELIUS
13.  Millard CORNELIUS
14.  Laura CORNELIUS
15.  George M. CORNELIUS
17.  Julia CORNELIUS
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Year Location Event
1806 KY: Christian Co. birth of Henry Proffitt CORNELIUS
1808/9 VA: Fauquier Co. birth of Mary Ann QUISENBERRY
1827 KY: Christian Co. birth of Catherine QUISENBERRY
1828 KY: Christian Co. marriage of Henry CORNELIUS & Mary Ann QUISENBERRY
1830 Census   can't find
1836 to Hittle's Grove Twp., Tazewell Co., IL family moves
1840 Census   can't find
1845 IL: Tazewell Co.: Hittle's Grove Twp. death of Mary Ann (QUISENBERRY) CORNELIUS
1847 IL: McLean Co. marriage of Henry CORNELIUS & Catherine QUISENBERRY
1850 Census IL: Tazewell Co. Henry CORNELIUS, head-of-household 
1877 to Minier, Tazewell Co., IL family moves
1882 to Brown Twp., Champaign Co., IL family moves


1a.  Jordan R. Dodd, ed.  1993.  Kentucky Marriages:  Early to 1850.  Liahona Research, Orem, UT (Broderbund CD-229):
Cornelius, Henry P. Quisenberry, Mary 17 Jul 1828 Christian Co.

1b.  Illinois Statewide Marriage Index, 17631900:
Cornelius, Henry P Quisenberry, Catharine McLean Co. 29 Jul 1847 Book B p. 161

2.  Census Index:  U.S. Selected Counties, 1830 (Broderbund CD-315):  can't find.

3.  Census Index:  U.S. Selected Counties, 1840 (Broderbund CD-316):  can't find.

4.  1850 Census Index/Images (online at Ancestry.com; Image #260 of 290):  Tazewell Co., IL, p. 129B, 1783/1783, enumerated 17 Dec 1850, official enumeration date 1 Jun 1850 (extracted by Diana Gale Matthiesen):
Henry Cornelius 44 M   Farmer 3000 Ky
Catheran   " 22 F       Ky
John H     " 21 M       Ky
Edward     " 20 M       Ky
Nancy Ann  " 18 F       Ky
Wistons?   " 15 M   Farmer   Ky
Agness B   " 13 F       Ky
Lym/Lynn B " 12 M       Ills
Jessee     " 10 M       Ills
Elizabith  "  9 F       Ills
Levi       "  8 M       Ills
Ann        "  3 F       Ills
Edward Corkolng? 30 M       Va

5.  AIS (Accelerated Index System) 1860 Census Index (online at Ancestry.com):  not found, but Tazewell Co., IL, records are not indexed in this database.

6.  1870

7.  1880

8.  1890 Census:  the 1890 census population schedules were destroyed.

.  Anon.  1887.  Portrait and Biographical Album of Champaign County, Ill.  Chapman Bros., Chicago, IL.
Henry P. Cornelius ... lives in Brown Township, where he is the proprietor of a good homestead on section 16 and employs the greater part of this time superintending the cultivation of 160 acres of improved land.  He took up his abode here in 1882 ...  Mr. Cornelius was born within seven miles of Hopkinsville, Christian County, Kentucky, March 16, 1806, and is the son of John and Martha (Profitt) Cornelius, the former a native of North Carolina, and the latter of Virginia.  After marriage, they commenced life together in Christian County, Kentucky, where they reared a family and spent the remainder of their days.  The children of the parental family who grew up on the farm in the above county were eight, four of whom are now living.  The subject of our sketch removed to Tazewell County, Illinois, in 1836 and lived there over forty-five years.  He first located in Hittle's Grove Township, where he lived until the spring of 1877, and from there removed to Minier, where he lived five years, and thence removed to Brown Township, this county, locating upon his present farm.  Mr. Cornelius was first married, in his native county in Kentucky, July 17, 1828, to Miss Mary Quisenberry, who was of Southern birth and parentage, her father and mother being natives of Virginia, of which she was also a native.  Of this marriage there were born nine children, whom they named as follows:  John H., Edward, deceased, Nancy A., Gustavus, deceased, Agnes, deceased, Lin, Jesse, deceased, Mary and Levi.  The wife and mother, while the famliy were living in Hittle's Grove Township, folded her hands for her final rest in 1845.  The second wife of our subject to whom he married in McLean County, Illinois, in July 1847 was Miss Catherine Quisenberry, also, a native of Christian County, Kentucky, born July 20, 1826.  Mrs. Catherine Cornelius became the mother of eight children, all of whom are living, namely, Ann, James, Charles, Millard, Laura, George M., Ida and Julia.  Mr. Cornelius is greatly opposed to the manufacture and sale of spiritous liquors and in voting upholds the principles of the Republican party.

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