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Joab CLARK, Sr.
Elizabeth BRASHER
Mary "Polly" BRASHER
Husband:  Joab [C.? or G.?] CLARK, Sr.
Birth:  23 Jul 1807, Christian Co., KY
Death:  23 Jan 1882/3
Disposition:  buried Clark Cemetery, Christian Co., KY
Occupation:  clergy
Religion:  Universalist
Office:  Kentucky State Legislature
Migration:  1850, to a farm near Taylorsville, Christian Co., IL (but returned to KY)
Father:  Joseph "Jo" CLARK
Mother:  Mary Ann GOLDEN
Marriage-1:  23 Aug 1827, Christian Co., KY
Wife-1:  Elizabeth BRASHER
Birth:  1809, Christian Co., KY
Death:  3 Mar 1837, Christian Co., KY
Father:  Thomas P. BRASHER
Mother:  Katherine "Katie" CROFT
Marriage-2:  12 Sep 1837, Christian Co., KY
Wife-2:  Mary "Polly" BRASHER
Birth:  3 Feb 1820
Death:  30 Dec 1852
Disposition:  buried Clark Cemetery, Christian Co., KY
Father:  Thomas P. BRASHER
Mother:  Katherine "Katie" CROFT
Marriage-3:  18 Dec 1853, Christian Co., KY
Wife-3:  Nancy BRASHER
Birth:  10/11 Mar 1826
Death:  21 Oct 1900
Disposition:  buried Clark Cemetery, Christian Co., KY
Father:  Thomas P. BRASHER
Mother:  Katherine "Katie" CROFT
Children with Elizabeth BRASHER born in Christian Co., KY:
  1.  Harriet Katherine CLARK, b. 26 June 1828; m. James T. JOHNSON
  2.  Gustavus Goldsmith CLARK, b. 13 Feb 1830
  3.  Volney Columbus CLARK, b. 7 Jun 1832; d. 6 Feb 1897; m. Onnie J. BROWN
  4.  Hosea Ballue CLARK, b. 16 Mar 1834; m1. Mildred PYLE; m2. Elizabeth S. COX
  5.  Aurelia Elvey CLARK, b. 16 Mar 1835; d. 13 Feb 1904; never married
  6.  Sebastian Streeter CLARK, b. 31 Mar 1836; d. 16 Nov 1856
Children with Polly BRASHER born in Christian Co., KY:
  7.  Larkin CLARK, b. 26 Jul 1838
  8.  Albert Hawes CLARK, b. 3 Nov 1839, near Crofton
  9.  Elizabeth "Bettie" CLARK, b. 1 Aug 1842
10.  Victoria CLARK, b. 26 Feb 1844
11.  Nancy Ellen CLARK, b. 22 Feb 1847
12.  Josephine CLARK, b. bef. 1853
Children with Nancy BRASHER born in Christian Co., KY:
13.  Joab (G.?) CLARK, Jr., b. 25/28 Jun 1856 
14.  Mollie CLARK, b. 1860; d. 1939; m. W.A. NICHOLS; children: Willie CLARK, Eva CLARK


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Clark, Joab Brasher, Elizabeth 23 Aug 1827 Christian Co.
Clark, Joab Brasher, Polly A. 12 Sep 1837 Christian Co.

2.  Cemetery Records of Northern Christian Co., KY.  (LDS Fiche #6075675), p. 209:
Joab Clark 23 Jul 1807 23 Jan 1882 Clark Cemetery
Mary Clark  3 Feb 1820 31 Feb 1852 (sic) Clark Cemetery
Nancy Clark 11 Mar ____ 21 Oct 1900 Clark Cemetery

3.  William Henry Perrin, ed.  1884.  County of Christian, Kentucky: Historical and Biographical.  F.A. Battey Publ. Co., Chicago [LDS Film No. 0361884]), p. 588.  Biographical sketch of son, Hosea B. CLARK.

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6.  Broderbund.  World Family Trees.  Vol. 16, Pedigree No. 432.

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