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Hardin CHICK
Husband:  Hardin / Harden / Harding CHICK / CHECK / CHEEK
Birth:  ca. 1764
Death:  Apr/May 1819, Christian Co., KY
Marriage:  Dec 1789, Halifax Co., VA
Wife:  Nancy SCATES
Birth:  bef. 1775
Father:  Francis SCATES
Mother:  Margaret SPENCE
  who stayed in KY (birth order unknown):
.  Elijah CHICK
.  William CHICK
.  Hardin CHICK, Jr.; m. 15 Jun 1825, Christian Co., KY, Mary "Polly" DYER
.  Asa CHICK
.  Alexander CHICK
.  Amanda CHICK

who came to MO (birth order unknown): 
Elizabeth "Betsy" CHICK, b. 1792/3, VA 
.  Mary "Polly" CHICK
.  Nancy CHICK
.  Frances "Fanny" CHICK 
Frank CHICK, b. prob. 1810s (no later) 
.  Lucy CHICK
.  Adeline CHICK
.  Joseph CHICK


1.  Anon.  1993.  Christian County, Kentucky, Wills and Estates, 1815-1823:  Christian County Will Book C.  T.L.C. Genealogy, Miami Beach, FL.  "C" = Christian County.
p. 60 Page 225.  Will. 
I, Hardin Check of C, weak of body but of sound mind and memory
To my wife Nancy - she is to pay all my just debts out of my personal property, by public or private sale.  I give my wife all my personal estate, and all debts, demands, or accounts due me.  I also give her the plantation or tract of land whereon I reside, during her widowhood, or life if she never marries.  If she marries again, she
p. 61 shall have from that time until her death, only one third part of my land, and at her death, my land is to be equally divided among my children.
Executrix: my wife.
I do not want C Court to require any security from my wife for carrying out the provisions of this will.
Signed Apr 20, 1819 - Harden Check.  Wit - Jno Clark, Noah Brunk.
Probated May 3, 1819, and proved by the oaths of both witnesses.
p. 64 Page 241.  Inventory. 
Pursuant to C Court order at their [blank month] Term 1819, we appraised the personal estate of Harden Check deceased, having first been sworn.  We appraise the estate at $1120.75.  Signed Aug 2, 1819 - Jno Clark, Noah Brunk, Joseph Scates.
Page 241.  Certificate. 
I, Nancy Check, executrix of Harden Check deceased, certify that the foregoing inventory contains all the personal estate of sd Harden Check.  Signed Aug 2, 1819 - Nancy (X her mark) Check.  Wit - Jno clark. Recorded Aug Court 1819.
p. 71 Page 271.  Pursuant to an order to us directed from C Court, we have proceeded to make settlement with Nancy Check, executrix of Harden Check deceased, who was guardian for Alexander Reed's heirs.  We find a balance yet due sd estate of $591.21¼.  Signed - Cornelius Burnett, Dudley Williams, Richard P. Dawson.  Recorded Nov 1, 1819.
Alexander Reed is Harden' son-in-law.

2.  LDS.  Family Search: Internet Genealogy Service: International Genealogical Index (IGI).
Hardin CHICK m. Nancy SCATES Dec 1789, Halifax, Virginia
Hardin CHEEK m. Polly DYER, 15 Jun 1825, Christian, Kentucky

3.  LDS.  Family Search: Internet Genealogy Service: Ancestral File (AF).
Individual:  Nancy SCATES, b. abt 1768, Halifax Co., VA
Father:  Francis SCATES
Mother:  Margaret SPENCE

4.  William S. Bryan & Robert Rose.  1876.  Pioneer Families of Missouri.  Bryan, Brand, & Co., St. Louis, MO (reprinted 1997, Gen. Publ. Co., Inc., Baltimore, MD).  Biograpical sketch  on p. 316:
CHICK.--The widow of Harding Chick, of Christian county, Ky., came to Callaway county, Mo., in 1830, with eight of her children, viz.:  Elizabeth, Polly, Nancy, Fanny, Frank, Lucy, Adeline, and Joseph.  She had six other children -- Elijah, William, Harding, Asa, Alexander, and Amanda -- who remained in Kentucky.
[Note:  Nancy (Scates) Chick and her children probably went to Missouri with her daughter and son-in-law, John C. and Elizabeth (Chick) Clark, who are known to have moved to Callaway Co. in 1830.]

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